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October/November 1999 WOSSNAME Part II

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    ********************************************************************* 11) HOW TO START A TERRY PRATCHETT FAN CLUB (Or any other fan club for that matter!) Part
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      (Or any other fan club for that matter!)

      Part I

      Every month I impatiently wait for the next issue of WOSSNAME.
      Practically begging for the least tidbit of news about the almost non-
      existent Terry Pratchett in the US. I while away the time re-reading
      his books. Sometimes I go as far as listing characters and places.
      I've played both the games I've owned so many times I could do it
      blindfolded and with one arm tied behind my back. (No, really!)

      So after a year's worth of begging between a friend (Debbie) and I,
      the high school Book Club overseer decided to allow us to read LORDS
      AND LADIES. Oh joy! I was so excited. It is what can be construed
      as coverage for a little-known author. (At least where I am from.)
      So I re-read, carefully marking pages of things to discuss. I made
      copies of a list of all of Terry's books. I brought in the Discworld
      map, so people could get a better idea. I even brought in copies of
      WOSSNAME, Discworld Monthly, and Ramtop to Rimfall just so people
      could see how *big* he really is. To my extreme disappointment... he
      was met with great disregard.

      I was in shock! My favorite author, the man whose works we love,
      treated so casually! I was dumbfounded and didn't realize it until I
      left. With a heavy stone on my shoulders I walked down the hall with
      another of my friends (Eric). Suddenly... he suggested doing a fan

      And that was all it took to get the ball rolling. And when I mean
      rolling, I mean it knocked everything out of it's path. That very
      weekend Debbie, Eric and I all gathered at Barnes and Nobles to
      discuss our situation.

      We realized it wouldn't be easy. It would take many man/women-hours.
      Money. Thought. Planning. (And when I say planning --- believe it
      --- we were at Barnes and Nobles *all* day!) The first thing we
      decided on was we need to find a place to meet. So we thought. A
      place with space that wouldn't mind a rowdy bunch of Discworld fans.
      And you know what happened. Eric said, "Why not here?". Marvelous.
      Big comfy chairs, a cafe, and hey, even better, they sell Pratchett

      Now we needed permission. I was voted for, in the democratic way,
      (meaning the two of them verses me) was sent to talk to the manager.
      First let me explain our plight. We are poor, miserable high school
      sophomores. And there's quite an age gap between us and the rest of
      the world. However, everything went over swimmingly, the manager
      being a great Pratchett fan herself (who would've thought?) gave us
      permission to meet there.

      So that is how "The Turtle Moves" began. In little old Ohio the
      revolutionary Discworld was going forth. We were so proud! But then
      we thought. Is this illegal? (Well, not the club, but the name for
      the club.) So now we have to contact everyone one for approval
      because at my present financial situation I cannot afford to be sued!

      And now we plan some more...

      BECKY SWANEY (Ohio)



      You've probably noticed that in many of the Discworld novels, as well
      that there are various Latatian (which is pretty much very doggy
      Latin) mottos for the guilds, the houses and other organisations.
      Well, the members of the Bugarup University Students Guild, an
      affiliate of the North American Discworld Society through the
      Klatchian Foreign Legion, have recently been discussing these mottos
      and their meanings, and here are some of the translations they came
      up with, as well as a few others the staff of WOSSNAME managed to
      cobble together.

      ACVTVS ID VERBERAT = Whip It Quick (lit. Sharp As A Whip)
      (Guild Of Thieves, Burglars And Allied Trades)

      CAPITE OMNIA = Take It All
      (House Nobbes, Earls of Ankh)

      CVIVS TESTICVLOS HABEAS CARDIA ET = With Their Full Attention, Their
      CEREBELLUM (Omnian Quisition) Hearts and Minds Will Follow

      DICO DICO DICO = I Say, I Say, I Say
      (Guild Of Fools And Joculators)

      EXCRTVS EX FORTUNA = Quite A Bit Out Of Luck
      (Guild of Gamblers)

      FABER EST QVISQVE FORTVNAE SVAE = Luck Is What You Make Of It (lit.
      (Duke of Sto Helit) Skill Is Itself Every Fortune)

      FABRICATI DIEM, PVNC = Make My Day, Punk
      (Ankh-Morpork City Watch)

      FARCIMINI = Stuff It
      (Guild of Embalmers and Allied Trades)

      FVTVRVS MEVS EST IN VISCERIS = My Future Is In The Entrails
      (Mr. Sock, Butcher)

      ID MVRMVRATIS, ID LVDAMVS = If You Hum It, We'll Play It
      (Guild of Musicians)

      MERVS IN PECTVM ET IN AGVAM = Pure In Mind And Water
      (City of Ankh-Morpork, new)

      MONETA SVPERVACANEA MAGISTER = Got Any Spare Change, Guv'nor?
      (Fellowship of Twitchers, Droolers, Dribblers, Mumblers, Mutterers,
      Walking-Along-Shouters, Demanders of a Chip, People who call other
      People Jimmy, People who need Tuppence for a Cup of Tea, People who
      need Eightpence for a Meal, People with Placards saying "Why lie? I
      need a beer." and Foul Ole Ron --- i.e. Beggars)

      NIL MORTIFI SINE LVCRE = No Inhumation Without Payment
      (Guild Of Assassins)

      NIL VOLVPTI SINE LVCRE = No Sewing Without Payment
      (Guild of Seamstresses)

      NON ANTI SEPTEM DIES PROXIMA SQVIRI = Not For About A Week, Squire
      (Guild Of Plumbers And Dunnikindivers)

      NON SVMET NVLLVS PRO RESPONSO = Don't Take No For An Answer
      (House Ramkin)

      NON QVOD MANEAT SED QVOD ADIMIMVS = Not What Remains, But What We
      (Guild of Engravers) Take Away

      NVMQVAM VESTIMVS = We Never Dress
      (Guild of Ecdysiasts, Nautchers, Cancanieres and Exponents of Exotic
      Dance, i.e. Strippers)

      NVNC ILLE EST MAGICVS = Now *That's* Magic
      (Guild of Conjurers)

      NVNC IS VIDES NVNC NE VIDES = Now You See It, Now You Don't
      (Unseen University)

      OBLIVISCOR = To Forget
      (Klatchian Foreign Legion)

      OMNIS QVI CORVSCAT EST OR = All That Glitters *Is* Gold
      (Guild Of Alchemists)

      PROTEGO ET SERVIO = I Protect And Serve
      (House Vimes)

      QVANTI CANICVLA ILLE IN FENESTRA = How Much Is That Doggie In The
      (City of Ankh-Morpork, older) Window?

      QVOD SVBIGO FARINAM = Because I Knead The Dough (lit. Because I Work
      (Mr. Potts, Baker) The Flour)

      SI NON CONFECTVS NON REFICIAT = If It's Not Broken, Don't Fix It
      (House Vetinari)

      VILIS AD BIS PRETII = Cheap At Twice The Price
      (Guild Of Merchants And Traders)

      Did we miss any? And what's the motto of the Bugarup University
      Students Guild? Write to us at WOSSNAME-owner@onelist.com and let us



      My crocodile has no nose.

      How does he smell?





      Has anyone (Clarecraft, etc.) made a replica of the Watch badge? I
      collect badges and police patches and would dearly love to own one.

      JOHN LANGAN (Pennsylvania)

      Elton Murphy at Clarecraft tells us that they used to do such a
      badge, in plaster, but it was many years ago. Stephen Briggs is
      currently selling a metal City Watch badge, amongst others, costing
      UKP4.50 plus UKP1.50 shipping to North America. Further details (of
      other items and on how to order) can be found in June's issue of
      WOSSNAME --- go to http://welcome.to/wossname and follow the links.



      Hello, you wonderful WOSSNAME readers! I don't know how many of you
      are interested (but I am), but I thought finding out where people are
      from could be a fun idea. I don't mean to intrude on anyone's
      privacy, but just to tell how many people are from this state how
      many people are from that state. Then if some people really got
      jumping, maybe they could do something as a group for the
      Disworldization that is flooding the nation. (And I'm serious...
      I've recruited five fans myself!) This can also help by finding out
      where certain people in your vicinity buy their Discworld stuff and
      they can find out where you buy your stuff. So if you are
      interested... which I hope you are... please send me this

      name (only if you want to)
      e-mail (of course, only if you want to)
      state/province (uhh... yes this is necessary... it's kind of
      the point of this letter)
      city (not strictly necessary, but could be useful)

      So if you can make one of these real quick, and send it to me by the
      next WOSSNAME edition, that'll be great. My e-mail address is


      Oh yeah, personal information will only be divulged upon your
      request; I only plan on telling what state or province you're from.
      And if someone tells me they wanna get something going, I'll only
      give them your information with your permission.


      BECKY SWANEY (Ohio)



      SATURDAY 19th FEBRUARY 2000

      World Cabbage Day (Seattle, Washington)

      Following the success of 1999's World Cabbage Day party (at which "a
      bunch of [Discworld] MUD people met, drank and played games",
      according to one eyewitness account), another event is planned for
      this coming February. World Cabbage Day actually falls on Thursday
      17th, but to make it easier for people to attend, the party will take
      place on Saturday 19th.

      For more information, you can visit:


      or send e-mail to:


      FRIDAY 14th -- SUNDAY 16th JULY 2000

      Gateway SciFi/Media Con 2 (Saint Louis, Missouri)

      Author Terry Pratchett will be appearing in the United States in the
      summer of 2000 as Author Guest-of-Honor at Gateway SciFi/Media Con 2!
      Additional guest will be announced as they are confirmed, featuring
      authors, artists, stars of your favorite movies and TV shows, and
      many more! There will be extensive Discworld programming, possibly
      including a live-action Discworld game and a Cripple Mr. Onion
      tournament (with a teaching session), and the con-suite will be set
      up as the Broken Drum.

      Gateway 2 will be held July 14--16, 2000 at the Henry VIII Inn and
      Lodge in Saint Louis.

      Get your membership now for a special discounted pre-registration

      Browse our Web site for more information:


      or contact us at:


      FRIDAY 28th -- MONDAY 31st JULY 2000

      MillenniCon Hand and Shrimp (England)

      The MillenniCon Hand and Shrimp Convention Committee would like you
      to know that the Discworld Convention 2000 will be happening on 28th -
      - 31st July 2000 at the Radisson Edwardian Hotel (near Heathrow),

      E-mail enquiries should be sent to:

      queries@... for general enquiries
      hotel@... for hotel queries
      membership@... for memberships
      volunteers@... to offer your services
      programme@... for programme items

      Membership applications, and other information, can be obtained from:

      The Discworld Convention,
      PO Box 189,
      BS32 8YE

      More information, and printable application forms, can be found on
      the L-Space Web site at:



      Are you planning a Discworld meeting, large or small? Just let us
      know the details, by e-mail to WOSSNAME-owner@onelist.com, and we'll
      be happy to announce it in WOSSNAME!



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      uses, is in the process of merging with another similar organisation
      known as eGroups. At the moment there is no clear time-table for
      what, if any, changes will occur, but we will let you know when we
      know more; whatever happens, ONElist's privacy, support and anti-spam
      policies will not change. In the mean-time, you can read about the
      merger by going to




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      the plain text of the newsletter is embellished with fantastic
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      As well as the full text of WOSSNAME going out by e-mail, there is
      also sent out a much shorter e-mail announcing that the new version
      of WOSSNAME is available on the Web. So, if you'd prefer to receive
      this shorter notification, rather than the whole text of WOSSNAME,
      just let us know!

      The announcement list will also be used by other groups in the
      Klatchian Foreign Legion, such as by the Bugarup University Students'
      Guild for announcing BUNS (see above), so you may want to join that
      list anyway, even if you still want to receive the whole text of
      WOSSNAME by e-mail. To subscribe to the announcement list, just go


      or send an empty e-mail to


      Also on the subject of the Legion, the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      Webring has recently started. A Webring, in case you don't know, is
      a group of Web sites that share a common interest or theme, and have
      links to one another such that by following the link, you travel all
      the way "around the ring", visiting each site in turn. In the case
      of the Legion's Webring, the sites are those of groups like the North
      American Discworld Society, the Guild of Fans and Disciples and the
      Bugarup University Students' Guild, as well as any other Web site
      with an emphasis on regional Pratchett fandom, at anything from the
      local level up to the continental level. To visit the Webring, or to
      add your site to it, just visit




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      All submissions will be gratefully received. Letters and notices of
      events in your area are especially welcome. We like to attribute
      articles with a *full name* and a *location* (either a state or
      province within North America, or a country if elsewhere), so please
      include this information with your submission or letter. Editing of
      material may prove necessary, but you will be consulted before major
      changes are made. Should a submission be too similar to an already
      received submission, a delay in its appearance may occur. In an
      effort to keep WOSSNAME on track as a regular publication, the
      deadline for receipt of materials will be the 21st of the month.

      Lastly, WOSSNAME is available in all its glory on the World-Wide Web


      with a more basic text-only version at:



      Copyright 1999 by North American Discworld Society
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