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WOSSNAME -- JULY 2007 -- part 4 of 7

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    WOSSNAME -- JULY 2007 -- PART 4 OF 7 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ====Part 4 - B.U. NEWS AND WEIRD ALICE 19) BUGARUP
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 24, 2007
      WOSSNAME -- JULY 2007 -- PART 4 OF 7 (continued)

      ====Part 4 - B.U. NEWS AND WEIRD ALICE





      Bek wrote:
      I was watching Australia's favourite soapie, Neighbours, when they
      did one of the classic "cut to someone doing something innocuous as
      a setup for a scene" moves, only this time it shocked me. Paul
      Robinson was reading Wintersmith! It was very quick, and he put the
      book away as soon as everyone else walked into the scene, but it was
      quite a surprise!

      Steven riposted:
      Was the book the right way up?

      Someone else (muhahaha) said:
      Culture has come to the Land of Fourecks! But it's *still* not gonna
      make me watch Neighbours.



      Jase of the Faculty of Technomancy:
      XKCD - on topic
      I've read this comic three times and only just noticed this...

      Yes, but did you notice that it is on-topic *twice*?

      Asti (puzzled):
      I give up - I can only see the reference to octarine.

      If the electromagnetic spectrum ever dies, it will be okay, because
      it has its potato.



      This one was from Steven:

      I haven't seen a lot of talk about the new movie being made of
      Colour of Magic plus The Light Fantastic, and yet it is not just
      confirmed but actually in progress.




      Paul the Libwolf, posting to ozdw, used the following as a sigfile:
      "Elvis is only dead at the speed of light. Out by Vega, he died
      only a year ago. Travel only a light year further along a convenient
      wormhole and he's still alive. Admittedly, he's also a long way
      away. Thank you very much."
      ~ Terry Pratchett

      The query arose:
      Dude, where's that Pratchett quotation from?!

      Paul replied:

      There was a protest:
      I don't think that really counts as giving credit as to where it's
      from! Is it from a book? An interview?

      And the mystery was solved by Paul:
      From a thread on Alt.Fan.Pratchett - he does jump in at times.



      Post 5. CHAINED MELODY

      First Clog: "I'm sure this wasn't in the travel brochure..."

      Well, we finally left Genua and our transport didn't break down for

      Instead, we got captured by pirates. Oh, and got free eventually, or
      else I wouldn't be dictating this. It was just the two of us, myself
      and Cert... the only two remaining travellers out of our original
      party of nine. Hard to believe after all this time that we'll never
      see some of them again! - though Listeria was adamant that she'd
      catch us up later in the journey; she was having such a good time
      learning (and teaching) about exotic poisons that she decided to
      stay on for a few extra days. Mr Num was so horrified by the "open
      debauchery" in Genua that he took his bags and tracts and Books of
      Om and went off into the swamps to convert the locals... no great
      loss there, but it would be too much to hope that a bad fate befalls
      him, since he's exactly the sort of intense personality who'd be
      likely to come back as a Zombie. The thought of a 24/8 Omnian door-
      knocker is too horrible to contemplate!

      As for the Verdants, Lothar and Tessica were so taken with the
      Genuan lifestyle that they immigrated on the spot and sent a Clacks
      arranging for their haberdashery shop to be packed up and sent down
      posthaste. The last I saw of young Athelred, he was chatting up the
      Baroness and checking for any other unattached posh women with posh
      fortunes, and it will come as no surprise to anyone that Rumbustia
      applied to join the local Seamstresses' Guild. She'll go far, that
      girl. Quite possibly beyond the bounds of the Seamstresses' own
      guidelines, to the delight of the Genuan consumers; when it comes to
      negotiable affection, she can negotiate with the best of Dibblers...

      ... so yes, just Cert and me. I'm quite getting to like him, apart
      from his useful wizarding skills. He's actually not as obnoxious as
      I thought at first when he joined us, he's got over much of his go-
      faster obsession (since coming to Genua, at any rate. No-one in
      Genua ever does *anything* fast. It's the weather, I think), and he
      isn't bad-looking at all, when he's not covered in road muck or
      stains from potions that didn't work out the way he hoped they
      would. He's kind of tall and kind of dark and has rather a nice
      smile and erm, delete that last line - what do you mean, you've
      forgotten how to delete? Wretched imp! No more rum for you.

      Anyway, pirates. Captured by. Not on my To Do list for that day.

      We'd had a fantastic, phantasmagorical week that ended with a two-
      day leaving party. On the morning we were set to sail I woke up to
      find myself face down on a quaint needlework sampler that read BEE
      IT EVYR SO HUMBL THERES NOE PLAYCE LIKE RUM, with a headache worthy
      of Bilious himself. Staggered to my feet, went to our inn, threw
      everything I could find that looked like mine into my bags (note to
      self: remember to post back that warming pan), found Cert (better
      state than me, but much the worse for wear than usual and wearing a
      little paper drinks umbrella stuck behind his left ear), found a
      Zombie porter, and made it to the docks only five minutes before the
      Sea Donkey set sail for Krull the long way (see route description
      below). Thankfully, I had an outside cabin with a porthole big
      enough to stick my head and shoulders through. Not that we had rough
      sailing, but I was already seasick before I boarded! By the time
      we'd made our way down through the Swamp Sea and through the Strait
      of Narrows, I was feeling considerably less undead and ready to come
      up on deck and enjoy the beauty of the Gulf of Brindisi as it blends
      into the gorgeous lambent purple of the Kythian Sea. NB no-one seems
      to know exactly why the Kythian Sea is purple. Some say it's because
      of an outpouring of Hub magic through an undersea vent; some say
      it's algae; and a few people have suggested that the famous Kythian
      dye factories haven't yet got the hang of filtering their toxic
      waste. All I know is that it's amazingly pretty by night.

      The route we were meant to take after reaching the Kythian Sea was
      this: around the Orohai Peninsula, past the Bay of Mantle,
      provisioning at the Rehigreed port of Direr Ghee, skimming through
      the Ghat Islands, a stop at the Isle of Sumtri for bird-watching and
      then on around Cape Terror, passing the Rimmost tip of Howondaland,
      and finally via the Bellicose Islands to the kingdom of Krull for a
      spot of Rim-gazing. The route we actually took was this: captured on
      the Kythian Sea and taken straight to NoThingfjord to be sold as
      slaves. A much simpler route altogether, though I can't say much for
      the food or the scenery...


      End of Part 4, continued on Part 5 of 7.
      If you did not get all seven parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2007 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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