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WOSSNAME -- MAY 2005 -- PART 1 OF 4

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    WOSSNAME Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion MAY 2005 (Volume 8, Issue 5) Part 1 of 4 Sections
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      Newsletter of the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      MAY 2005 (Volume 8, Issue 5)
      Part 1 of 4 Sections
      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the
      worldwide Klatchian Foreign Legion and its affiliates,
      including the North American Discworld Society and other
      continental groups. Are you a member? Yes, if you sent in
      your name, country and e-mail address. Are there any dues?
      No. Just ask to be put on the mailing list.
      Editor in Chief: Joseph Schaumburger
      Managing Editor: Annie Mac
      News Editor: Anna M. Conina
      Convention News Editor: Anna M.Conina
      Creative Co-Conspirator: Valeria Lynne
      Staff Writers: Asti Osborn, Paul Blake
      Book Reviews: Drusilla D'Afanguin
      Puzzle Editor: volunteer needed
      DW Horoscope: Anaemia Asterisk
      Emergency Staff: Jason Parlevliet,
      Nathan Clissold, Dylan Williams
      Art Director: Rhett Pennell
      World Membership Director: Steven D'Aprano
      Webmaster: Paul Wilkins, disk@...
      Copyright 2005 by Klatchian Foreign Legion

      ====Part 1
      1) EDITORIAL

      ====Part 2
      3) DW THEATER NEWS (continued)

      ====Part 3

      ====Part 4


      ====Part 1

      1) EDITORIAL

      Hi Fellow Cosmological Possums,

      Well, here it is almost summertime and not much is happening.
      There's the usual crop of half a dozen DW plays (mostly in the
      UK), a DW opera opening in California (covered last month), and
      the daily Florida electrical storms making publication itself another
      exciting adventure.

      We have an announcement of a very small Meet in Brisbane, Australia,
      attended by eight people in June, and that's about it.

      On the plus side, our DW correspondent, Lady Anaemia Asterisk
      has some hot new horoscope readings based on the drift of stars
      past Great A'Tuin, a book review of the Science of Discworld III,
      a new puzzle and few stray letters.

      In short, a quiet, peaceful time to meditate, smell the flowers and
      see if you can find anything decent on the TV (all your favorite
      shows had their final episodes for the season, and there's not much
      on except reruns until the Fall.) ((So far, the Fall looks dreadful.))

      At long last, we are reviving our popular puzzle series, which
      we'd stopped because we'd covered all the books, and none of the
      alternatives seemed suitable. However, the presses must roll,
      so we have started the puzzles up again. This month's book is
      "Once More -- with footnotes" and a completion of the puzzle will
      reveal where the book was released. In the next few months, we will
      continue the puzzles with "The Science of Discworld I, II, and III,
      "Thud" and "Nanny Ogg's Cookbook."

      This should take us up to October, 2005, and where we
      go from there will depend on Terry's output. Suggestions,
      as always, are enthusiastically welcomed.

      Warmest regards,
      Joe Schaumburger, editor



      And now, the important news: we've finally confirmed a date for the
      Discworld costume party! It will be held on the 25th of next month
      (June) at the Oggery, hosted by Hania Ogg and Vlad von Uberwald. I'm
      going as Cheery Littlebottom, Steve is almost certainly going to be
      Ponder Stibbons, and we also have volunteers for Angua, Magrat,
      Sybil, Carrot, Dorfl and a good few others, with a possibility of a
      Nobbs, an Agnes and maybe even Granny herself (well, a good
      Granny-in-drag, heheh). It looks set to be large fun, probably worth
      holding the presses for (as Steve and I will be sure to write and
      send our reports first thing the following morning.)

      -- Annie Mac

      ***** A SPECIAL ADVANCE REPORT *****

      THE MURKY CRYSTAL BALL - Australian Discworld Convention 2007

      With Australia's first Discworld Convention behind us it is pleasant to
      reminisce about the memories that are seared across our brains.

      The most astounding fact, and one that barely needs repeating, given
      how often it has been mentioned on Australian and International news
      broadcasts, is that fully four-fifths of the Australian population attended.

      As you would expect with an event of such proportion, Prime Minister
      John Howard opened the proceeding. With the usual warmth and emotion
      that he reserves for people almost as short as himself, Howard praised
      both the talent and productivity of Terry Pratchett, who has just published
      his 75th Discworld novel. The PM also allowed a few words of praise for
      the Convention organisers, commenting on how it will no doubt bring
      wealth and prosperity to all Australians.

      After the formal proceedings, the Convention got into full swing.
      So much happened I would not know where to start were it not
      for the significant event at the book signing. After months of
      investigation, the event organisers were able to track down the last
      remaining Discworld novel that had not yet been signed by Terry.

      I was not in what you would call a prime location, and I could not
      hear what little Billy was saying, but it sounded something like,
      Aye don wan my book woowind. I am not sure that was what he
      was saying but you only needed one look at this child's flushed
      face and the tears of joy streaming down his cheeks, while
      everybody's favourite author turned yet another pile of pulped
      rainforest into a valuable collectors item, to know that this kid was
      experiencing the greatest joy of his life. It was truly a moving occasion.

      No doubt you all have your own special memories of this Convention,
      but that is the one that will always stand out in my mind.

      After the Convention ended, the Organisers called for all non-attendees
      to be put to death. This was met with indifference by most Pratchett
      fans, until it was pointed out that virtually all were politicians and their
      families. After the Organisers granted a pardon to all non-politician
      non-attendees, all of who were overseas working in various pubs and
      clubs, the slaughter was on. However, the mob was at a loss about
      what to do with John Howard. He attended, but that may be because
      he had a free ticket. He has been put on a to-be-watched list.

      So, in conclusion, the 2007 Australian Discworld Convention had an
      enormously positive influence on our great country and on my faith
      in humanity.

      -- Paul Blake


      MASKERADE by Terry Pratchett (adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs)

      There is a phantom in the opera of Ankh Morpork who happens to write
      musicals about cats - but can it be the same villain who is bumping
      off the staff?

      Maskerade is the 23rd novel in the weird and wacky Discworld series
      from the popular and prolific writer Terry Pratchett. It's a wickedly
      funny spoof, lampooning Gaston Leroux's original Phantom of the Opera,
      Shakespeare's witches and heavily parodies Andrew Lloyd Webber's
      musical. A super show for all the family.

      Tues 12 - Sat 16 July 2005
      The People's Theatre, Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne
      Box Office: 0191 2655020
      Web: www.peoples-theatre.co.uk


      Wyrd Sisters will be performed in a small theatre in Wageningen, The

      Dates: June 3rd and 10th at 20:30 hrs.
      Venue: Theatre 't Hemeltje; Burgtstraat 1, Wageningen
      Reservations: By phone 0317-482600
      Questions: joyce_mureau@...
      Price: 6 Euros; 3 Euros for students

      The play will be staged by the Dutch drama group 'BAM', an
      enthusiastic group of amateur players. When the same group
      successfully staged 'Mort' (in 2002), all seats were occupied, so
      make your reservation quickly!
      DW Theater News continued on Part 2

      If you did not get all 4 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 1, says my computer -- continued on Part 2 of 4

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