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    NOTE: For some obscure cybernetic reason, my computer this morning shows that while Parts 2,3, and 4 were mailed, Part 1 was not. Here is Part 1 again. If you
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2005
      NOTE: For some obscure cybernetic reason, my computer
      this morning shows that while Parts 2,3, and 4 were mailed,
      Part 1 was not. Here is Part 1 again. If you already got it,
      accept my apologies. -- Joe Schaumburger
      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      SEPTEMBER 2005 (Volume 8, Issue 9)
      Part 1 of 4 Sections
      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the
      worldwide Klatchian Foreign Legion and its affiliates,
      including the North American Discworld Society and other
      continental groups. Are you a member? Yes, if you sent in
      your name, country and e-mail address. Are there any dues?
      No. Just ask to be put on the mailing list.
      Editor in Chief: Joseph Schaumburger
      Managing Editor: Annie Mac
      News Editor: Anna M. Conina
      Convention News Editor: Anna M.Conina
      Creative Co-Conspirator: Valeria Lynne
      Staff Writers: Asti Osborn, Paul Blake,
      Book Reviews: Drusilla D'Afanguin
      Puzzle Editor: volunteer needed
      DW Horoscope: Anaemia Asterisk
      Emergency Staff: Jason Parlevliet,
      Nathan Clissold, Dylan Williams
      Art Director: Rhett Pennell
      World Membership Director: Steven D'Aprano
      Webmaster: Paul Wilkins, disk@...
      Copyright 2005 by Klatchian Foreign Legion

      ====Part 1

      ====PART 2

      ====PART 3

      ====Part 4
      9) AND ANOTHER CON IN 2007!

      ====Part 1

      by Rentawitch

      I am a lucky girl -- I got to spend 3 weekends very close
      together at events where Terry Pratchett was either guest
      of honour or at least a participant.

      The three weekends in question were the Clarecraft
      Discworld Event 2005 at Woolpit in Suffolk 29-31st July 2005,
      Interaction in Glasgow the 63rd World Science Fiction
      Convention, 4-8 August 2005 and Wadfest at Church
      Laneham in Nottinghamshire, 2-4 September 2005.

      Clarecraft is a camping event and the weather was mostly
      good. Terry did a talk where he spoke about upcoming books
      including Thud and the next Tiffany Aching book, Wintersmith
      and revealed that the next 'adult' Discworld book might very
      well investigate the phenomenon of football and its fandom.
      It is rumoured the working title is 'Unseen Academicals'.

      Some of you might be aware of a small storm in a teacup
      surrounding a letter by Terry to the Sunday Times querying
      how Miss Joanna K Rowling could say she did 'not know she
      was writing fantasy' when she wrote the Harry Potter stories.

      A generally good time was had by all and it was sad to hear
      within a couple of days that Clarecraft is closing down. The
      end of an era. If you have any Clarecraft pieces, look after them!!

      Having got home on Sunday, worked (exhausted) through
      Monday and Tuesday, it was off to Penrith on Tuesday night
      on the train to meet good friends with whom I traveled up to
      Interaction in Glasgow on Wednesday morning.

      There were early sightings of the lesser spotted Pratchett
      and an eager perusal of the programme revealed Terry's
      participation in no fewer than 9, count them 9 programme items.

      These were in chronological order:

      Terry reading on the Floor ( for the younger participants)

      Reading his 'favourite' book

      Translation - Controlling the text - How do we select a
      text for translation? What are the technical issues when
      translating SF? What is lost? Are some texts inappropriate
      for translation? Does translation intensify or dilute artifacts
      of the originating culture?

      The cult of personality - Panel with TP, Anne McCaffrey
      and Terry Brooks - So what do you do when your autograph
      line goes twice round the block?

      I attended this one. Anne McCaffrey invited us to telephone
      and go to tea if we were in Ireland, Terry Brooks threatened
      to shoot any fans who went near his house (we think he was
      joking) - and Terry revealed that he has his 'village mafia'
      trained to misdirect-direct all fans.

      Reading - Terry Pratchett. Terry read from Thud and his
      PA Rob who had traveled up on a plane specially was just
      too late to give him time to read from Wintersmith. We had
      coffee with Rob after the session though with his lovely
      partner and son, so for us at least, his journey was not

      It's Ok, it's lurve - Sex in Children's and Young Adult books -
      Is it OK? How to justify it? When and why we cringe. A panel
      with Ben Jeapes, Oisin McGann, Janet McNaughton, Sharyn
      November and Terry. - I could not get to this one!

      Lost and Found - Children's books we miss - A chance to
      rediscover all those life-shaping children's books that you
      and everyone else, publishers included, had forgotten up until
      now. Panel with Greer Gilman, Janet McNaughton, Terry Pratchett
      and Francis Spufford. - This was fun but quickly became a 'do you
      remember' fest with appropriate groans and cheers of approbation.
      - I found out there were two sequels to Heidi, which I have since
      tracked down and read!!

      Subverted Elves, Hard Assed Fairies with Attitude and Dragons
      Taking Tea - Are sweet princesses, pretty little faeries and vicious
      dragons not relevant to modern society or did we just get bored of them?

      What do the new fantasists have to offer? Is there any resonance
      with fantasy before the 18th and 19th century sanitised Faerie? -
      Panel with P C Hodgell, Juliet E McKenna, Jo Walton and
      Terry Pratchett. Who could resist a programme item so titled?
      But it disappointed - there was no real spark between the panelists.
      All I can recall is that it was generally agreed that sweet little
      Victorian flower fairies are not representative of fairy stories,
      cue the Nac Mac Feegle. I am ashamed to admit I left this item
      early (and went to lunch!)

      When I were a Lad, we used to dream of 64 K.
      Techno-nostalgia is increasingly popular. In these days
      of PDAs, and gigahertz processors, why do so many of us
      have fond memories of the Good Old Days? - Panel with Simon Bisson,
      Simon Bradshaw, John Dowd, Terry Pratchett and Francis Spufford.
      This was another item that clashed with something else. I would
      have liked to attend but Worldcon is like that. You have to make
      radical decisions.

      Finally, but not least Terry did a signing, where his queue was
      as long or longer than anyone's.

      You could also see him throughout the weekend around the halls
      and in the bar. He stopped to share the news about Clarecraft
      with me one evening in the bar and the people I was with were
      sooo impressed that he stopped to talk. I explained how much
      time Terry always has to share with fans and after all, he also
      attends Worldcon for himself.

      He was seen to be extremely amused when a certain Adrian
      Emery did a spoof of the Monty Python sketch about writing a
      book, changing it to refer to Terry writing Thud.

      'And the first word is - yes it is The. This is the eighth book which
      starts with 'The.' Four others have started with 'A' - all this delivered
      as he sat sat at a desk in the HAT and famous beard, much to
      the delight of the huge audience.

      And on the last evening, at the Dead Dog party, we were speculating
      that Terry must have long since gone home - when he suddenly was
      spotted with a red bhindi mark on his forehead, drink in hand, still
      wandering around talking to people.

      Other famous authors at Worldcon this year included Scott
      Edelman, Simon R Green, Robert Silverberg, Terry Brooks,
      Anne McCaffrey, Robin Hobbs, Ellen Kushner, Christopher
      Priest, Joe Haldeman, - this is nowhere near the complete
      list but just gives a flavor of the variety one might expect at
      a Worldcon. With or without Terry, it was enormous fun. But
      apparently, he nearly always attends and any such gathering
      can only be enhanced by him being there.

      Lastly, he spotted me in long flowing gown, hair and cloak
      getting some money from a cash machine prior to another
      foray into the dealers room to spend even more money on books!!

      'It's not often you see a fantasy princess using an ATM machine',
      Terry commented. 'You couldn't have them in Ankh-Morpork though....
      Unless the trolls were running them'. He started stroking his beard
      and his voice trailed away and he wandered off, apparently deep in
      thought! Look out for the first ATM in Treacle Mine Road!!

      And then!! Less than a month later at Wadfest, Terry was there again!
      Playing live Thud with a pudding basin tied onto the top of the famous
      hat, signifying him as a troll. And watching the luggage wars and
      taking part in the definitive bacon sandwich test. Should it be HP or
      Daddies sauce?

      There are pictures of Wadfest here at:
      and Clarecraft here at:

      All in all with these three weekends (and in spite of all the ATM visits),
      I do believe I can JUST last until the Thud signing at the Forbidden
      Planet in London in October, Witchfest International in Croydon in
      November and Hogswatch in Wincanton in December.

      Stalking the man, what DO you mean? Stalking the poor man - never!!


      Your humble Editor asked Terry what he's working on
      these days, and Terry replied:

      After Wintersmith, well in progress, the proposed titles are Unseen
      Academicals (the inevitable DW soccer book) and Scouting for Trolls,
      still being considered...

      Colin Smythe, his agent added, "Terry is presently on tour in the
      States so it's great to learn that while he's there THUD has reached
      No.4 on the New York Times Bestseller list for the week ending
      17 September (though this fact won't be published till their issue of
      2 October, for some reason). It's the first time that any of his novels
      have been in their top 15 - those that the Times actually list in each

      Colin also reports that Terry will be signing in
      the UK and Ireland very shortly on:

      Thursday 13th October
      11.30am-2.30pm Birmingham: Waterstones, High St
      5.00pm Chesterfield: Peak Bookshop

      Friday 14th October
      12.00-3.30pm Liverpool: WHSmith
      6.00pm Manchester: Waterstones Deansgate

      Saturday 15th October
      Cheltenham Festival
      4-5pm In Conversation with Nicolette Jones,
      at the Everyman Theatre

      Monday 17th October
      5.00pm-- Eastbourne: Bookstack, The Arndale Centre,
      Eastbourne, East Sussex

      Tuesday 18th October
      4.30pm Dublin: Eason's O'Connell St

      Wednesday 19th October
      lunchtime, probably 12.30pm Belfast: Eason's Donnegall Place

      Thursday 20th October
      4.00pm to about 6.30pm Salisbury: Ottakar's

      Saturday 22nd October
      1.00pm London: Forbidden Planet

      If you did not get all 4 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 1, says my computer -- continued on Part 2 of 4

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