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June 2000

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  • Nathan Clissold
    Yes this is the official Wossname. Jase and Joe are otherwise occupied so it s up to me, enjoy.
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      Yes this is the official Wossname. Jase and Joe are otherwise
      so it's up to me, enjoy.


      Newsletter of the North American Discworld Society

      June 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 6)

      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the
      Klatchian Foreign Legion and also its affiliates,
      including the North American Discworld Society
      and other continental groups.

      Are you a member? Yes, if you sent in your e-mail address.

      Are there any dues? No. Dues are only required if you want to join
      the Guild of Fans and Disciples and receive the discounts on books
      and other items available through their bulk purchases.



      1) Sending In Material
      2) Jack and the Beanstalk
      3) How to be a Pratchett fan and
      help Orang-utans at the same time
      4) Book Review - "Hollywood Chickens"
      5) Terry Pratchett: Guilty of Literature
      6) Fifth Elephant on DVD?
      7) CMOT Briggs to read Fifth Elephant

      8) [Letters] Fifth Elephant on the cheap
      9) [Meetings] Richmond, London
      10) [Meetings] Pre-CCDE Ipswich Meet (27 July)
      11) [Meetings] Buxton 'Flitch of Bacon' Meet

      12) Klatchian Foreign Legion Resources


      Editor in Chief : Jason Parlevliet
      Managing Editor : Nathan Clissold
      Copy Chief : Dylan Williams
      Senior Staff Writers : Andy Stout, Steven D'Aprano
      Art Director : Rhett Pennell
      World Membership Director : Becky Swaney
      Copyright 2000 by North American Discworld Society


      Despite any previous announcements, please send all
      correspondence and other material for WOSSNAME to:

      Jason Parlevliet, editor-in-chief - jase@...
      with a copy to:
      Joe Schaumburger - JSCHAUM111@....

      This will probably change once we work out what we're doing.


      2) Jack and the Beanstalk

      Readers of science fiction will have noticed that over the last few
      years there have been a plethora of novels dealing with Mars. Red
      Mars, Green Mars, Purple with Pink Polka Dot Mars. Larry Niven,
      of such classics as Ringworld and The Mote in Gods Eye,
      has joined the movement with his new novel "Rainbow Mars".
      For fans of Niven, Rainbow Mars is set in the time-travel fantasy
      universe of Svetz, and pays homage to the Mars of the pulp fiction
      days, of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells, and Flash
      Gordon. But I don't want to discuss Niven's novel. What I want to
      discuss is Niven's afterward.
      Niven, who is recognised as a grand old master of hard SF and winner
      of more Hugo and Nebula awards than Samuel Vimes has had hangovers,

      "I would buy anything by Terry Pratchett."

      In 1990, Niven went to a book signing to meet Pratchett. Pratchett's
      plane was delayed by six hours, and he ended up going back to Niven's
      home to look at his art collection. This sounds like the beginning of
      a bad joke, but in fact they ended up talking about a collaboration,
      and tossing ideas backwards and forwards at each other. Niven
      suggested a Beanstalk - a fanciful name for a super-high-tech cable
      running from the surface of the earth into orbit and held in place by
      centrifugal forces - which was actually a living, growing plant.
      Together they carved out an outline for a novel.
      But there are problems. Niven and Pratchett live eight time zones
      apart. Pratchett admitted to a tendency to blitz writing, to start
      writing and never stop. Unless Niven could get the jump on him, he
      would end up being handed a finished novel. But the idea was good,
      and a collaboration is, if not planned, at least a remote
      But in the meantime, Niven has used the living Beanstalk idea in
      "Rainbow Mars". Pratchett has expressed the thought that he is ready
      to write a Jack and the Beanstalk story, but set on the Discworld
      rather than Mars. It will probably include Yggdrasil (the World Tree)
      and lots of Vikings.

      STEVEN D'APRANO (Australia)


      As I'm sure you all know, there are no end of Web sites relating to
      the Discworld books, Terry Pratchett's other works and Pratchett
      fandom out there. Some are very well known, like the L-Space Web and
      the site of the Guild of Fans and Disciples, but there are lots of
      smaller, more specialised sites out there too, on subjects like
      Vimes' Dis-organiser and cross-stitch designs based on
      Discworld characters.

      How do you find them? And how do you know if they're worth viewing?

      Well, you could go to a Web index like Yahoo! which has lots of
      different categories on a huge range of different topics. People
      submit their sites to be added to the index, but they have to be
      approved by the Yahoo! administrators, which can take quite a long
      time. Another Web index which has started recently is well worth a
      look. It's called "Zeal" and can be found at: http://www.zeal.com

      The big difference is that not only do the users submit Web sites to
      be listed, but they also approve them and update the information.
      They can review the Web sites, either with simple numerical ratings
      or by entering some text giving their opinions. And what's more,
      every time someone does one of these things, Zeal makes a donation
      to a charity (like the Orang-utan Foundation International) that the particular
      user has designated. A quick description of how this works, along
      with a list of the charities with the most donations so far (so you
      can see what's possible), can be found at:

      Now I personally think that Zeal is a great resource, and it's going
      to get better as more people get involved with adding to the index
      maintaining it and reviewing the entries, raising money along the way
      for their favourite charities. Maybe you're already using Zeal, but
      if you're not, why not pop over to see what you've been missing? If
      you register with Zeal now, you can get $1 donated to the Orang-utan
      Foundation International too! Just visit:
      http://www.zeal.com/users/register.jhtml and when it asks if you were
      referred to Zeal by a friend, simply enter the e-mail address:
      wossname@... And don't forget to designate the Orang-utan
      Foundation International as your favourite charity by going to:
      http://www.zeal.com/charity/profile.jhtml?chid=353422 and clicking on
      "set this charity as my favourite".

      ANDREW C. MILLARD (California)

      4) BOOK REVIEW - "Hollywood Chickens" by Terry Pratchett
      from "Knights of Madness", edited by Peter Haining

      The third in the series of collections of science fiction and fantasy
      humorous short stories (the others are "The Wizards of Odd" and "The
      Flying Sorcerers") includes another story by Terry Pratchett.
      "Hollywood Chickens" tells the tale of a group of chickens stuck at
      the roadside of one of the USA's busiest freeway intersections. This
      is a very short story - less than 8 pages - and it isn't giving very
      much away to say it involves the question "Why did the chicken cross
      the road?". This is a very light work, not one of Pratchett's best.
      Itis amusing enough in its own way, but nothing spectacular. But what
      did you expect for 8 pages? Interestingly enough, in an author's
      afterward, Pratchett claims that the story is based on a *real* group
      of chickens living by a freeway. But of extra interest is the
      editor's introduction. He writes:

      "Terry Pratchett (1948-) was born in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire,
      where his father was a garage mechanic and the family lived in a
      cottage with no electricity and one cold tap. 'We were poor,' he has
      said, 'but, my god, we were miserable.'"

      He also reveals that Pratchett likes to compare himself to Jerome K.
      Jerome, and there is even a hint of a suggestion of an intimation
      that Jerome's habit of wearing stylish black clothing with a splendid hat
      at a rakish angle was somehow borrowed from Pratchett - a nifty
      trick, given that Jerome died 21 years before Pratchett was born.
      Anyone who
      hasn't read Jerome's "Three Men in a Boat", or the recent
      Hugo-winning SF homage to Jerome, Conny Willis' "Not to
      Mention the Dog", have missed a fantastic treat. Run, don't
      walk, to your nearest library or bookseller, and grab
      both these books.)

      STEVEN D'APRANO (Australia)

      5) TERRY PRATCHETT: Guilty of Literature
      This volume of essays about Terry's work is now available, published
      by the Science Fiction Foundation, price £10, plus £1 postage
      and packing. Full details can be found at


      There are reviews of The Fifth Elephant and the American released
      Wyrd Sisters DVD issued by Acorn to be found at these sites, and at


      A bit of 'fan' news for you...

      I gather Nigel Planer's diary commitments have meant he was
      unavailable to read the next Discworld novel for Isis
      Publishing and so the company have asked me if I'd do it. It's going
      to be a hard act to follow but I'm really looking
      forward to it. I'm all too aware, though, that Nigel has a
      well-earned loyal following out there but I hope they'll
      still enjoy my rendition of 'The Fifth Elephant' (scheduled for
      recording in September).

      STEPHEN (C.M.O.T.) BRIGGS (England)

      All meetings come from alt.fan.pratchett.announce mailing
      list or are sent to Wossname unless otherwise specified.

      Jeremy <OrochiCibr@...> wrote in to tell us :

      Just because some fans might want to know, the sci-fi book club
      (www.sfbc.com) has the Fifth Elephant in hardback (and mighty
      cheap) already.


      At last I know what I'm doing - I think. There will be a meet in and
      around Richmond, London on Saturday 8th July. The plan is to meet
      for pizza at around 1pm in Mortlake, and then work back to Richmond,
      visiting as many chocolate selling establishments as possible along
      the way. We'll probably finish with coffee at Starbucks. It will
      involve quite a bit of walking between shops - we'll need it to work
      off some of the calories. :-) If people want to turn up at a later
      point my mobile number is available. Just ask.

      Transport: I have no idea about roads, having only been there three
      times. Trains to Mortlake can be found at Waterloo, or from the
      south, I think. Richmond is on the District line, zone 4.
      Crash space: probably none. Unless other people want to volunteer.
      Contact: email me at s.m.mckever@... before 1st July, or
      susan_mckever@... afterwards. Ask for my mobile number if
      you want it. Or just turn up. Further details may appear at
      a later date.

      SUSAN M


      Time: Thursday 27th July 2000, about 7:30pm
      Place: Barry and Sarah's house, Ipswich.
      Reason: You need a reason for a party?
      OK, to celebrate Sarah getting a new job in paediatrics at Ipswich
      hospital and the two of us moving in together and because there's
      always a meet in Ipswich the night before CCDE, so it's a good way to
      combine them both.
      What to do: Just let me know if you're planning to come along, we
      have plenty of space for people to stay the night before
      leaving for Wetherden the next day. We have a few spare beds, camp
      beds etc. Let me know what you need.
      What to bring: Yourself, any food or drink you can manage (though
      some will be provided) and any bedding you need.
      How to get here: By train, I can meet people at the station, there is
      a regular service from London and Peterborough to
      Ipswich. By car, just a short distance from the A14, maps will be

      See you in July,



      Given that there is a larger than usual book fair in Buxton over the
      weekend of July 8/July 9
      I propose an afpmeet to visit the Book fair in the morning of the
      Saturday, a light lunch, possibly at the hostelry found at the last
      Buxton meet, followed by a trip underground for those keen into the
      Poole Caverns where mites grow up and tites come down. (Note there
      are admission fees for both book fair and caverns)

      Details of Buxton can be found at

      For those willing to travel with YHH from and to South Yorkshire the
      usual crash space will be available at chez DMark. So that's Saturday
      July 8 (note the Saturday : most other book fairs are on Sundays)
      details to be finalised but I expect starting around 10:30-10:45 at
      the book fair. Please email if you are contemplating coming and I
      will keep you informed of arrangements




      Each month (well, usually), as well as WOSSNAME going out by e-mail,
      the plain text of the newsletter is embellished with fantastic
      graphics and put up on the Society Web site,


      As well as the full text of WOSSNAME going out by e-mail, there is
      also sent out a much shorter e-mail announcing that the new version
      of WOSSNAME is available on the Web. So, if you'd prefer to receive
      this shorter notification, rather than the whole text of WOSSNAME, just
      let us know!

      The announcement list will also be used by other groups in the
      Klatchian Foreign Legion, such as by the Bugarup University Students'
      Guild for announcing BUNS (see above), so you may want to join that
      list anyway, even if you still want to receive the whole text of
      WOSSNAME by e-mail. To subscribe to the announcement list, just go to


      or send an empty e-mail to


      Also on the subject of the Legion, the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      Webring has recently started. A Webring, in case you don't know, is
      group of Web sites that share a common interest or theme, and have
      links to one another such that by following the link, you travel all
      the way "around the ring", visiting each site in turn. In the case
      the Legion's Webring, the sites are those of groups like the North
      American Discworld Society, the Guild of Fans and Disciples and the
      Bugarup University Students' Guild, as well as any other Web site
      an emphasis on regional Pratchett fandom, at anything from the local
      level up to the continental level. To visit the Webring, or to add
      your site to it, just visit


      This months issue of WOSSNAME bought to you by :

      ***Wallace's Pictsie Rangers***
      Appearing Friday and Saturday nights at the Mended Drum all this
      month. Playing all your pictsie favourites, like "Ohulan Cutash
      Raceday", "I Can Drink 500 Pints", "With Your Shield or On It, Son"
      and "Up Yer Kilt, Ya Fat Bugger". Lucky door prizes and ladies first
      drink free.

      Plus this week only, McDonagh, on her "Material Lass" tour.
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