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WOSSNAME - August 2000

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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion August 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 8) *********************************************************************
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2000
      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      August 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 8)


      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      and also its affiliates, including the North American Discworld Society and
      other continental groups. Are you a member? Yes, if you sent in your e-mail
      address. Are there any dues? No. Dues are only required if you want to
      join the Guild of Fans and Disciples and receive the discounts on books and
      other items available through their bulk purchases.



      1. The Truth - Prices, dates and info
      2. Amazon Releases Carpe Jugulum Paperback
      3. allscifi.com
      4. Discworld: The Movie - Further Developments
      5. Pterry's England Tour - The Truth
      6. Discworld Reprints
      7. Discworld Convention 2002

      8. Discworld Actors
      9. Pterry on the Learning Channel
      10. Report on the Brum Meet
      11. Pterry Signs Luggage

      12. The Truth

      13. Bookstores
      14. Klatchian Foreign Legion Resources


      Editor in Chief : Jason Parlevliet
      Managing Editor : Nathan Clissold
      Copy Chief : Dylan Williams
      Senior Staff Writer : Andy Stout
      Art Director : Rhett Pennell
      World Membership Director : Becky Swaney
      Copyright 2000 by North American Discworld Society


      1) The Truth - Prices, dates and info.
      Thanks to Karen Reid at Random House, here's the publishing blurb for Terry's
      new book, "The Truth", due in stores in November, AU$43.85, US$24.00 (ISBN

      The Truth
      The New Discworld Novel

      William de Worde, editor of the Discworld's first newspaper, just wants to
      get at the truth. Unfortunately, he has to cope with all the perils of a
      journalist's life - people who want him dead, a vampire with a suicidal
      fascination for flash photography, some more people who want him dead in a
      different way, and, worst of all, the man who wants him to publish pictures
      of his humorously shaped potatoes....

      Also coming in November is The Fifth Elephant in paperback - AU$17.50



      Carpe Jugulum
      by Terry Pratchett

      Amazon's Price: $5.59
      -- You Save:$1.40 (20%)

      Publication date: August 2000
      Binding: Mass Market Paperback
      Subjects: Fiction; Fiction - Fantasy; Fantasy - Series
      ISBN: 0061020397
      More Info: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0061020397/ref=s_e5



      Allscifi.com wrote to us to inform us of their scifi/fantasy novel search
      Here's some of the press release :

      "Steven J. Gordon Esq." <Quick@...>
      My organization, Allscifi.com (http://www.allscifi.com) is looking for Terry
      Pratchett fans to help us promote his great books! If you join us, you can
      have a lot of fun and you'll be listed as a "resident Terry Pratchett
      scholar" on our site.

      The Gordonator Precision Search Engine (GPSE) is a new method of categorizing
      science fiction and fantasy novels. The GPSE, my own invention, categorizes
      books by many different characteristics--how much humour, how much action,
      how much romance, what kinds of subplots, etc. It allows people to search by
      these characteristics to find exactly the kinds of books they're looking for.
      Once we have enough of an author's books in our database, people looking for
      his "kind" of stories will come up with his books in their search results.
      You will help us promote his books!

      What we need from you:
      Go to http://www.allscifi.com/BookRStep1.asp
      Fill our a survey or two about your favourite book. Each survey takes about
      4-6 minutes to complete, there's almost no writing, all you do is click with
      your mouse on menu choices. Once you complete a survey for your favourite
      book, it gets added to our database almost immediately

      Nothing to lose by trying:
      Our service is 100% free to all, there's nothing to sign-up for, you can try
      it out once, or as many times as you like, there's no catch. WE ARE NOT
      SELLING ANYTHING. We just want people to read more books. Come and see!
      <ED-It's true! They didn't even try to show me any advertisements.>

      To see our parent site, Allscifi.com, come to:

      To fill out a book review survey, come to

      To see our revolutionary search engine in action, come to

      If you have any questions, let me know,
      Steve Gordon,

      <ED - I went and had a look at this and it seems pretty cool. You can make
      your query as detailed as you like. I filled in some reasonably general
      options, hit go and was most impressed to see the first book it offered me
      was : The Light Fantastic, by some fellow named Pratchett. Out of the 20
      books it offered me, I had read and enjoyed eight, including three DW novels.
      I also found 2 by authors I know I like, and another two I've been meaning
      to read for some time. It also gave me two by an author I can't stand, but
      90% is pretty good. It's only as good as the information it's given, too.
      If you do try it out, email us <editor@...> and we'll do a bit of a
      review next month. - Jase>



      The saga continues.

      Recent information and a visit to The Internet Movie Database [IMDB]
      (http://us.imdb.com/search) found that the book Good Omens, written by Neil
      Gaiman & Terry Pratchett is being made into a movie. A recent search of the
      IMDB found the production of Good Omens being pushed back to 2002. The
      production company is/will be Samuelson Productions the company behind "Guest
      House Paradiso" staring Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson so what they'll do
      with Good Omens is anyone's guess. But with a tentative date of 2002 not much
      is happening but any news we get will be forwarded on.



      Week 1

      Wednesday 8th November
      12.30pm - Bookends, 67 High Street, Christchurch, Dorset, BH23 1AU
      4.30pm - Borders, Unit 1&2, The Square, 4-21 Bourne Avenue, Bournemouth BH2

      Thursday 9th November
      12.30pm - James Thin, 20-23 The Sovereign Centre, Weston Super Mare,
      Somerset BH23 1HL
      4.30pm - Ottakars, 159 Commercial Street, Newport, Gwent NP20 1JQ

      Friday 10th
      12.30pm - WH Smith, 192 High Street, Cheltenham, GL5 0 1EP
      4.30pm - WH Smith , 4/5 High Street, Stratford-on-Avon, CV37 6AV

      Saturday 11th
      11.00am - Andromeda, 2-5 Suffolk Street, Birmingham B1 1LT
      2.30pm - Ottakars, 3 Park Street, Walsall W51 1LX

      Week 2

      Wednesday 15th
      12.30pm - James Thin, 7-8 High Street, Dundee,
      4.30pm - Borders, 98 Buchanan Street, Glasgow G1 3BA

      Thursday 16th
      12.30pm - Sweetens Bookstore, 86 Deansgate, Bolton, BL1 1BD
      4.30pm - Books Etc, Unit 1 The Printworks, Withy Grove, Manchester M4 2AD

      Friday 17th
      12.30pm - Ottakars, 6-7 Cooper's Square, Burton on Trent DE14 1SF
      4.30pm - Ottakars, Unit LSU5, Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes

      Saturday 18th
      12.30pm - Forbidden Planet, 71 New Oxford Street, London WC1A 1DG

      Week 3

      Wednesday 22nd
      12.30pm - Heffers, 20 Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 3TY
      7.00pm - University of East Anglia, talk as part of 'The Arthur Miller
      Literary Festival' (supported by Waterstones University Bookshop)

      Thursday 23rd
      12.30pm - Barratts Bookstore, 47 Market Square, St Neots PE19 2BA
      4.30pm - Hammicks, 69 The Arndale Centre, Luton LU1 2TB

      Friday 24th
      12.30pm - Waterstones, 203-205 Piccadilly, London W1V 9LE
      4.30pm - Waterstones, 19 Earl Street, Maidstone ME19 1PL

      Saturday 25th
      12.00pm - Red Lion, 125 High Street, Colchester CO1 1SZ



      We are republishing the "Discworld" backlist. As you know, the first three
      February of this year. MORT, SORCERY, and WYRD SISTERS will be out in
      February 2001. PYRAMIDS and GUARDS! GUARDS are coming in August 2001.

      (We do not have the rights to ERIC.) MOVING PICTURES, REAPER MAN, and
      WITCHES ABROAD will be in the next batch. That takes care of the "Discworld"
      books that have been o/p over here for a while now. We are also
      systematically repackaging our "Discworld" backlist (starting with SMALL
      GODS) to bring them into the new "Pratchett look" inaugurated with THE COLOR
      OF MAGIC.


      Jennifer Brehl



      From the team that brought you The Discworld Convention 1996 and The
      Discworld Convention 1998...

      The year 2002 will see the 3rd Discworld Convention - "2002: A Discworld
      Odyssey" - and it's going to be even better than our first two Conventions!


      The following guests have accepted our invitation to attend (subject to
      professional commitments):

      Terry Pratchett
      Stephen Briggs
      Paul Kidby
      Bernard & Isobel Pearson
      Graham Higgins
      Dave Langford
      Josh Kirby
      Colin Smythe
      Stephen Player

      .. and other guests will be confirmed soon.

      ***What? A weekend of Discworldian fun for all fans of Terry Pratchett and
      his work. The planned events are far too many to mention here, but will
      include a Maskerade costume parade, guest interviews, workshops, quizzes,
      amateur theatre and a formal dinner. The Discworld Conventions held in 1996
      and 1998 were huge successes, and Paul A Rood and his team are going to make
      this another weekend to remember.

      ***When? 16th - 19th August 2002.

      ***Where? The Hanover International Hotel, Hinckley, Leicestershire. This
      modern four star hotel has excellent event facilities and luxurious
      accommodation. Literally seconds from Junction 1 of the M69 and minutes from
      the M6 and M1 for easy access - Birmingham International Airport is only a 20
      minute drive, and Hinckley Station is just 1 mile away.

      ***Why? Because it is Fun. It's as much fun to organise a Discworld
      Convention as it is to attend one. We know that the Conventions have made a
      big impression on our attendees - up to and including meeting their future

      Some comments from happy Convention-goers:
      "The venue, events and people were wonderful..."
      "DWCon '98 was groovy - keep it up!"
      "The Convention was great, I really enjoyed myself... All the events I went
      to were brilliant."

      ***How much? Membership fees will be set shortly, but as with the first two
      Discworld Conventions, you will definitely be getting your money's worth.
      Hotel room rates have yet to be set, but discussions with the Hanover suggest
      that they will be very reasonable.

      ***What now? Visit our Web site at: http://www.dwcon.org/. There you will
      find instructions on how to join a mailing list for those interested in the
      Convention. Members of this list will find out Convention news as soon as it
      happens - for instance, new guests as they are confirmed, membership and
      hotel rates as they are set. Convention news and updates will also be posted
      on our Web site, so bookmark it and don't miss out. If you would like to ask
      us any questions, have an idea for a programme item, or would like to
      volunteer to help, please email us at info@.... In order to secure a
      membership form as soon as they are produced, please send a Stamped Addressed
      Envelope to: The Discworld Convention 2002, 23 Medora Road, Romford, Essex
      RM7 7EP, UK.

      See you in 2002!



      I enjoy reading about people's views on which actors should play Discworld
      characters in a potential movie. Often they are very insightful. But I have a
      deeper interest in where the Discworld characters come from in the first
      place. I figure it this way. Whereas some writers can spend three or four
      pages setting up a joke, Terry Pratchett expects his characters to generate
      three or four smiles a page from the moment they are introduced. So he uses
      comic archetypes. This means that his characters often start out as
      two-dimensional. But after a while, buffeted by the complexity of plot they
      mature into complex creations. I think that it's a bit like the Comedia Dell
      Arte. When travelling companies of comic actors went from village to village,
      they needed to work with personas that their audience could immediately
      understand. The jokes were, in sense, already set up. In a way, these comic
      archetypes survived right through to 1950's UK. Indeed, before that,
      Chaplin's little tramp was a direct descendent of Brigante. When Hugh Paddick
      and Kenneth Williams said every week on radio - "It's bona to varda your eek,
      Mr 'orne" they were actually speaking the English actors' descendent of the
      dog Latin of the Comedia Dell Arte troups. I'm much the same age as Terry
      Pratchett, so I think that I sometimes I can guess where he gets some or his
      archetypes from. (I'd love to talk to him to ask how close my guesses are!).
      Anyway here are some of them. I guess that most of you are too young to play
      this game - but feel free to join in anyway. If you ever want to see Mustrum
      Ridcully in the flesh, watch a video of "Doctor in the House" and observe Sir
      Archibald Spratt on his rounds of St Swinthins's hospital - or indeed any
      other role that James Robinson-Justice ever played - he was always Ridcully.
      To the early sit-com the Army Game I suspect we owe :

      - Corporal Nobby Nobbes = Alfie Bass as "Bootsie"
      - Carrott = Bernard Bresslaw as "Popeye"
      - Dibbler = Michael Medwin as "Jack Springer" or Harry Fowler in any part
      he ever played - although maybe the true archetype is George Cole as "Flash
      Harry" or maybe even Arthur English in his "stand-up" persona.
      - Nannie Ogg I have down as Irene Handyl.
      - The Patrician, for me, is Basil Rathbone- not in his best known role but
      as Louis the Good in a film about Jean Valois (I think) nevertheless, from
      time to time, if you listen carefully to Vetinarii, you can hear the
      authentic voice of Sherlock Holmes.
      - Swires seems easily identifiable as Mel Gibson in a cross between
      Braveheart and Deathwish.
      - Detritus is Arthur Mullard.

      Two other great comic performances also come to mind. First, I will always
      see Shawn Ogg as Ian Lavender in "Dad's Army". Secondly, I wonder who
      remembers Arthur Howard - perhaps one of the lesser talents in that
      illustrious acting family - in his role of the long suffering Pettigrew,
      deputy headmaster to Professor Jimmy Edwards in "Wacko". He is my tip for
      the origin of the Bursar. Perhaps Jimmy Edwards himself was an architype for

      Finally, did anyone see Prince Charles in a Cambridge University review
      chanting "When you're feeling sad and blue and you can't find romance - jump
      into a dustbin and dance" ? Could this be the ernest King of Lancre?

      I could go on but this is probably a game that I'm playing on my own.


      I was pleasantly surprised to see a big reference to PTerry on the
      American cable channel TLC (The Learning Channel). They have been running a
      series of shows from across the pond called "Junkyard Wars." The concept is
      brilliant. A bunch of crazed people in a well-stocked junkyard are required
      to construct amazing feats of engineering, which almost always turn out to be
      hulking, greasy, metal monstrosities which may not be pretty, but they get
      the job done. Such challenges as building a working cannon, a flying
      machine, an amphibious assault vehicle and several others were met by teams
      of amateurs, each with one 'expert' they had selected before the challenge to
      help them.
      One show in particular was interesting to Pratchett fans. The challenge
      was a tug-of-war between improvised tractors, and one team christened their
      machine "The Great A'Tuin," with the name proudly scrawled in bright orange
      spray paint across the sides and back of their vehicle. Sadly, a freak
      engine problem meant that the more-superior star turtle lost to the other
      team's vehicle, but it was still wildly entertaining. I can't remember the
      exact quote from the announcer on the show, but the explanation of the
      Pratchett reference was delivered with a touch of scepticism that the
      audience would have heard of him.

      I just thought wossname members might be interested in hearing about this. I
      am quite sure that the episode will be rerun again this summer. (Probably not
      in fourecks :( - Jase)

      Dave Cannon
      Waskada, Manitoba


      Vampire from Brum meets with two Alaskan girls and a guy with no top!

      The day started early with a 225 mile drive down to Plymouth docks with my
      friend John doing the driving. Shortly before arriving I recieved a call on
      my mobile from TSQ telling me where they were waiting. Then came a call from
      Richard who had already arrived in Plymouth, so I told him where to meet TSQ
      and Cathe and said that I'd be there shortly.

      We arrived approximatly 10 minutes later and finally the Brum meet began.
      Then Richard arrived in his MG midget with no roof, looking very cool. The
      weather was particularly hot (for Britain), and there was a gentle breeze.
      Richard kept saying it was bound to rain so I had to tell him to hush,
      knowing the temperement of our weather, just saying the words 'dark clouds'
      can bring on a rain storm. We drove down to a pleasant little place where we
      sat outside and had a cuppa. We took some photo's, John took most, then a
      kindly Scottish waitress took one of all five of us.

      Then we went for a walk along the sea front, taking in the view. We walked
      all the way up to Plymouth Hoe and the lighthouse. We stood there a while and
      pondered why a large stone at the bottom had been laid by the Duke of York in
      1882, and a date near the top of the lighthouse had claimed the building to
      have been erected in 176*something*. My claims that the lighthouse had been
      built from the top down where dismissed. We looked at some statues
      commemorating victorious battles and then went
      back to the cars. (Damn, two hour limit car parks!) We drove into town and
      found a pub in which to have a meal. The landlord was a rather eccentric
      English gentleman who pushed two tables together for the six of us. After
      sitting down we pondered on who he could have possibly thought was the sixth
      member of our groups, there were only five of us! (Maybe the Libwolf had
      appeared in spirit form to him during an experiment in L-space.)

      We ate and chatted about many things, including Pterry. When the conversation
      turned to our hero John piped up to me "You didn't tell me that they were
      Terry Pratchett fans!" After a sharp kick in the shins he said no more that
      would land him in deep water. (N.B. John is not particularly a Pterry fan,
      even after reading a couple of his books. I do consider this to
      be a flaw in his personality, but otherwise he is quite a nice guy and maybe
      one day...who knows!)

      John recovered himself with a talk about internet games with Richard. After
      the meal TSQ and Cathe brought out their gifts from Alaska. I was given an
      Alaskan mug (and they didn't know I have a collection of mugs from around the
      world) a cute polar bear figure and some Alaskan coffee. Richard was given
      the coffee and the Golden Gate Bridge! We where all given a stick of Alaskan
      Raindeer Jerky. After a quick trip to walk around a bookshop, (with no Pterry
      books, shame on you Plymouth), we thought we had better go and look for
      Richard whom we had lost on a roundabout. (A traffic one!) We said our
      goodbyes at the docks at about 3.45p.m. I didn't want the girls to go, we had
      had such a lovely time together. I hope that someday we will
      be able to meet again, I'll be very sad if we don't.

      Holly and Cathe, when you read this, I want you know that I love you both,
      you are two wonderful people. Richard, not wanting to leave you out but not
      having known as long as the girls, you are a really nice guy and I hope to
      meet you again too. Oh, and I loved the shorts! I'm feeling quite emotional

      Anne Stone,
      English Psycho,
      PKO and Vampire.

      I'm happy to report that Terry signed "The Luggage," my 1293 cc highly
      modified Mini Cooper S, at Gateway 2000. I drove the wee beastie all the way
      to Saint Louis and back to Tulsa, over an 800 mile journey, in 100+ degree f.
      weather, without any problems.


      The tattoo is my new one of the Mini logo on my left hand. I stayed with Mark
      and Becky Andrews of the Mini Mailing List while in Saint Louis and Mark has
      a wonderful Tattoo Studio there called "Iron Age."

      BMW has acquired the Mini marque, is getting ready to foist off an ugly
      eurobox of an abomination on the public and call it the "new Mini." As part
      of this stupid project, they are suing all of the shops that have been
      servicing Minis for decades and selling modifications and aftermarket parts
      if they use the Mini name or logo. I had the tattoo done as a way to
      celebrate the cars I love and send a signal to BMW to stuff their Nazi
      tactics up where the sun don't shine.

      The picture of the babe (Claudia Christian) is self-explanatory. ;)

      I expect to see Terry again in September. I'll be in the UK from August 28
      through October 5 and we usually manage to get together when I'm there.

      Rocky Frisco, rock@...



      12) THE TRUTH

      Read it hot off the press - UK's premier fantasy writer reveals journo's
      sordid life-style - what is this Truth we've heard rumours about? Dark tales
      of inter-species co-operation - where and why, does 'Otto' wear a black
      ribbon? Exactly which gender is Gunilla, the dwarf? What duties does
      Sacharissa, the human female, perform for a dollar a day? Read how the
      sinister figure behind the iconograph spends every working minute in a life
      or death struggle for his art, all the while in the grip of the very worst
      addiction - Discover the real story behind Ankh-Morpork's so-called
      Patrician, why is it that foreigners and economic migrants are involved in a
      plot with the city's low-life to subjugate our city government to rule by
      the fat cats? Find out the facts behind Vetinari's favoured 'pet' - where
      exactly is Wuffles hiding and who really knows? Discover the answers to all
      this and more when you read The Truth, the twenty-fifth episode in the life
      of Discworld - available exclusively to Pratchett fans in the autumn of

      I hope you have taken the heavy tabloid-style hints, layed on with a trowel
      (see para. above) because The Truth is concerned with journalism and it's
      birth and development within the Gleam Street area of Ankh-Morpork. Fitting
      into the 'stand alone' canon, the 25th and therefore silver anniversary
      edition of Discworld, concerns the Watch but only in a cameo role, and
      rather from the criminal's perspective. In similar fashion, Death pops in
      just to take out a few characters, as does his little rodent side-kick.
      Dwarves abound as do trolls and humans, in fact all Discworld life (or not)
      is here. The leading characters, one at least, sure to become a favourite,
      are mainly new to us and I guess that readers may find this refreshing.
      Reviews of past books have tended to be slightly critical of the cycle of
      Rincewind - Witches - Watch. This particular reviewer likes every Discworld
      book - she enjoys Discworld, probably transparently! I did think that at the
      First Convention in 1996, Terry was talking about a thread of this story to a
      group of drunken fans, one of which was me. I have researched my facts in
      true journalist style and checked this with others who were present at the
      time, and some of them recall it as well, so it wasn't just my personal,
      wine-soaked fantasy. Terry was talking about a newspaper development in A-M,
      in quite a lot of detail and I was surprised that nothing appeared in
      subsequent chronicles of Discworld. However, it's appeared now and it shows
      that a successful author can develop just a thread into a fully'fleshed
      story. In fact, William de Worde's entry in The Discworld Companion, both
      first and second editions, ends with the interesting line, " ...it could well
      be that the future holds great things for young de Worde..." Could Mr
      Pratchett have based this character on his own career, one speculates?

      In The Truth we read how William de Worde, develops from "professional
      scribe" to news magnate. We who have become regular readers of Discworld
      will have met William before and also mr Slant, the undead man of the law.
      Along the way, William assembles a varied staff of helpers, For example,
      distribution of The Ankh-Morpork Times throughout the city of Ankh-Morpork
      appears to be along the lines of the Big Issue in the UK, in that the
      homeless denizens are the part-time sellers of the newspaper. As usual, many
      parallels to our own society can be spotted by the sharp-eyed reader.

      Elizabeth, elizabeth.alway@...



      13) BOOKSTORES

      One of our members recently wrote to us complaining that he could not find
      any of the older Pratchett titles in his local bookstores. They told him
      they were all "out of print."

      I alerted him to Amazon and Amazon.uk, and the Science Fiction Book Club.

      However, over the years we have received the names of bookstores specializing
      in fantasy, which do carry the older titles. I was wondering if there are
      any in your area. Please send me their names and addresses and we will
      publish a combined list, by country.

      Send the information to: Joe Schaumburger, at:

      -- Joe



      Each month (well, usually), as well as WOSSNAME going out by e-mail, the
      plain text of the newsletter is embellished with fantastic graphics and put
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      The announcement list will also be used by other groups in the Klatchian
      Foreign Legion, such as by the Bugarup University Students' Guild for
      announcing BUNS (see above), so you may want to join that list anyway, even
      if you still want to receive the whole text of WOSSNAME by e-mail. To
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      recently started. A Webring, in case you don't know, is a group of Web sites
      that share a common interest or theme, and have links to one another such
      that by following the link, you travel all the way "around the ring",
      visiting each site in turn. In the case of the Legion's Webring, the sites
      are those of groups like the North American Discworld Society, the Guild of
      Fans and Disciples and the Bugarup University Students' Guild, as well as any
      other Web site with an emphasis on regional Pratchett fandom, at anything
      from the local level up to the continental level. To visit the Webring, or
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      By Offler, we actually got it finished!
      This edition of Wossname is brought to you by the Sunshine Home
      for Sick Dragons as run by Lady Sybil Vimes (nee Ramkin).
      Remember a dragon is for life not just Hogswatch Night.

      Copyright 2000 by North American Discworld Society
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