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    WOSSNAME - SEPTEMBER 2007 -- PART 4 OF 8 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ====Part 3 - ALL WITCHERY, ALL THE TIME 21)
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      WOSSNAME - SEPTEMBER 2007 -- PART 4 OF 8 (continued)

      ====Part 3 - ALL WITCHERY, ALL THE TIME




      by Gytha Fiona

      For those of you interested in trying out some simple Roundworld
      witchery, here are a few basic spells.

      Three Red Leaves Spell:

      This spell is used to protect the mind against things such as
      nightmares, negative thoughts and 'invasions of evil'. First you
      must gather three red leaves from any tree, plant or bush. Lay them
      in a triangle on a flat surface. In the centre of the leaves, place
      an already lighted candle, and place a few drops of chrysanthemum
      oil on each leaf. Say this incantation three times: 'Red leaves,
      gift from earth, Birth to death and death to birth, Keep all evil
      far away, Day to night and night to day.' Then extinguish the
      candle, and wrap the leaves in a white cloth or pouch. Place this
      near your bed within three feet of your head and it will stop all
      nightmares and negative thoughts.

      Home Protection Spell:

      Rowan is a tree of the Goddess and Faery realm. Take some rowan
      berries (fresh or dried) and place in a small bag with some red
      thread and salt then fix over the door, chanting the spell. Rowan
      berries are red (a lucky colour and wards of enchantment) with a
      tiny five-pointed star opposite its stalk (the pentagram being an
      ancient protective symbol): 'By magic moon and pagan spell,
      Blessings be upon where I dwell. By rowan berry and red thread, May
      it be as this spell that I have read.'

      Spell for Cleansing the body of Negative Energy:

      1 White Candle – representative of positive energy
      1 Black Candle – representative of negative energy
      1 Green Candle – representative of healing

      Clear your mind and light the white candle. Say the following
      incantation: 'Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Spirit,I ask thee
      to cleanse my body of all negative energies.' Light the black candle
      and say the same thing. After this light the green candle and say
      the following incantation: 'Mother Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and
      Spirit, I ask thee to free and heal my body from all negative
      forces. Blessed be!' Sit back, and keep your mind clear for fifteen
      minutes. After this you should feel renewed and fresh.

      Simple Love Spell:

      On your altar, or coffee table if you don't have one, place one
      red candle and one white candle. Make sure you have a cauldron, or
      other fireproof container to which you've added some sand. (It
      helps absorb the heat) On a piece of parchment or fine writing
      paper, write down the qualities of the person that you'd like to
      have come into your life. The colour of ink doesn't matter,
      although you could use red or pink if you have it. (Keeps with the
      theme if coloured ink is used) When you're finished writing,
      concentrate on the words and try to envision how this person makes
      you feel, the things you'd like to do together, and allow yourself
      to feel happy. You should feel happy, you're creating something
      wonderful to look forward to! When you're ready, light the piece
      of paper from both candles and say something like: 'I ask that the
      Gods/Universe send to me this person I desire, I may not yet know
      their face or name, Still I know they're out there, And they're
      looking for me just the same.' Put the paper into the fireproof
      container, clear up your space, and then just relax...

      Money Spells:

      You can use either a green or a gold candle for this; the choice is
      up to you. Also needed is a piece of parchment, a pen with green
      ink, and a fireproof container. Some cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg
      incense should be burning; don't worry, it smells amazing. Write
      down the amount that you need in green ink. Now, either draw a green
      box around it, or as I did, start tracing little swirls with the
      pen...like when you're doodling. Keep moving the pen in little
      circles around and around the amount; it will become hypnotic after
      awhile. This is a good thing. While drawing, chant something like:
      'Money for this bill I need, Nothing more, I have no greed.' Keep
      chanting and doodling until you feel like you've established some
      sort of connection; this is usually when you've put yourself in a
      sort of trance. It's all good, don't be afraid if you feel your
      body 'humming'. When you're ready, take the paper and light it
      from the candle, drop it into the container and wait till it stops.
      Then take the ashes outside and cast them into the air saying:
      'This is my will So Mote it Be!' Within a week you should have
      results; if not, repeat once a week until results happen. Good
      magic takes time and practice.

      Protection Spells:

      This is mainly for your home, to keep out negative influences and
      people. Believe me when I say 'people'. If you put enough energy
      and intent behind this spell, people who annoy you or come over to
      be negative will find being at your front door, and your home, an
      uncomfortable experience indeed.

      Use a black candle for this, and some sea salt. First of all, if you
      can that is, sprinkle a fine line of salt on every window sill and
      door frame of your house from the outside. If this is a bit too
      difficult, you can do it inside; just don't forget why the salt is
      there and sweep it up by accident. Salt purifies, which is good for
      repelling negative forces. While sprinkling, say something like:
      'Sacred Salt protect this house, Keep it safe from thug and louse
      Protect all those who dwell inside, Negative forces have no place
      to hide.' When you're finished sprinkling, come back inside, light
      the black candle and sprinkle a circle of salt around it and say
      something like: 'Sacred Candle, Sacred Flame Protect this household
      in your name.' Keep chanting this again until you feel like you've
      made a 'connection'. When you're finished, snuff out the candle
      and say: 'This is my will, so mote it be!' It's important to mention
      here that one should never blow out a candle. Either use a snuffer,
      moist fingertips, or allow it go burn out. Blowing out a candle
      scatters the Fire and Air energies that you've worked so hard to
      focus together. It sort of instantly undoes all the work you've
      just done.



      by Gytha Fiona

      Back in the November of 2005 my good self and a mate decided to have
      a day out and attend Witchfest being held in Croydon. It's a regular
      Wicca and witchcraft themed festival and conference, run by The
      Children of Artemis. We'd not been to Croydon before so when we set
      off we weren't exactly sure where we were going. As it turned out we
      found the place with no trouble, we just followed the Goths!

      Never in my life have I seen so many people dressed in black, red
      and purple and such a plethora of heavy black eyeliner. My initial
      thought was that it should have been renamed Gothfest...until I met
      the real witches. Now, contrary to popular opinion, not all witches
      are toothless old hags covered in hairy warts with a penchant for a
      good ole cackle and an obligatory black cat with yellow eyes. Dearie
      me, no! Some of them weren't even women.

      Anyway in we walked and guess who we bumped into? Yup, you've
      guessed right, Mr Pratchett himself surrounded by fans. We waved
      frantically until he saw us, got our hellos returned and were
      politely asked if we were stalking him, which of course we were.
      That out of the way, we toddled off to explore. The place was
      stuffed from top to bottom with stalls selling beautiful clothes and
      jewellery, herbs, crystals, candles and loads of other delightful
      stuff; a window-shopper's dream and my bank manager's worst

      Now I would hate to cause offence to anyone by categorising them, so
      I hope I don't, but over the day it seemed to me that event goers
      could be put into a couple of groups. There were people like myself
      and me mate that had gone out of curiosity and because Terry was
      going, there were people that when they grew up will probably look
      back at pictures of themselves and cringe, and then there were the
      real witches. Let me explain.

      I discovered that The Children of Artemis is a UK-based religious
      organisation who follow a deceptively simple positive morality: "An
      it harm none, do what you will". It's a code that encourages you to
      think about the effect your actions have on others. You are
      responsible for the consequences of anything that you do, whether
      good or bad and it seems like a damn fine way to live your life.

      I was looking for something nice for my little sister while we
      there, she has learning difficulties and had been diagnosed with
      breast cancer a few days before. I'm a pretty chatty, open person
      and got into conversation with a few of the stallholders. A
      surprisingly large number of them on learning my sister's plight
      asked if I had a picture of her and could give them a rough idea of
      where she lived. I have to say I was initially suspicious of their
      motives until I discovered why they were asking. They needed those
      details to hold remote blessings for her. They did it for free and
      didn't try to sell me anything. Those good and caring people were,
      methinks, the real witches.


      End of Part 4, continued on Part 5 of 8.
      If you did not get all eight parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2007 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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