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WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2004 -- PART 3 OF 6 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2004 -- PART 3 OF 6 (continued) ... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ====Part 3 WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2004 -- PART 3
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2004
      WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2004 -- PART 3 OF 6 (continued)

      ====Part 3
      WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2004 -- PART 3 OF 6

      or, "Hi, my name is Anna, and I'll be your stalker this weekend."
      (continued from Part 1)

      Part the Third: Sunday/Monday -- Not the Usual Unusual (continued)

      Noreascon 4 was over.


      Later that evening, unable to wind down from the excitement, I dropped
      in on the Dead Dog Party to prolong the convention just a little bit
      more. While I grazed the chips and chatted, I did a double-take upon
      spotting a familiar figure at one end of the room. Incredibly, instead
      of being in a coma, Terry had emerged to attend the party and relax with

      Quietly, I veered off to a different corner. Even stalkers have their
      limits. He deserved a little peace.

      At least until the *next* convention. ;-)


      For photos of masquerade participants and a few costumed audience
      members (including me on page 16!):

      For more convention details:



      by Barak Brudo

      My name's Barak and I'm from Israel. I first started reading Pratchett
      at the age of 13 when the first two books - 'The Color of Magic' and
      'The Light Fantastic'- came out in Hebrew. I've been reading him
      voraciously ever since. I think I've read almost all the Discworld books
      that came out thanks to two of my friends who are true addicts - they
      order the book online as soon as it comes out. I just wait a bit more
      and borrow it. Since I'm a student of art and education and currently
      unemployed I usually can't afford to buy new books so I'm constantly on
      the look out for second hand.

      Anyway, back to WorldCon. In case you're wondering, I'm that Barak that
      Anna invited to write about the Mended Drum. Why? Because I helped build

      Well, it all started for me last year at TorCon - the 61st World Science
      Fiction Convention. Also my first big con - that is, a con outside of
      Israel. I had a blast even though I didn't know almost anyone. See, I
      have a problem with names, so even though I read a lot I can almost
      never remember the author. Pratchett is one of the names I do remember,
      so I tried visiting as many of his panels as I could. I found a
      wonderful man, charming, warm and inviting. His voice as he read from
      his then new book 'Monstrous Regiment' shall stay with me forever (when
      I read his books now I can actually hear him read them). He discussed a
      lot of interesting things including the newly invented art (by him) of
      the Unsaid Pun [follow the yellow sick toad] and gained the respect of
      all of Fandom by saying that if you have enough shelf space then he
      doesn't want to know you. I enjoyed it so much I decided I'm hooked and
      since this great man is THE guest of honor at Noreascon I simply HAVE to
      attend. But wanting and being able to are a bit different (poor student
      remember), so I got a job with the Jewish Agency that paid for my flight
      and mailed the con buzz line till I found people willing to house me
      from camp end (worked in summer camp) till Con start.

      I arrived in Boston three weeks before the con and stayed with Lisa and
      Robert - wonderful people. They accepted me into their home, fed me and
      took care of me for three weeks. Lisa is part of NASFA, which is the
      organization running the Con, so naturally for the weeks before the con
      she was busy and decided that as a thank you I'll help. I like helping.
      Makes me feel all nice and fuzzy. So I was helping out at the NASFA club
      house when people mentioned that there was going to be a section of the
      concourse designed like the Mended Drum and there were still a few last
      touches to complete. The first one was to paint four shutters for the
      Drum. Lora, Lisa and I took it upon us to make shutters. Since I'm an
      art student and not a stranger to a brush, I had a very good idea of
      what we wanted to achieve. My mental image was so good I soon convinced
      both my associates that the shutters would not be complete without
      smeared dirt, splattered blood, some bloody hand prints (and claws) and
      some added unrecognizable stains (Orcs' blood? Dried food? Dead rats?).
      After we finished that, my creative juices were flowing and I thought
      that the Drum definitely needed some weapons embedded in the walls,
      shutters, doors and every other place we could find. So we set out
      making weapons from foam core - I cut the blades (I like blades) and
      Lisa and Lora covered them in tinfoil. Later we smeared some blood on
      the blades as well.

      Well, since I started, I decided why not do more stuff? This was too
      much fun! So I made a Batleh and the NASFA shield, and then I made a
      small present from Twoflower - a small sign written in Agatean (my
      personal version) that also included my monogram. Along the way I met
      Gene, who was the official person in charge of designing the Drum, and
      saw some of the stuff she made. She is incredible - the Mended Drum
      sign, the pictures, the cups, the lamps, even a billboard designed Drum
      style - including, for example, Casanunda's calling card and lots of
      other exotic and completely accurate postings. I was thrilled to see all
      of it and I had a feeling this was going to be a Drum to remember.

      Among our other projects we had to create the doors for the Drum. The
      basic design was simple - brown with pretend squares, but naturally we
      had to add those little touches that'd tell the world these are no
      ordinary doors. First Lisa came up with dirtying the bottom since people
      kicked it on their way in. We also wanted to add cast iron rings to the
      doors as well as iron hinges. The rings were achieved with foam core
      rolled in tape and painted black, and the hinges were foam core painted
      brown that was mixed with sand to create the rust effect, and we stuck
      some black tacks into it to simulate the actual hinges. Then I said we
      had to add some graffiti to these doors, and so came: Oooook!, Kill
      wizards!, Kill bill! Kill all!, 1 + 1 + 1= many, It's all Deb's fault
      (the Con president), as well as some scratches and claw marks. As a
      finishing touch I punched the foam in places to give the 'wood' that
      aged, beaten look. We had ourselves a set of doors and they looked great.

      I thought we were done since there was no more work planned on the Drum,
      but I overheard someone saying that the walls were going to be a bit
      empty above the plastic brick line. So I had a thought: why don't we
      make some big sheets of bricks, and we could use those as wholes or
      segments in building our bar. Seeing no reason not to, we started doing
      just that, using a special rock-colored gray spray paint as a base and a
      red brick pattern spray painted over that. The fake bricks looked great.

      Well, at this point, we had lots of stuff and all we needed was the
      actual place to start building the Drum. So about a day after the
      preparation for the Con started (on Wednesday I think), Gene, Jane, me
      and some other people like Lora started putting it all together. The
      actual framework was done by the union people but after they were done
      we had the place all to ourselves (except for the lighting and tech
      people) and we used lots and lots of foam core and paint to create the
      right kind of atmosphere. A troop of local boy scouts that built a
      haunted house and no longer needed it donated 8 big pieces of wood, and
      on them were painted bricks for their haunted house. Two of them even
      had doors. We used the bricks we made with the ones we got from them in
      combination with some plastic bricks and that along with some fake wood
      beams made of painted foam core gave us the exterior and most of the

      Writing this, I realize that it's very hard to describe it all with
      words, so I'm going to stop now (I probably talked too much anyway) and
      get you some pictures. I uploaded some of my photos to:
      http://photobucket.com/albums/v496/dragon_yar/. I hope you know how to
      access them. Notice the pictures saying Mended drum - those are
      probably the ones you'll be most interested in.

      Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: I actually met TERRY PRATCHETT!!!.
      He came into the Drum while we were putting in the finishing touches. I
      was busy up a ladder at the time, but they called me down. At first I
      said I was too busy. I was invited to look down. I almost fell off as I
      rushed down the ladder. I shook his hand (!) and he told us all what a
      great job we were doing. According to him, the only way to make it
      better would be by abolishing some pesky rules like fire hazards and
      health care and actually getting the typical clientele of the Drum (that
      are obviously all jail-worthy). He agreed to pose for a picture with all
      of us and me (YEEEEK!) and said that if we want anything signed for us,
      all we had to do was approach him during the con. I took him up on his
      word. Twice. I also showed him the scratches on the door and invited him
      to add something and he wrote: Rincewind does the nasty.

      And with this thought I send you all to do just that with the character
      of your own choosing.


      Terry has just finished his New Zealand and Australian tour, and has
      returned home where he is presently recovering from jetlag, in time for
      a 21st anniversary lunch to the day - as far as I can work out - of the
      official publication of the Colin Smythe Ltd edition of THE COLOUR OF
      MAGIC on 24 November 1983 (copies were on sale before this date --
      as they were in the US -- but that was the day the reviewers were given).

      The manuscript of the third Science of Discworld book,
      DARWIN'S WATCH, is about to be handed over to Ebury Press,
      forr publication next June.

      Next July HarperCollins will be publishing hardback editions
      (trade and library editions) of ONLY YOU CAN SAVE MANKIND,
      the first time this book will have been published in the States --
      apart from a SF Bookclub edition containing all three Johnny
      Maxwell titles, published in 1999.

      Germany: Following the acquisition of Heyne by Random House,
      and opposition from the book trade, Random House was required to
      divest itself of the Heyne Fantasy list which was acquired by Piper
      Verlag (part of the Bonnier group), who have had an extremely
      complicated time sorting out the contractual situations for many
      of the titles. As a result of the transfer, all the Heyne Pratchett titles,
      including the SCIENCE OF DISCWORLD volumes, will now be
      republished under the Piper imprint - the first, Die Gelehrten der
      Scheibenwelt (with its Josh Kirby cover), has already been published.

      Italy: Salani/TEA are buying FEET OF CLAY, and
      Kappa Edizioni are taking GUARDS! GUARDS! THE BIG COMIC.

      Poland: Proszynski will be issuing the (REFORMED) VAMPYRE DIARY
      for 2005, and are contracting to take JINGO, HOGFATHER and THE LAST CONTINENT

      Finland: Karisto are taking a licence on TRUCKERS, and
      having published THE AMAZING MAURICE in hardcover
      are going to publish it in paperback, but publication dates are
      as still pending.

      Psychogios will be publishing the Greek editions of Terry's
      books in future, starting with WYRD SISTERS and
      If you did not get all 4 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 3, says my computer -- continued on Part 4 of 6

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