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WOSSNAME - JANUARY 2001 - continued - Part 2 of 2

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    WOSSNAME - JANUARY 2001 - continued - Part 2 of 2 7) HELPING HODGES This is an appeal on behalf of Dave Hodges -- also known as the real Hodgesaargh , as the
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      WOSSNAME - JANUARY 2001 - continued - Part 2 of 2


      This is an appeal on behalf of Dave Hodges -- also known as "the real
      Hodgesaargh", as the Discworld character of that name was based on
      Terry Pratchett's encounters with him and his ancient and sometimes
      temperaMENTAL bird of prey Lady Jane.

      As some of you may be aware he wrote a small book entitled "The Arts
      of Falconrie and Hawking - A Begginner's Guide" which he sells for 3 UK
      pounds plus postage, one pound of which goes to the Orangutan
      Foundation. Terry wrote an introduction for the book, and so far over 600
      copies have been sold either by mail order or at Discworld events.

      At the Clarecraft event in 1999 a single copy of a specially-translated
      Polish language edition raised about 35 UK pounds when auctioned for
      charity. Dave would like to repeat this at future events, and if anyone
      would consider translating his book into any other languages (preferably
      more unusual ones) could they please contact him via his Web site at
      http://www.realhhg.org.uk/realhhg.htm or by email to realhhg@....

      The book itself is only about 4,000 words long, but is written in a very
      distressed, idiomatic and ancient version of English which might be quite
      a challenge for the translator, still he will have no idea how good or bad
      your translation is, and will simply be delighted if it looks sufficiently
      foreign. <)8-)

      A Collection of Morbid Speculations by Our Members

      Be forewarned that this section may contain info in the most recent of
      Discworld novels, which you may not have read yet.

      PTerry is reported as saying that he is planning to kill off one of the
      Discworld characters soon. He has refused to say who, but he has said
      that it will be a MAJOR character. That disqualifies characters like
      Dibbler, Gaspode, Detritus and so forth, who are supporting characters.

      If you'd like to register your opinion, send it to: Joe Schaumburger
      jschaum111@... and we'll run it next issue.

      Dear Editor:

      Gaspode did almost die towards the end of T5E. I would define 'major'
      characters as those of the Watch, The Witches, Wizards.

      So, if a character has to die, who should it be, and why?

      I guess you can say "so and so, because I don't like him", but what I'm
      really looking for is a reason that will open up new plots and story
      ideas. I just hope PTerry is thinking along the same lines.

      To get the ball rolling, this is my suggestion: The Patrician. If
      Vetinari died, that would throw Ankh-Morporkh into upheaval. Interesting
      things would happen. You can be damn sure that Vimes won't like whoever
      tries to take charge. There's the distinct possibility that Vimes will
      go spare. Or maybe be blamed. Perhaps there will be a showdown between
      Vimes the descendent of a regicide and Carrot the descendant of a
      regent. That could be VERY interesting.

      It's not that I'm hoping the Patrician will be killed off. I personally
      think he's a great character. But it would open up a lot of new stories.

      However, we saw the reaction to that in TT (The Truth). Gaspode
      was a fairly major character in TT so it could be him. On the other hand
      perhaps Death will finally catch up with Rincewind. It could be a member of
      the watch, perhaps Vimes or Carrot.

      Think about this one: a major character will die. Knowing Pterry,
      it's going to be the person that you would least expect. I'm thinking that
      it may actually be Granny. Sure she's tough but CJ (Carpe Jugulum) took a
      lot out of her.

      -- Nathan Clissold

      The general consensus amongst my DW fan friends is
      Cohen. He's been a major character in at least two
      novels, and he must be getting old by now. And
      besides, it all depends on your definition of either
      "Major" or Death". I don't isolate "Major" to the
      Wizards, Witches, or Watch - I think there are other
      major characters, and does death mean "no longer in
      the Discworld novels" or merely "differently alive".
      The Patrician dead is a scary thought. The Patrician
      as a zombie? Now that's a very different thought

      -- Michael Jones

      My theory is that it will be someone from UU, most likely
      Ridcully. Isn't he almost always fending off assassins from
      the faculty? Maybe this time one of them will get through.

      -- Joe Schaumburger

      Dear Editor:

      No he isn't. The practise of rising through the faculty by bumping off
      your superiors was brought to an end by Ridcully, who was usually up
      earlier in the morning than any other wizard. The last wizard who tried
      to assassinate him ended up walking with a limp for two weeks.

      I suspect Granny might be the one. PTerry has also written that Granny
      is getting so powerful that he's starting to run out of situations to
      put her in. He expressed the desire to let someone get one up on the
      interfering old baggage.

      That was before Carpe Jugulum, so maybe all the terrible things he did
      to Granny has got that urge out of his system. But, she ended up more
      powerful than ever... I guess time will tell.

      -- Steven D'Aprano

      Dear Editor:

      I think that Angua will go (somehow) she has far to much angst to survive.

      -- Linda Fearnside

      Dear Editor:

      Lets face it it could be anyone but there are FOUR witches
      at the moment (which is a terrible break with tradition). As
      Nanny and Magrat both qualify as 'the mother,' perhaps one
      of them has to go.

      -- Peter Bellingham

      Dear Editor:
      I think Rincewind is finally going to die. Or maybe he already
      died and I don't know about it?

      -- Cousken Yinang

      Dear Editor:

      Maybe it will be Death himself who dies and Susan
      has to take over the family business permanently,
      or perhaps Albert, his life timer is running quite low
      - considering it is now only a bottle

      -- The Snow Queen

      Dear Editor:

      I reckon it'll be A'Tuin. That should rock the discworld...

      -- Richard

      Dear Editor:

      Personally, I think Captain Carrot.

      Carrot is a very popular figure in all Ankh-Morpork, and you can be sure
      that the Watch, and the rest of the City, are going to be hunting down the
      killer. Throw in his Uberwald family too. Chaos in Ankh-Morpork.

      But chaos in Ankh-Morpork and Uberwald dwarves can have political
      ramifications - the rest of the Disk must face the fact that the dwarves
      have "invaded" the Big Wahoonie.

      That kind of political chaos will provide more stories than I can think of,
      I guess [or hope]. And of course it helps that I don't like Carrot all that
      much anyway.

      -- Mysterious Apparition

      (Courtesy of the Disc group)

      On Tue, 30 Jan 2001 01:39:26 +0000, Alison Parker wrote:

      >I was reading this list, and a couple of others I'm on, and I
      >wondered why everybody was talking about yahoo?   And
      >then I looked at the headers and saw the address had changed.
      >When did yahoo take over?  And how come I didn't hear about
      >it.   And if you're registered with yahoo as well as egroups
      >are you now registered twice?   How confuzzling.

      Well kinda - if you want to use the website you have to link your
      email address(es) with a yahoo id - see the website for details.
      Yahoo took egroups over some time ago...you should have got a
      couple of emails about it.

      The old addresses all still work so unless you want to use the website
      you don't have to do anything...oh those of you filtering on "egroups"
      will need to change the filter to "yahoogroups"

      -- Mark Barltrop aka Tachyon (tachyon@...)


      Title: THE TRUTH
      by Terry Pratchett
      Publisher's Price: $24.00 - Member's Price: $11.98
      - Members Save $12.02

      You can contact them at sfbc.com


      Towns in Klatch

      There is, in Jingo, a city named Al-Khali. Naturally I assumed
      that this was merely a pune on alkali. Silly me. I picked up
      a copy of _The Amazons_ by Guy Cadogan Rothery (1910) and glanced at
      page 82:

      (Sir Richard) Burton in his notes on the tale of Hasan holds that
      the Arabian geographers spoke of two Wak-Waks. he quotes the French
      translation of Ibn-el-Fakih and Al Ma'udi, who locate one of the
      islands in East Africa beyond Zanzibar and Sofala.
      On the other hand: "Le territoire des Zendjs commence au
      canal (Al-Khali) derive de Haut Nil et se prolonge jusqu'au pays
      des Sofalah et des Wak-Wak." Which Burton says is simply the
      peninsula of Guardefui, conquered by the Gallas before the Moslem
      Somals swept them away. The pagan Gallas continually called out
      'Wak' like the Moslems cry 'Allah'!

      The book does not specify further whether Al-Khali was the word for
      canal, the name of the canal, the town near it, or something else.

      Considering the possibilities of Wak-Wak, Guardefui, and the
      Zendjs[1], I think we got off lightly.

      [1] Not to mention the other, even sillier names in this
      old-fashioned scholarly study of a myth.

      -- Richard Eney



      1) Ruby, 2) Asphalt, 3) The Breccia, 4) Chrysoprase, The Cavern, 5)
      Tethis, he was neither named after a mineral or rock, or originally from
      the Discworld (all answers required for the points!) 6) the Blue Lias, 7)
      One-Up, 8) Mr. Chert, Coffins, Witches Abroad.

      What Your Score Means:

      1-5 : Are you sure you're not a troll yourself?
      6-10 : Not bad...Apatite says 'dat youse are ok, and youse can go free.
      11-14 : Pretty good, even Apatite didn't get this many.
      14-20 : Mr. Pratchett's lawyers will be in touch with you shortly.


      Copyright (c) 2001 by Klatchian Foreign Legion

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