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July 2000 Part I

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  • Jason Parlevliet
    ********************************************************************* WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion July 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 7)
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2000

      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion

      July 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 7)

      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the
      Klatchian Foreign Legion and also its affiliates,
      including the North American Discworld Society
      and other continental groups.

      Are you a member? Yes, if you sent in your e-mail address.

      Are there any dues? No. Dues are only required if you want to join
      the Guild of Fans and Disciples and receive the discounts on books
      and other items available through their bulk purchases.




      1. www.wossname.com
      2. Terry Pratchett - Guilty of Literature
      3. LARP Cancelled
      4. Discworld Event 2000 - Wetherden, Suffolk - 28th-30th July
      5. Auditions in XXXX

      6. NASA's concept of the Space Elevator. Elephants in space soon to
      7. Gateway 2000 Costume Contest

      8. Discworld Noir on Playstation

      9. Rats in the news
      10. Aquiring the English Pratchett items in th US

      11. Carpe Jugulum (Middlesex, December 2000)

      12. Ordering stuff in the US
      13. Klatchian Foreign Legion Resources


      Editor in Chief : Jason Parlevliet
      Managing Editor : Nathan Clissold
      Copy Bursar (Chief) : Dylan Williams
      Senior Staff Writers : Andy Stout, Steven D'Aprano
      Art Director : Rhett Pennell
      World Membership Director : Becky Swaney
      Copyright 2000 by North American Discworld Society


      Despite any previous announcements, please send all
      correspondence and other material for WOSSNAME to:

      Jason Parlevliet, editor-in-chief - jase@...
      with a copy to:
      Joe Schaumburger - JSCHAUM111@....



      Welcome again to another exciting edition of WOSSNAME. As you probably
      read earlier in the month, Joe Schaumburger, president of the North
      American Discworld Society, was involved in a bit of an automotive
      altercation. Joe wasn't injured by the crash, but was battered and
      bruised by the airbag, in its enthusiasm to protect him. Must've been
      one of the BS Johnson models.

      Many people sent in messages of concern and sympathy to Joe, who answers
      "Please tell them I'm feeling much better, and it is wonderful to have
      so many caring friends."

      I'm sure all of the WOSSNAME/Discworld community wishes you all the best
      for your recovery, Joe.




      That's right folks, generous WOSSNAME subscriber David Gill, owner of
      the wossname.com domain, has been kind enough to point it at the home
      pages of the WOSSNAME newsletter, ie, US! Our pages are hosted by
      discworld.imaginary.com, home of the Discworld mud, but can now be
      easily accessed by typing http://www.wossname.com/ in the location field
      of your browser. So easy even the Bursar could do it (But only after
      the second try and a few extra pills. -Dylan).

      For this, David has earned himself a hearty pat on the back, a lifetime
      subscription to WOSSNAME, and a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence
      People, by Foul Ole Ron.

      2) TERRY PRATCHETT - Guilty of Literature

      Terry Pratchett - Guilty of Literature is a volume of essays about
      Pterry's work,edited by Andrew M. Butler, Edward James and Farah

      It covers the whole range of Pratchett's writings, from The Carpet
      People to The Fifth Elephant, and includes essays by critics such as
      John Clute and Andy Sawyer and children's author Cherith Baldrys

      It is published by the Science Fiction Foundation, for the price of £10,
      plus £1 postage and packing. Full details can be found at

      What, you don't have any pounds? Your friendly KFL headquarters here in
      Miami can order this book for you via our GOFAD connection in the UK,
      using US$. Send your check for US$ 20 ($16 + $4 postage) made out to

      Joseph Schaumburger
      18205 SW 94th Avenue
      Miami, FL 33157

      I will have our UK agent buy the book and send it to you by airmail.


      Due to a personal circumstance combined with an uncertain response (or
      lack thereof), the DiscWorld Live Action Role-Playing Game has been
      cancelled. We are working at replacing it with other, alternate
      Discworld programming. Sorry for any inconvenience.

      Contact by e-mail at gateway@... or on the web at:

      4) THE DISCWORLD EVENT 2000 - Wetherden, Suffolk - 28th-30th July

      It's getting close to zero hour now and tickets are still being ordered.

      There's going to come a point soon when it becomes too late and/or too
      busy for us to send out any more, so *please* order your tickets now if
      you'd like to attend.

      There's an online order form at:


      If you prefer the one-to-one touch, please feel free to give us a bell
      on +44 (0)1359 244462. That's also the fax number.

      Brief details of the event appear on our site, but if you have any
      specific questions, please feel free to mail me direct.

      See you soon,

      Elton Murphy (elton@...)
      Clarecraft's Discworld Web Site

      5) AUDITIONS

      For those few actors reading this newsletter who happen to live in
      Adelaide (Australia), Unseen Theatre Company is holding auditions for
      its production of Guards! Guards! to be held at the Bakehouse Theatre,
      Adelaide from 6th November.

      Information Night is at the Tower Arts Centre on 13th August and
      Auditions on 20th August, both at 7.30pm.

      For more details, email Pamela Munt <pamela@...>



      Readers of Science of the Discworld will recall the space elevator
      concept. Apparently NASA are taking it reasonably seriously (after much
      prompting from Pratchett et.al., I'm sure :P) and have this to say
      amongst their Flight Projects Directorate documents.

      "The Space Elevator concept is a structure extending from the surface of
      the Earth to geo-stationary Earth orbit (GEO). Its center of mass is at
      GEO such that the entire structure orbits the Earth in sync with the
      Earth?s rotation maintaining a stationary position over its base
      attachment at the equator. It is envisioned that such a structure would
      be used as a mass transportation system in the latter part of the 21st
      century for transporting people, payloads, gasses and power between
      Earth and space."

      Some very proto technical details can be found at


      For the costume contest at the St. Louis Gateway 2000 Sci-Fi Convention,
      I dressed up as Magrat Garlick with a shimmering green dress, a black
      cape with red lining and a mass of tortured hair which had flowers
      embeded in it. After I got there, I found that there was a Granny and
      Nanny duo entered. We met for the first time in the Masquerade green
      room and lamented that we had not met before.

      John Levene (from Doctor Who) was the MC. While waiting to go onstage,
      we found out that Terry Pratchett himself was one of the judges!!

      The two senior witches had a very cute presentation that involved the
      Standing Stone. They had made a Standing Stone prop which was placed on
      stage, then Nanny Ogg came on singing the Hedgehog Song. She called,
      "Esme? Esme?" and when it was clear that Esme hadn't arrived yet, Nanny
      realized that she had to go "to the bathroom" and began hopping up and
      down on one leg. She finally ran off just when Esme showed up. Nanny
      returned with her skirt stuck in her drawers, revealing her stockings
      which were white with big red stripes.

      My Magrat presentation was just movement. I came on stage pretending to
      make sure that no-one was around, and then pretended to pick flowers and
      frolickawkwardly (of course the awkwardness was on purpose!). As I was
      frolicking I suddenly noticed the audience and beat an embarrassed

      This being my first costume contest, the whole thing was a great
      learning experience, and to my shock, I won Best of the Novice Division!
      While accepting the award I gave an eyebrow-raise of acknowledgement to
      Pterry, my reason for being there.

      Meeting everyone that was involved with the masquerade was really a
      treat, everyone was very friendly and accepting of a new person.

      Very shortly I will have pictures from the con on my website:

      Catherine Linden <CatTigerLi@...>
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