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WOSSNAME -- JULY 2008 -- PART 2 OF 6

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  • Not A Granny
    WOSSNAME -- JULY 2008 -- PART 2 OF 6 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ====Part 2 -- CONVENTIONS AND OTHER PTERRY SIGHTINGS
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      WOSSNAME -- JULY 2008 -- PART 2 OF 6 (continued)


      10) WADFEST 2008



      Even for those of you unable to attend DWCon 2008, the nuts and
      bolts of organising a convention are fascinating to watch in action.
      So here are the latest updates, in the words of the organisers

      * GENERAL:

      It's taken a while but the Convention schedule of events is finally
      in a fit state to be presented to the world. Now you can not only
      see what great events we are putting on but *when*:


      I don't know how we managed to fit it all in, even with all of the
      Procrastinators running at top speed. And if you've been waiting for
      this information before booking your meals, go do *that other thing*


      You may think you have plenty of time but the History Monks have
      been borrowing time from all over the place to help us with the
      Schedule and you may find they nabbed some of yours.

      Programme Head


      Are you planning on eating food sometime between the dates of 22nd-
      25th August 2008, and are you planning on attending the Discworld
      Convention? If so, read on because Harga's House of Ribs is now open
      for business. Unlike previous years we've negotiated some top notch
      food at reasonable prices, but in order for this to happen we need
      people to book their meals in advance. It's a new way of working but
      one we think will be successful; the flaw in the otherwise perfect
      plan is getting people to book. We've tried asking people to book,
      we've tried begging people to book, and now we're trying bribery!

      First, the not-so-small print (THIS BIT IS VERY IMPORTANT): If you
      want eat from the special Convention menu at the hotel you MUST pre
      book your meals. You will not be charged for them until you settle
      your hotel bill on departure. It is likely that other food outlets
      may not be open at the NEC during the Convention weekend. What we're
      trying to say is that if you don't book meals you'll have to forage
      in the undergrowth for your dinner. Foraging tips may be available
      on request.

      Announcing the all new meal booking incentive. aka "FREE STUFF
      HERE": If you or your loved ones book meals or let us know you will
      not be eating at the hotel by the 22nd July you will be entered in
      to the Super-Duper Shiny Prize Draw (all those who have previously
      booked meals will also be entered). The top prize will be a full
      refund of your convention membership as well as all of your booked
      meals being free. Second and third prizes will be all of your booked
      meals free. There will also be very silly prize draws at each meal.
      You will get one entry per meal booked (or one entry for telling us
      you will not be eating), so the more you eat the more you can win :)

      http://www.dwcon.org/hotel/MealReservations.php has full details of
      menus and how to book your meals. Meal bookings can be made by post,
      email or via the web form.

      This announcement with novelty links may be found here:

      Karen and Mandy
      The Hotel Team
      Bringing you Truth, Justice, Freedom, Reasonably-Priced Love and a
      Hard-Boiled Egg! (Only one of these will be available at the special
      convention negotiated meal price and all are subject to


      The Monks of Cool are pleased to announce that after a long period
      of intense prayer, careful omen-watching, and rigorously applied
      mathematics the Cosmic All has seen fit to reveal unto them the
      exact Guild to which each attending member of the Discworld
      Convention spiritually and corporally belongs. You can use the handy
      on-line form below to quickly look up an individual member's guild.
      The full list can be found at the Guilds at the Discworld Convention
      Google group: http://tinyurl.com/6jn4mx

      This Google group is also where the Guild Deputies, the Monks of
      Cool, and your fellow Guild Members will be hanging out, ready to
      answer your questions and to facilitate the planning of your

      Those of you who have not been to a Discworld Convention before and
      are perhaps not quite sure what being in a Guild actually means can
      find a summary on the Group's Home Page and many more details in the
      email archives:


      Finally, the Monks would like to address one issue that's sure to be
      raised: the Cosmic All has not tried to place children in the same
      guild as their parents, disabled members with their caregivers, etc.
      There will be an opportunity to sort out such issues at the Guild
      Fayre, on the first day of the Convention. Guild transfers are
      always possible, although we really oughtn't be too quick to dismiss
      the suggestions of the Cosmic All. That tends to be bad for one's



      Do you dream of fame, fortune, and a hard-boiled egg?[1]

      Have you always wanted to be on the stage?

      Well, I'm making no promises, but this is your chance to be in the
      Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Discworld Convention! That's right,
      the official beginning of the Convention, watched by hundreds of
      Convention attendees! As the one in charge of this convention's
      opening ceremony, it is my job to make sure that our Guest of
      Honour arrives on stage in a timely, yet mildly entertaining manner,
      and for that I need your help. I'm looking for two (yes, two!) lucky
      victims volunteers to play a short non-speaking role at the
      beginning of the opening ceremony. A few notes on what I am looking

      *It doesn't matter what you look like - you'll be mostly covered by
      a costume (and don't worry, it's a simple, non-embarrassing
      *Short/medium height would be preferred.
      *You must be able to arrive at the hotel BEFORE about 3-4pm on the
      Friday of the Convention. This could mean a bit of hanging around on
      your part. Never mind.
      *You must have filled in your meal booking form to be considered for
      the role.[2]


      Obviously, you wouldn't be able to watch the start of the Opening
      Ceremony (unless you have mastered the art of being in two places at
      once), but a seat can be reserved for you near the front, so once
      your bit's done, you can see the rest of it. The parts will go to
      the first two suitable members who email me on


      with the subject line "DWCon08 Opening Ceremony", and include the
      following details in their email:

      *Your name
      *Your membership number
      *Your height (I?'d prefer it in feet and inches, but I am perfectly
      capable of asking my dad to convert metric to imperial[3])

      Thank you in advance, and the best of luck!

      [1] OK, maybe that's just me.
      [2] Note: This DOES NOT mean that you must have booked meals. You
      can book "no meals" simply by submitting the form without ticking
      any of the boxes.
      [3] My dad's the best.

      Kate Oldroyd
      Productions Assistant for the 2008 Discworld Convention



      2009 North American Discworld Convention Updates
      * Convention Promotions:
      The summer convention season is in full swing. We did some promotion
      at LepreCon 34 in Casa Grande, Arizona in mid-May and at Westercon
      61 in Las Vegas over July 4th weekend. We've been continuing to send
      out flyers to most SF/F convention in the US and Canada. If you can
      help us make sure our flyers are placed prominently at upcoming
      conventions, please let us know at: volunteers@...

      * Upcoming conventions where we will have an official presence
      San Diego ComicCon - July 24-27 in San Diego, CA. We'll be
      promoting the convention at the Arizona SF Conventions booth in the
      Mezzanine (MZ04). If you are attending and have some free time to
      sit at the table, please let us know. Please see
      http://www.comic-con.org for full details on the convention.

      Denvention 3 (WorldCon) - August 6-10 in Denver, CO. We are
      planning to host a Discworld convention party on Thursday night at
      the Sheraton, room TBA. We will also be sharing a fan table with
      WesterCon 62 in the fan table area. If you are attending Denvention
      3 and can help out at the table or the party, please let us know at:
      volunteers@.... Please see http://www.denvention3.org for
      more details on the World Science Fiction Convention.

      2008 Discworld Convention - August 22-25 - Birmingham, UK. Three of
      the con committee (me, Anna and Emily) will be traveling to the UK
      convention for a firsthand look at how it's done by the folks who
      started all this wonderful madness. On Monday, we'll be taking part
      in a panel called "News from Forn Parts". While we're there, we're
      planning to chat with Terry and his assistant to firm up some of the
      plans for the NADWCon. We'll also be talking with some of our other
      attending guests (plus some potential guests), as well as some of
      the fans who are planning to attend our convention next year. Please
      see http://www.dwcon.org for more details on the convention.

      * New Committee Members:
      Recent additions to the committee include:
      Rowan Wakefield - Volunteer Coordinator
      Liz Mortenson - Dealers Room
      Ed Green - Operations
      Bios and information are posted on the Committee page already for
      Rowan with the information forthcoming for Ed and Liz.

      * Dealers Room:
      As noted, we now have someone to coordinate the Dealers Room. Once
      we get through the next couple of months of bi-weekly conventions,
      we will firm up our Dealers Room information, start taking
      applications, and follow up with those who have contacted us about
      getting a table in the room.

      * Art Show/Exhibit Room:
      The nature of our art show and exhibit room is still under
      discussion. We should have a better idea of what we plan to do with
      it after we come back from the UK Convention.

      * Special items and merchandise plans:
      T-shirts - We are planning on a pre-convention t-shirt, which we may
      have available in limited quantities at WorldCon and the UK
      convention, as well as some special t-shirts to be sold only at the

      Limited Edition Essay Collection - We are planning a special limited
      edition book for the convention that will be a collection of essays
      about Terry and the Discworld by various authors. We're still
      working out details and specifics, but we have already talked with
      several well-known authors who are very interested in contributing
      to it.

      Other things we are looking into include special jewelry, some
      etched glassware and a limited-edition sculpture.

      * Membership Reminder: Remember, your North American Discworld
      Convention memberships are non-refundable but are transferable. This
      is the policy for all Leprecon, Inc. events. We do have a section on
      our website message board where you can post memberships for sale.
      There are currently a couple of memberships being offered by someone
      who has decided he will not be able to attend the convention.

      * Additional Guests: We have been in contact with some additional
      authors and other potential guests, some of whom we will see at the
      UK convention and at WorldCon. Following those conventions, we're
      hoping to have enough details settled to officially announce more
      guests for the convention. Stay tuned!

      * Surveys and giveaways: We're working on some surveys to get a
      better idea of what our members (and potential members) would like
      to see and do at the convention. We're looking into several online
      survey options and hope to have the first one ready for you within
      the next month. We really appreciate your feedback!

      HarperCollins has also provided us with some great books (thanks,
      Jennifer!) for promotion and giveaways, including advance copies of
      Nation! We plan to give away some of the books at our WorldCon
      party, but if you can't make it, don't despair -- we're also
      offering our members a chance to win.

      For your chance to win an advance reading copy of the US edition of
      Terry Pratchett's Nation, send an email to:
      One entry per person only. The contest will run until noon, August
      3rd, at which point a random drawing will be held to determine the

      Lee Whiteside
      2009 North American Discworld Convention Chair



      Wadfest 2008, 'The only official unofficial Discworld Event', will
      take place on the 29th - 31st August 2008 at Trentfield Farm, Church
      Laneham, Retford, Nottinghamshire. Tickets cost fifteen quid (GBP
      15) for adults. Children under 16 get in free when accompanied by a
      paying adult:


      Wadfest has raised almost £15,000 for Cancer Research UK in the
      past five years, so it's definitely an official unofficial event
      worth attending!




      By Phig Billy of D+C Film

      "Next up, I was especially looking forward to hearing the brilliant
      author and eternally behatted all-round genius Terry Pratchett. He
      was joined on stage by Vadim Jean, who adapted and directed the two
      recent adaptations of Pratchett's..."


      Devon and Cornwall Film:



      A very good interview is featured in SFX Magazine:

      "Terry Pratchett achieved the impossible. No, he didn't work out
      what all that technobabble meant in the Doctor Who finale, but he
      did beat JRR Tolkien – who many assumed was a sure bet – to be
      named SFX readers' favourite SF/Fantasy author of all time.

      "Terry's genuinely uncertain whether people will continue to read
      his books in the decades ahead. The topical references, he thinks,
      may count against them. On the other hand, nobody ever tried to put
      Tom Sawyer on a skateboard, so who knows?"



      End of Part 2 -- continued on Part 3 of 6.
      If you did not get all six parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2008 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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