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July 2000 Part II

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  • Jason Parlevliet
    REVIEWS: 8) DISCWORLD NOIR ON PLAYSTATION. Review of Discworld Noir from the Herald-Sun (Australian Newspaper), Wednesday July 12, 2000 ( Connect 5 , TV and
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      Review of "Discworld Noir" from the Herald-Sun (Australian Newspaper),
      Wednesday July 12, 2000 ("Connect 5", TV and entertainment liftout).

      System: Playstation
      Supplier: Ozisoft
      Price: Around $80
      Rating Two stars (out of five)
      Reviewer: John Amendall

      The game starts with you waking up from the dead.

      But in Ankh-Morpork, the capital of Discworld made famous in the
      bestselling series by author Terry Pratchett, that is not a hurdle in
      playing this detective adventure.

      As Lewton, a wise-cracking gumshoe, you must help an intriguing femme
      fatale called Carlotta. But be warned: she is not what she seems.

      She presents you with what appears to be an easy missing-person's case.

      Of course, in classic noir fashion, it leads to another with various
      weird and dark people to interact with along the way.

      I enjoyed playing private eye. The game looks great with rich, shadowy
      backgrounds, but small objects which you need to find are obscured.
      Miss spotting one of these clues and you'll find yourself revisiting the
      same sites. So look carefully, otherwise progress will be slow.

      You move through the story by interacting with other characters,
      refering to your notebook and bag of clues for inspiration for

      Your pointer is a torch beam - right click on an object or character and
      Lewton describes what he's looking at; left click and he tries to
      collect it or interact with it.

      A quick mind rather than a smoking gun is your only help. Patience
      helps, too.

      Steven D'Aprano (Australia).

      LETTERS :

      9) RATS IN THE NEWS.

      1. Apparently, rat was served as a main dish during the SURVIVOR show.

      2. According to a recent article, New York City is being inundated with
      rats (budget cuts, etc.).
      Anybody thinking "Rat onna stick! With ketchup!"?
      Oh, Mr. Dibbler, where are you when we need you?

      Jean Lamb, tlambs1138@... (USA)

      10) "zombiegod" <zombiegod@...> wants to know :

      I have a question for the group how does one if they desire, aquire the
      english pratchett items if they live in the usa, such as the

      Well, Jay, Joe informs me that paid-up Gofad members can order through
      him. Have a look at 'Ordering Stuff' in the Business section towards
      the end of this Wossname which has info on joining GOFAD, how to order
      stuff, and just a sample of the myriad delights that can be had in this
      way. If it's all too much, email Joe - JSCHAUM111@... and he can
      explain it in more detail
      - Jase (Wossname's Mr. Ed)


      Adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

      Invite a vampire into your home and you're asking for trouble! Invite an
      entire vampire clan to your baby's christening and you'd better serve
      garlic as the entree!

      Something stranger than normal is afoot in Lancre, deep in the heart of
      The Discworld. There's a new heir to the throne and guests have gathered
      from far and wide to attend the christening. However some bright spark
      invited the De Magpyrs - a family of new age vampires with a taste for
      garlic and fancy waistcoats, set on a feeding frenzy with baby Esmeralda
      for dessert!

      With a witch for a mother and Nanny Ogg on your side, the odds should be
      in your favour. But when garlic and holy water don't work, who ya gonna
      call? Cue Granny Weatherwax (crone of all crones and witch
      extra-ordinaire). Only Granny has disappeared, sending the witches'
      coven into disarray. Perdita X Nitt (the newest addition to the coven)
      is attracting a little too
      much attention from Vladymyr De Magpyr. Magrat, Queen of Lancre and yet
      another witch, is finding it a little tricky juggling motherhood and
      witchcraft. And Nanny - well she's just Nanny! All this spells trouble
      for Lancre. BIG trouble!

      Will Perdita feel the passionate nip of a vampire kiss? Is this the end
      of Granny Weatherwax? And why can't vampires just stick to the rules?

      It's all out war as the witches take on the vampires in The Purple
      Theatre Company's fourth foray into the Discworld!

      Carpe Jugulum is showing from Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th December at
      the Compass Theatre in Ickenham, Middlesex. The show starts at 8pm, with
      a matinee on the Saturday at 3pm! Tickets are priced at 7.50, with
      concessions of 6.50 available for the
      Wednesday, Thursday and the matinee performances.

      For tickets, please call 07050 605081 or e-mail

      The Purple Theatre Company is an amateur group. The show is performed by
      arrangement with Samuel French.



      Your friendly KFL headquarters here in Miami can order stuff for you via
      our GOFAD connection in the UK, using US$. Write to me and send a check
      in US$ to:

      Joseph Schaumburger
      18205 SW 94th Avenue
      Miami, FL 33157

      Convert prices at US$ = 1.7 times the price in English pounds. (Don't
      forget to allow about $4.00 for postage and I will have our UK agent buy
      the book or item and send it to you by airmail. If you're not sure of
      the price, just e-mail me, JSCHAUM111@... and I'll work it out for
      you. Here's a sampling of what you can get:


      MEMBERS, as they must be ordered through us and then sent to world hqs
      in England. To join GOFAD, use the form below.

      ( ) I would also like to join GOFAD, the worldwide Terry Pratchett
      club and am enclosing my check or money order in the amount of US$ 26,
      payable to JOSEPH SCHAUMBURGER. I understand I will receive a
      membership packet from club hqs in England with the items mentioned

      ORDER FORM (other items also available - just ask)

      All prices are in US dollars and include shipping. Please contact Joe
      Schaumburger for equivalent prices in your national currency. Do not
      send cash.

      (an encyclopedia of Discworld info)
      ( ) $14.00 JINGO
      (paperback edition)
      ( ) $23.00 CITY WATCH T-SHIRT featuring the new Watch badge,
      drawn by Paul Kidby and and printed in blue on a
      black t-shirt, L or XL only. On the back, the City
      Watch motto in blue:
      FABRICATI DIEM PVNC. (Make My Day, Punk)
      The UU crest printed in navy blue with the legend
      'Unseen University'n a white t-shirt, L or XL .
      (There are drawings of the two crests in The
      Discworld Companion, the Watch crest on p. 248,
      and the UU crest on p.228.)
      ( ) $18.00 T-SHIRT - "A Dragon is for Life etc."
      4 colors, front & back (Also available to
      non-GOFAD members of NADS for $21.00) (Size: ?)
      ( ) $13.00 Unseen University Diplomas
      ( ) $40.00 Unseen University scarf
      ( ) $16.00 Discworld Mapp
      ( ) $18.00 Ankh Morpork Mapp
      ( ) $18.00 A Tourist Guide to Lancre

      New Terry Pratchett books can be ordered through this service, but can
      also be obtained via amazon.com or amazon.com.uk Older titles are
      available through the US Science Fiction Book Club at sfbc.com at a
      considerable discount if you join the SFBC.


      ( ) $37.00 CD of Discworld 2 computer game
      ( ) $16.00 Scripts of Discworld plays (Title: ?)
      ( ) $22.25 Ankh-Morporkh City Watch Diary

      Send all orders to: Joseph Schaumburger
      18205 SW 94th Avenue
      Miami, FL 33157

      Make all checks and money orders payable to:
      Joseph Schaumburger, in US$.

      Please do not send cash. Please send any queries to JSCHAUM111@...


      Each month (well, usually), as well as WOSSNAME going out by e-mail, the
      plain text of the newsletter is embellished with fantastic graphics and
      put up on the Society Web site:


      As well as the full text of WOSSNAME going out by e-mail, there is also
      sent out a much shorter e-mail announcing that the new version of
      WOSSNAME is available on the Web. So, if you'd prefer to receive this
      shorter notification, rather than the whole text of WOSSNAME, just let
      us know!

      The announcement list will also be used by other groups in the
      Klatchian Foreign Legion, such as by the Bugarup University Students'
      Guild for announcing BUNS, so you may want to join that list anyway,
      even if you still want to receive the whole text of WOSSNAME by e-mail.
      To subscribe to the announcement list, just go to:


      or send an empty e-mail to:


      Also on the subject of the Legion, the Klatchian Foreign Legion Webring
      has recently started. A Webring, in case you don't know, is a group of
      Web sites that share a common interest or theme, and have links to one
      another such that by following the link, you travel all the way "around
      the ring", visiting each site in turn. In the case of the Legion's
      Webring, the sites are those of groups like the North American Discworld
      Society, the Guild of Fans and Disciples and the Bugarup University
      Students' Guild, as well as any other Web site with an emphasis on
      regional Pratchett fandom, at anything from the local level up to the
      continental level. To visit the Webring, or to add your site to it,
      just visit:


      If you would like to stop recieving WOSSNAME, and leave a terrible, soul
      crushing void in your life that can never be filled, simply send a blank
      email to


      *** This months edition of Wossname is proudly brought to you by CMOT
      Dibbler (Sator Sqaure, Ankh-Morpork "Why not try a sausage inna bun!"),
      Your humble team here at Wossname, Egroups, The Klatchian Foreign
      Legion, alt.fan.pratchett.announce and some daft bugger called Terry who
      writes some pretty damn funny books.
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