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January 2000 WOSSNAME Part II

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  • Andrew Millard
    ********************************************************************* 9) [LETTERS] MORE MOTTOES A couple of readers wrote in to mention the motto of Arthur
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2000
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      A couple of readers wrote in to mention the motto of Arthur Curry,
      candle-maker, "Art Brought Forth the Candle" (a rare case of a motto
      being in Morporkian), but since translating this into Latation might
      be a spoiler for those who've not read CARPE JUGULUM, we'll leave
      that to Sir Samuel.

      Kelly Ann Lander of California writes:

      I was surprised you missed the Magpyre family motto (the Vampyres
      from Uberwald)

      CARPE JUGULUM = Go For The Throat

      Takahe Notornis, occupying the Chair of Pre- and Post-Prandial
      Somnolent Chrestomathy at Bugarup University (aka G T Fortune of New
      Zealand), along with Adam Linville of Kansas, reminds us that the
      motto of Bugarup U. is

      NVLLVS ANXIETVS = No Worries

      Adam also wrote in with the new motto (under Mort) of the Duchy of
      Sto Helit:

      NON TEMETIS MESSOR = Don't Fear the Reaper

      and suggested that the operating motto of Rincewind, wizard and
      record-holding sprinter, should be

      VALE = Goodbye

      Matt Czerwinski of Poland wrote in with the motto of the Great
      Dyskworld Publishing Company of Treacle Mine Road, Ankh-Morpork:

      AD HAEC PRETIA IUGULUM = With This Price I'm Cutting
      MEUM SECATUR My Own Throat

      Hmmm... One of Dibbler's enterprises, no doubt?




      I can't wait for WYRD SISTERS on DVD. I actually just saw the video
      for this first time Thanksgiving weekend. My niece got it for her
      birthday. It was wonderful to see all the characters I feel so close
      to, especially the witches and Death, which are my favorites.

      I would love to have a Terry Pratchett interview on the DVD release,
      maybe some comments from him concerning certain scenes in the film.
      I would also like to see a section with biographies of all the main

      Mostly, I would like to see some of his other books turned into
      animated films. I would just love to see REAPER MAN and WITCHES
      ABROAD, my two other favorites, or maybe LORDS AND LADIES. Anything
      having to do with Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat...

      These books mean the world to me. My sons read them.. My sister and
      her husband and daughter too. We get together and discuss them all
      the time. I read them over and over and still laugh out loud,
      causing funny looks from lots of people I don't know when I'm reading
      in a coffee shop or at work. but I couldn't care less!

      Thank you, Terry Pratchett!!


      MARY THEOFILOS ( USA. So far behind the rest of the civilized world
      but struggling to catch up!!!)

      And as for DVDs, have WYRD SISTERS with the usual screen savers and
      the following quotes as WAVE files:

      the "Knocking Without" bit (Ex: "Who's knocking without?"
      "Without what?"
      "Without the door!"
      "Is that some sort of Zen?")

      and "Stay Without" (Ex: "Who's knocking without?"
      "Whithout what?"
      "If you're going to muck about, you
      can stay without.")

      And of course Granny Weatherwax's description of Greebo: "He's a Fat,
      Evil-Smelling Old Rapist".




      To anyone in America who has had trouble finding various Pratchett

      After a long and frustrating search, my husband and I have finally
      located a bookshop in California that is a large-scale Purveyor of
      Pratchett (or Batshitt, as we affectionately refer to him). This
      shop, "Dark Carnival", not only has multiple copies of the complete
      Discworld series (even the hard-to-find ones), but all the "other"
      books, too, as well as all the maps, illustrated diaries and audio
      cassettes. They take credit cards and I believe they can ship.
      Their address is 3086 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley, CA, and their
      'phone number is 510-595-7637.

      LISA WILLIAMSCRAIG (California)

      I don't know why people have reported to be having difficulties
      getting the Discworld books here in Canada. Chapters always has an
      excellent selection. And Coles (the other big chain here in
      Canada... which is now owned by Chapters [I believe]) has been very
      good at ordering in some of the earlier ones that I have been trying
      to track down. The only book that I can't seem to get my hands on is
      ERIC. Although I have located a speciality Sci-Fi/Fantasy book store
      here in Ottawa (Basilisk Books on Bank Street) who said they will be
      able to get it in (and normally have some in stock). They order
      directly from the UK for his books (and it shows in the price... they
      are nearly double the cover price. But what can you do if you want
      to read the books? :)

      GREG O'LEARY (Ontario, aa533@...)

      Greg is also involved in a production of WYRD SISTERS which will be
      playing at Ted's Wrecking Yard in Toronto on 1st February and at the
      Great Canadian Theatre in Ottawa on 6th and 7th February. Please
      contact him by e-mail for more information.

      I've seen a lot of complaints from American Pratchett fans regarding
      the difficulty in finding the newer and more obscure books in the
      States. Well, for all you Americans (and Canadians too, for that
      matter), http://www.chapters.ca has a great selection, and the
      shipping costs aren't nearly as high as ordering from the UK. In
      fact, for Canadians, shipping is often free --- just keep your eye
      out for the monthly specials, or go into a Chapters store and order
      on-line from one of the kiosks there. They're pretty fast, and I've
      never had any credit card problems, security-wise. I realise this
      sounds a bit like an advertisement, but really, I'm just a humble
      Pratchett fan who was glad to find a great selection on this




      Shortly after New Year's, my husband and I will begin running a D&D-
      style role-playing game (a mystery, featuring the Ankh-Morpork Watch)
      in the Oakland/Beserkeley area on a monthly basis. Anyone interested
      to contact me at this email address:



      LISA WILLIAMSCRAIG (California)



      Hello, you wonderful Wossnamers! I've been carefully taking the poll
      about where everyone is from and categorizing all of the information,
      but have found a bit of a lack of contribution. So I plan on keeping
      the polls open for another month. If you haven't already, please
      send your name, city, state and e-mail address to:


      All of this information will only be used upon your allowance.


      BECKY SWANEY (Ohio)



      Is anyone planning to attend either of the summer 2000 conventions?
      Either St. Louis or London?

      I will probably go to at least one of them to meet (in person) other
      fans. Any plans for an informal meeting place for North American
      Discworld Society members?

      GEORGE DUFFIELD (New Jersey)




      World Cabbage Day (Seattle, Washington)

      Following the success of 1999's World Cabbage Day party (at which "a
      bunch of [Discworld] MUD people met, drank and played games",
      according to one eyewitness account), another event is planned for
      this coming February. World Cabbage Day actually falls on Thursday
      17th, but to make it easier for people to attend, the party will take
      place on Saturday 19th.

      For more information, you can visit:


      or send e-mail to:


      FRIDAY 14th -- SUNDAY 16th JULY

      Gateway SciFi/Media Con 2 (Saint Louis, Missouri)

      Author Terry Pratchett will be appearing in the United States in the
      summer of 2000 as Author Guest-of-Honor at Gateway SciFi/Media Con 2!
      Additional guest will be announced as they are confirmed, featuring
      authors, artists, stars of your favorite movies and TV shows, and
      many more! Extensive Discworld programming is planned, with more
      still to be added. The Hospitality Room will be done up as the
      Broken Drum all weekend, and it'll host filking in the evenings.
      There'll be a Cripple Mr Onion tourney (with a teaching session), as
      well as a Discworld GURP and a Discworld themed costume ball. A Live
      Action game with a Discworld theme is in the works too!

      Gateway 2 will be held July 14--16, 2000 at the Henry VIII Inn and
      Lodge in Saint Louis.

      Get your membership now for a special discounted pre-registration

      Browse our Web site for more information:


      or contact us at:


      FRIDAY 28th -- MONDAY 31st JULY

      MillenniCon Hand and Shrimp (England)

      The MillenniCon Hand and Shrimp Convention Committee would like you
      to know that the Discworld Convention 2000 will be happening on 28th -
      - 31st July 2000 at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel (near Heathrow),

      E-mail enquiries should be sent to:

      queries@... for general enquiries
      hotel@... for hotel queries
      membership@... for memberships
      volunteers@... to offer your services
      programme@... for programme items

      Membership applications, and other information, can be obtained from:

      The Discworld Convention,
      PO Box 189,
      BS32 8YE,

      More information, and printable application forms, can be found on
      the L-Space Web site at:



      Are you planning a Discworld meeting, large or small? Just let us
      know the details, by e-mail to WOSSNAME-owner@onelist.com, and we'll
      be happy to announce it in WOSSNAME!



      ONElist, which provides the mailing list facilities that WOSSNAME
      uses, is in the process of merging with another similar organisation
      known as eGroups. At the moment there is no clear time-table for
      what, if any, changes will occur, but we will let you know when we
      know more; whatever happens, ONElist's privacy, support and anti-spam
      policies will not change. In the mean-time, you can read about the
      merger by going to




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      the plain text of the newsletter is embellished with fantastic
      graphics and put up on the Society Web site,


      As well as the full text of WOSSNAME going out by e-mail, there is
      also sent out a much shorter e-mail announcing that the new version
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      just let us know!

      The announcement list will also be used by other groups in the
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      Also on the subject of the Legion, the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      Webring has recently started. A Webring, in case you don't know, is
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      American Discworld Society, the Guild of Fans and Disciples and the
      Bugarup University Students' Guild, as well as any other Web site
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      local level up to the continental level. To visit the Webring, or to
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      All submissions will be gratefully received. Letters and notices of
      events in your area are especially welcome. We like to attribute
      articles with a *full name* and a *location* (either a state or
      province within North America, or a country if elsewhere), so please
      include this information with your submission or letter. Editing of
      material may prove necessary, but you will be consulted before major
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      received submission, a delay in its appearance may occur. In an
      effort to keep WOSSNAME on track as a regular publication, the
      deadline for receipt of materials will be the 21st of the month.

      Lastly, WOSSNAME is available in all its glory on the World-Wide Web


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