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WOSSNAME - - AUGUST 2006 - - PART 3 OF 5

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  • Not A Granny
    WOSSNAME -- JULY 2006 -- PART 3 OF 5 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 9) THE PTERRY MEDIA NEWSROUND The 2007 edition of The
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2006
      WOSSNAME -- JULY 2006 -- PART 3 OF 5 (continued)


      The 2007 edition of The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, published by
      A.& C. Black, contains an article by Terry Pratchett (pp. 231-22)
      giving advice on how to write SF. Titled 'Keep it Real' by Terry, it
      appears as 'Notes from a successful fantasy author' (in line with
      all the similar contributions from such authors as Joanna Trollope,
      Bernard Cornwall, Simon Winchester, and J.K. Rowling). This is the
      100th anniversary edition.

      Terry's 2004 Worldcon Guest of Honor speech is being published by
      ISFiC Press of Deerfield, IL 60015 (www.isficpress.com) in "Worldcon
      Guest of Honor Speeches", edited by Mike Resnick and Joe Siclari,
      pp. 282-95.


      Childsplay has announced that the transmission date for Johnny and
      the Bomb is now confirmed as 4th September from 4-5.15 p.m. on
      CBBC. It will be repeated during the Christmas holiday, date to be
      confirmed, on BBC One.

      The DVD is being released by Warner Vision on Monday 4 September,
      following the CBBC transmission at 5 p.m. on Saturday 2 September.
      For more details, see the site: http://www.johnnyandthebomb.tv



      According to The Stage, Sky is set to dramatise more Terry Pratchett
      books, with producers optioning the rights on at least two novels to
      be developed if the forthcoming Hogfather production proves a
      success. This confirms comments made during the recent Meet The Mob
      convention event.

      Whilst Hogfather is the first Discworld book to be turned into a
      live action movie, it is understood that producers have optioned the
      rights for more books in the series, including The Colour of Magic.

      pratchett-adaptations or http://tinyurl.com/hbocb


      ...but you can read about it:



      The 2007 Ankh-Morpork Post Office Yearbook and Diary is published on
      31 August and the Discworld Calendar on 12 September

      The Hogfather Illustrated Screenplay should be published by Gollancz
      on 2 November. Just the thing for those Hogswatch stockings!


      Special thanks go as always to Colin Smythe for all the vital



      by Lu-Pi the Sage

      Just thought you'd like to know (or not like to know, but you're
      going to find out anyway) that the first LonMeet was a resounding
      success. Both participants turned up, albeit one (myself) was an
      hour late, but as the scheduled festivities were expected to run on
      into the wee small hours (i.e., about now) that was ok.

      After some fun (i.e., I texted Asti from behind the corner, watching
      her stand up and look around, and snickered to myself) the meeting
      started, with numerous of Asti's friends joining in. The two
      critical parties, that being myself and Asti, chatted somewhat, albeit
      mostly later, after Asti's parents had left. And doesn't
      that sound -so- seedy :-)

      After some food and a pint or two of something that was almost, but
      not quite, entirely unlike a Long Island Iced Tea (it had Ice it in,
      and Tea, but was pink. You get to guess. Or ask Asti.), we moved
      inside, then on to the Ballroom, where we had some fun poking fun at
      the children on the dance floor, who were dancing to music that was
      old when they were 10 or so...

      After that we all went home, more or less under the weather.

      Oh, yes. It was Asti's birthday. Did I forget to mention the
      balloons? We had balloons as a designated tracking device.

      All in all, a good time. At least as far as I can tell. :-)

      Lu-Pi, sage and thymely reporter.


      A Spontaneous MelMeet report by Annie Mac

      It just goes to show there's life in the old University yet: after a
      long spate of almost eerie quiet on the Bugarup campus, there's been
      a sudden burst of activity on the BU mailing list. Stranger yet,
      much of this activity has centred around - crivens! - the subject of
      Discworld, most particularly the upcoming 2007 Australian Discworld
      convention (all right, some of it has also centred around Asti's
      birthday drinks party and Hania Ogg's breasts, but you know how it
      is...). And then two days ago, out of the blue and coincidentally on
      the heels of a rash of comments about how the Sydney campus is in a
      state of persistent hibernation, who should pop up in Mel's Bourne
      two days ago but our own SuperDan, BU Doctor of Thaumology and
      undead sports journalist (erm, that is to say, he's our undead
      journalist who reports on sport. Not to be confused with a - not
      necessarily undead - journalist who reports on undead sport; for that
      you'd have to see the Zombie Shuffle organisers). As he was in town
      for the day to observe a soccer match, we used it as an excuse to
      drink bee-, um, convene a Spontaneous MelMeet, so we rounded up Mad
      Meg Mogg, SteVen, yours truly and a pair of exchange students (we
      exchanged them for Seamstresses, but that's another story) on very
      short notice and had a jolly meal at an alfresco cafe in the city
      centre. Hania Ogg would have come but she was tied up making
      suckrose and akwa potions for her victims, er, patients - no, not
      *that* sort of tied up (though that, too, is another story).

      Suggestions were thrown around the table for lines for the latest
      Weird Alice Lancrevic song; plans were touched upon for the next
      Wizards' Excuse Me; and of course the usual disparaging comments
      were made about the Sydney campus. Later, SuperDan and I retired to
      a local pub to perform the Ceremony of the Beer and the Ceremony of
      Ogling the Attractive Bar Wench, and then it was off to SteVen's
      place-of-ork to annoy the funny little technomancers (and make
      disparaging comments about the Sydney campus).

      Mad Meg Mogg pointed out that at least one of us will have to
      attend Auscon, just to keep up appearances. I think we'll have to
      draw straws. The horror, the horror!

      Eventually SuperDan went off to do whatever it is that real sports
      journalists do (we assume this involves beer and football. And beer.
      Possibly also waitresses. Possibly even soccer-playing Bar Wenches.)
      and all was well.

      In a few weeks' time some of us are going to look at some Curious
      Squid and discuss Strawberry Wobblers. Stay tuned.



      Er. Um. Well. Actually, I'm quite sure there *were* some letters,
      but they appear to have been eaten by Hurricane Ernesto. Whoops! Stay
      tuned -- they may turn up next month, after the floodwaters recede...

      Copyright 2006 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
      If you did not get all 5 parts, write: jschaum111@...

      End of Part 3, says my computer -- continued on Part 4 of 5
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