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WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2005 -- PART 3 OF 5 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2005 -- PART 3 OF 5 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 6) FAN FILM PROJECT Cap n Hector reports there is
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2005 -- PART 3 OF 5 (continued)


      Cap'n Hector reports there is a fan-produced, nano-budget,
      feature length film of Lords and Ladies. See the website at:

      They claim it will be available on DVD in May 2005.


      Date: 24th February 2005
      Venue: downtown Melbourne and Automatic Cafe at Crown
      Attending: Jerm, the Annie Formerly Known as Dru, SteVen, Libwolf, Matt,
      Mad Meg Mogg, and lots of mosquitos

      Jerm had phoned (and emailed the denizens of BU) to say he'd be spending
      a week in the Dreaming City of Melnibourne and would be happy to attend
      several Meets. I immediately said, "Noooo! I'm never never never
      organising another MelMeet again! After all the work I put in - however
      willingly and happily - on Snowfest, I deserve at least a year off
      duty!" Needless to say, the rush of other volunteer organisers was less
      than diluvian. So eventually I posted a notice that Jerm was available
      for lunch in the City and dinner at Automatic on the 24th, and went and
      hid in a corner...

      Came the 24th, and suddenly "diluvian" was the right word for the flurry
      of phone calls and text messages that arrived in my phone. So SteVen and
      I met Jerm for a pleasant Auriental lunch at a sushi bar, during which
      we caught up on the many things that had occurred since we'd last seen
      each other more than a year previously, and then met later with the rest
      for what turned out to be a very pleasant meal on the riverside verandah
      of Automatic Cafe. We discussed many things including Pterry as
      philosopher, Granny as superhero, Hania Ogg as being the *real* Young
      Gytha, and rather a lot about mosquitos (especially "why do they always
      head straight for European blood?"). As evening fell (and the mozzies
      descended), the famous Crown gas flares began; these are vast pillars
      topped by, yes, gas flares that light up in sequence for a few minutes,
      every hour on the hour at night. Apart from being spectacular to watch -
      think of a pyromaniac's version of festive fireworks - they're also
      bloody hot! We could feel our faces peeling every time the nearby ones
      went off. By the time the third round of flares started, we realised
      that we'd been there for rather a long time, and started making our way
      to various homes, pausing briefly to thank the manager and staff for
      fawning over us so fawningly - all because of a teensy rivet that was
      hiding in my pasta. Nice clean rivet, too. Oh well, complimentary
      glasses of wine are never to be sneezed at.

      PumpkinMeet will continue, but not until this current WOSSNAME
      is already published :-)

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin

      8) PUZZLE

      One of the big puzzles this month is where is the puzzle?
      I had a chap named Jared Hays lined up as puzzle editor
      before I had my heart attack on Christmas Day, but in the
      ensuing confusion with many hands on the WOSSNAME
      throttle, his name and address seems to have vanished.
      Jared, where are you?

      In the meantime, I suggest some simple puzzle activities
      like: how many words can you make out of


      No two letter words, needless to say. This is the big time.
      Come home, Jared. Please.



      To the Editor:

      I can't stand Rincewind, and any book where he is the
      major character is spoilt for me. So I've only read Interesting
      Times a couple of times, and ditto for the Last Continent, though I
      will read the bits of that one with the other wizards in.

      Likewise I don't really like The Colour of Magic or the second one
      (the name has gone right out of my head right now!). I don't think
      Terry really hit his stride until Unequal Rites.

      I agree that the best are the City Watch series and the Witches. But
      most of all anything with Vetnari in (sigh ......)

      Just my twopennyworth ....

      -- Alison


      To the Editor:

      Strangely, I found Small Gods pretty hard to get
      through, the first time round. Then I tried it again,
      about a year later, and it was one of the most amazing
      books I'd read. It was deep, human, and still packed
      with the sort of humour that I can appreciate
      ("Hmm...I think I could do something with a pair of
      revolving balls..." "Funny you should mention that,
      but when we shot up into the air like that...") (I'm
      paraphrasing madly, but my copy of the book is 576km
      north of where I am!). I find the same sort of deeply
      compassionate humanity (er, like, assertion of what it
      means to be human; I can't explain this very well)
      recurs in Night Watch, which is probably why it's one
      of my most favouritest Pratchetts.

      -- Graeme Caselton


      To the Editor:

      I have been reading through old messages on this board and find that
      there seem to be a number of P.G. Wodehouse enthusiasts (or used to
      be, at any rate).
      I was re-reading Going Postal last night, and was struck by how like
      Wodehouse one passage sounded. It's on P.135-136 (Hard back edition).
      Moist is discussing what little he remembers of the previous night
      with Mr. Pump. Their conversation suddenly struck me as uncannilly
      like many similar conversations between Bertie Wooster and Jeeves,
      especially one part:

      "I did in Fact Try to Clean Your Suit With Spot Remover, Sir" said
      Mr. Pump. But Since It Was Effectively Just One Large Spot.It Removed
      The Whole Suit."
      "I liked that suit! At least you could have saved it for dusters, or
      "I'm Sorry, Sir. I'd Assumed That Dusters Had Been Saved For Your
      In fact, the whole Moist/Mr. Pump set-up is rather like the
      relationship between Bertie and Jeeves, with Jeeves politely but
      relentlessly forcing Bertie to do the right thing.

      Does anyone agree? Or disagree? Or anything?

      -- Sylvia

      End of Part 3, says my computer -- continued on Part 4 of 5
      If you did not get all 5 parts, write: jschaum111@...

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