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WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2006 -- PART 3 OF 4 (continued)

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  • JSCHAUM111@aol.com
    WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2006 -- PART 3 OF 4 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 6) SURPRISE BURA MEET The Cap n emailed me
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
      WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2006 -- PART 3 OF 4 (continued)


      The Cap'n emailed me earlier in the week asking if I had time to
      catch up with him and Lady G so we planned on Saturday morning,
      somewhere halfway between Sacramento and Oakland. Friday night I
      called to confirm the meeting place and time and the Cap'n said that
      the Lady couldn't make it, but that he was bringing a friend with
      him; "he reads Pratchett" was the only description I got.

      Feeling a bit trepidatious, I headed to the appointed meeting place
      at the appointed time (er almost; I have a habit of being 15 minutes
      late to everything) and who do I see when I walk into the cafe?
      Paul! Hee hee, that was awesome! We chattered over breakfast and
      then walked out to the marina to fly my new kites. The butterfly and
      the frog were doing fine, but as the butterfly was not a QWB, it did
      little to help my biplane get off the ground. The day was gorgeous,
      sunny and lightly breezy with nary a cloud in sight.

      We parted ways after lunch; and sometime this week they're going to
      go terrorize Apple HQ.

      Raspberries to all of you who knew the Libwolf had escaped XXXX and
      decided to hide out in Northern California for three weeks!!!

      -- The Snow Queen, firehose monitor and Blue Ox


      To the Editor:


      To start off with (and I think I mentioned this before) -- I kinda
      did a double take and immediately looked for a co-author when
      I opened the book and found. . . a prologue. Then I read it,
      relaxed a little. . . only to find ANOTHER prologue!

      Okay. I figure Pterry's messing with our heads a little -- keeping
      us on our toes so to speak. I settle myself down again and prepare
      to start reading, I turn the page. . . and there on page 13 of my paperback.
      . .

      GASP, SPLUTTER, CHOKE. . . Pterry has succeeded in achieving the
      TRIPLE WHAMMY folks! Chapter One The Angel (with a brief outline
      of the chapter). Never before have I seen this, and this is the twenty ninth
      of the thirty Discworld stories. I have read them all -- except the
      one (Thud! has only just come out here & it's not in paperback yet) --
      at least twice. I cannot tell a lie, I went back to the cover again to look
      for a co-author or some such to explain this new twist. Not one of the
      other Discworld books has ever had chapters. Pterry was known for this
      little writing quirk. Maybe he's just making sure those of us who think
      we know what's happening are kept in suspense? I think he must be
      an exceptionally interesting man to talk to, cowboy hat aside.

      Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Moist von
      Lipwig; con-artist turned postmaster and I highly recommend it (and
      any other Discworld story of course) as a fantastic read when you
      really want to take your mind off whatever shit is going on around you.
      It gets a solid three-blast rating on my asthma inhaler scale!

      And now I'm reading "Science of the Discworld"... I was surprised at
      how I really battled to find this book in the shops.

      -- angel_and_damien@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 4 of 4
      If you did not get all 4 parts, write: jschaum111@...

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