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WOSSNAME - April 2000

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    ********************************************************************* WOSSNAME Newsletter of the North American Discworld Society April 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 4)
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2000

      Newsletter of the North American Discworld Society

      April 2000 (Volume 3 Issue 4)

      WOSSNAME is a FREE publication for members of the Klatchian Foreign
      Legion and also its affiliates, including the North American Discworld
      Society and other continental groups.

      Are you a member? Yes, if you sent in your e-mail address.

      Are there any dues? No. Dues are only required if you want to join
      the Guild of Fans and Disciples and receive the discounts on books
      and other items available through their bulk purchases.



      1) Sending In Material
      2) Australian Mort Review
      3) The Annual Finland Thingy 1999
      4) Seattle Booksigning Report
      5) Where are we reading Pterry?
      6) Bugarup University Newsletter for Students
      7) Hugo Nomination - Science of Discworld

      8) [Meetings] Sourcery in Sheffield
      9) [Letters] Anyone in Manitoba?
      10) [Letters] Discworld Mystery

      11) Merchandise - New Stuff from C.M.O.T. Briggs
      12) Klatchian Foreign Legion Resources


      Editor in Chief : Jason Parlevliet
      Managing Editor : Nathan Clissold
      Copy Chief : Dylan Williams
      Senior Staff Writer : Andy Stout
      Art Director : Rhett Pennell
      World Membership Director : Becky Swaney
      Copyright 2000 by North American Discworld Society


      Despite any previous announcements, please send all correspondence and other
      material for WOSSNAME to:
      Jason Parlevliet, editor-in-chief - jase@...

      with a copy to:

      Joe Schaumburger - JSCHAUM111@....

      This will probably change once we work out what we're doing.


      Unseen Theatre Company here in Adelaide has just finished its show "Mort".
      Although we went into first night thinking that there were so many more
      things we could do with it if only we had more time, I think that sort of
      feeling must just "go with the territory" of producing a Pratchett play. One
      could go on adding final touches forever!!. Or as our Director said "we
      could have kept 'tweaking' the show for a long time - but we had to open

      Anyway, we had a fantastic response. Full houses some nights and close to
      full on most others. One fan insisted on buying all of our raffle tickets
      (we were raffling at interval a statuette of Death) just to ensure that he
      would win, and another wanted to buy our sign on the door which related
      to the Fresh Start Club. Love those fans!!! They almost make you feel

      Here's a couple of quotes from our reviews (hand picked of course):-

      "With Erik Strauts as Director, the Unseen Theatre Company's premiere
      production, supported by the Blackwood Players, is innovative, original and
      lethally funny."
      "Bruce Alcorn's prosthetic make up is the best I can recall seeing in an
      amateur production and his inspired expertise is matched by the costumes of
      Pamela Munt,Vi Rowe and several others."
      "If this production is an example of what can be expected by Adelaide's
      newest theatre company, then comedy theatre has just achieved new heights."
      "(Bruce Alcorn) is Death with attitude and a soft spot or two."
      "Alistair Brown delivers a strong, pivotal Mort"
      "Melanie Munt made a suitably disdainful princess while Lauren Hillman was a
      fun Ysabell"
      "Roger Mansfield, as Albert, is a stand-out"
      "Harry Probert as Cutwell demonstrated good comic flare"
      "Supporting roles are tackled with gusto by Pamela Munt, Bruce Mitchell,
      Shakil Ahmed, Kathy Strauts, Quidsia Ahmed and Megan Dansie"

      I would like (as Production Manager) to give hearty thanks to all of our
      fans out there who saw the show. A play is nothing without an audience to
      watch it.

      (Production Manager - Unseen Theatre Company, Australia)


      All right, I'm not sure how I ended up writing this except that it's all my
      fault; the thin girl inside me felt like living other people's lives for
      herself. The problem is that I know of nothing pratchetty having happened
      here in Finland in 1999. Neither do the people I know. Therefore, either
      nothing's happened or I don't know the right people. All the same, there
      was a translation of 'Guards!Guards!' ('Vartijat hoi!'). In my opinion it's
      quite as good as a TP translation into a language not related to English at
      all can be. Of course with some amusing blunders here and there.

      The previous Finnish PTerry translations are:

      'The Unadulterated Cat' ('Tosikissa ei kirppuja kiroile', 1990)
      'Good Omens' ('Hyviä enteitä', 1991)
      'Wyrd Sisters' ('Noitasiskokset', 1993)
      'Mort', ('Mort', 1994)
      'Reaper Man' ('Viikatemies', 1996)
      'Witches Abroad' ('Noitia maisemissa', 1997)
      'Hogfather' ('Valkoparta karjupukki', 1998)

      Most of these were published by Karisto and translated by Marja Sinkkonen,
      including the latest one.

      I was asked the number of bookstores and that of fans. I have no idea, since
      every bookstore seems to sell Pratchett and every fantasy/scifi reader here
      seems to know him. English - usually Gorgi paperback - editions are widely
      available, and of course Swedish translations in the partly Swedish-speaking
      areas. At least one chain of stores, Fantasiapelit, sells all of Pratchett.
      It's very easy not to find his books in a library since so many other people
      are hunting for them too. But if someone has some organized fandom
      information, it's too well hidden for me to find. I don't know a thing about
      our Klatchian Foreign Legion members, for instance. There is at least one
      mailing list, Discworld-Suomi@onelist.com, with 17 members. We are all most
      excellent lurkers.

      However, a Finland Meet is being planned for this year. If you're
      interested, check the info in the March issue of WOSSNAME.

      By now you must be wondering who's the idiot writing this. Well, my name is
      Heidi and I've been 16 for almost three years now. I learned about TP
      reading an old copy of a fantasy magazine by The Finnish Tolkien Society.
      There was a review there mentioning "Death, who always speaks in CAPITAL
      LETTERS", and I got interested, read a translation of Mort, and got hooked.

      I suppose I could also introduce Finland itself. It is a country in Europe
      (which is a continent of sorts), with lots of geography, history, and
      hublandish climate. Our capital is a "Lancre Town" called Helsinki. Finland
      has absolutely nothing to do with either Sweden or Russia except being
      located between them. Finnish people tend to take national pride in matters
      such as the success of countrymen in things like mobile phone industry or
      motor sports, having a female president, or getting an opportunity to
      introduce our country to foreigners...

      According to a footnote in 'Soul Music' by Terry Pratchett, only C.M.O.T.
      Dibbler has managed to produce Sausages-Inna-Bun with a lack of flavour more
      total than that of "the midnight dogs they sell to drunks in Helsinki".


      I noticed no one has written in about Pratchett speaking in Seattle, so I
      figured I'd take the heavy load of responsibility and let you buggers in on
      what the OP (Original Pterrorist) said.

      He spoke for an hour when he told us that he had only been allocated thirty
      minutes. I won't go into incredible detail about his anecdotes because if
      you're going to be going to one of the signings you should probably not
      already know the script. He did mention a few things of interest. He said
      both Good Omens and Mort were in movie purgatory, and that neither he nor
      Neil Gaiman want very much to do with the production of Good Omens. However,
      he concluded that bit by saying that he'd rather have "a bad Good Omens done
      by Gilliam than a good Good Omens done by someone else."

      While purchasing my copy of the Wyrd Sisters VHS set (oh yeah, if people in
      the states are having trouble getting their hands on some of the older
      Discworld stuff or anything else Terry has penned his name on, they have
      practically everything under the Disc's sun with them on tour), I found two
      graphic novels, one of which is for the animated adaptation of Wyrd Sisters,
      the other for an animated adaptation of Soul Music. I haven't heard
      anything about that on Wossname, so maybe this is new news, or maybe we in
      the States are yet again left out of the loop. Terry mentioned that the
      reason Harper Prism was starting to release his stuff on time here and
      re-releasing Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic was because of the
      large amount of books that somehow manage to get imported from the UK. All
      this was being said as Terry strategically placed himself in front of the
      selling table...

      Let's see, what else... He talked about The Truth and Thief of Time a bit,
      but no more than what has already been talked about on Wossname. He was
      very pleasant and it was great to finally hear the voice behind all the
      great books. He also figured he'd be writing about Discworld until the day
      he dies, but I don't know about that. I hope that more people have written
      in about what Terry had to say, because I feel like I'm forgetting
      something. Oh well, if I do remember, I'll let you know. There must have
      been about 300 rabid Pratchett fans there, all ages and backgrounds. I kept
      looking at some of the scowling Goths wondering why - since they seemed to
      be there for Pratchett and not because they got lost looking for a dark
      club - on earth they weren't smiling. Oh, and finally, this young lady with
      a rather red face tried to get Terry to sing the Hedgehog song. It didn't
      work. Hope this has been somewhat informative!


      We've pinched this idea from National Geographic.

      At one stage National Geographic published pictures of their readers reading
      National Geographic in far flung places, whether or not they still do it
      we're not sure but it seemed such a good idea that Wossname has decided to
      find out where people are reading Pterry. You know, atop the Sydney Harbour
      Bridge, looking out over the Grand Canyon, on the Nile Delta, Tiananmen
      Square, from an apartment high above New York City... etc. Please don't
      expose yourself to un-necessary risks by scaling buildings or dangling over
      the edge of cliffs (unless that's where you read Discworld). We want to know
      where people are reading Discworld day-to-day.

      We need a clear shot of _you_ reading Pterry in your place. Please send
      your photos to the Wossname submissions email. Nothing above 70k please,
      only JPG's no TIFF or BMP files please our inboxes will be inundated as it
      is. If we get two of the same place, the first one in will get pride of
      place in the web version of Wossname.

      Hi there to all members of the KFL!

      This is the Dean of Bugarup University down here in XXXX just advising you
      that the BUNS (Bugarup University Newsletter for Students) April edition is
      now available on-line at
      http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Village/4108/index.html Just follow the link
      to the BUNS.

      NATHAN CLISSOLD (Australia)

      Best Related Book (167 nominations for 74 related books)

      * Minicon 34 Restaurant Guide by Karen Cooper and Bruce Schneier
      (Rune Press) <http://www.mnstf.org/minicon/minicon34/>
      * The Sandman: The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman and Yoshitaka Amano
      (DC Comics/Vertigo <http://www.dccomics.com/>)
      * Science Fiction of the 20th Century by Frank M. Robinson
      (Collectors Press)
      * The Science of Discworld by Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and
      Jack Cohen (Ebury Press) <http://www.lspace.org/>
      * Spectrum 6: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art edited by Cathy
      and Arnie Fenner (Underwood)



      There will be a meet in Sheffield on May 13 to attend the performance of
      Sourcery :

      Venue : Merlin Theatre Meadow Bank Road Nether Edge
      Sheffield S11
      0114 255 1638

      Tickets are 4.50 ukp

      The performance commences at 7:30 though a buffet tea will be available at
      DMarks house from 4:00 and taxis will be arranged to get us all to the venue
      and back (transport courtesy of you YHH) Crash space for the Saturday night
      is available at my house and it is likely that other local afpers may be
      willing to offer the odd floor <g> I will probably buy a small block of
      tickets (having afparranged theatre meets previously) but anyone
      *definitely* coming please email *me* by May 6 at the latest please so that
      no one is disappointed

      MARK DAKTO (England)


      Here you go. I wonder how many fans on the list are from Manitoba?

      DAVID CANNON (presumably from Manitoba)


      I'm writing a Discworld mystery and need some help. What terrorist acts
      could a group of Dark faeire get up to?
      Is there a Discworld fan. fic site /newsgroup?

      PAUL GODSIL (Australia)


      Never happy to rest on our laurels, we're launching a wadge of new stuff -

      We met them first in 'The Fifth Elephant' and they're back in 'The Truth'. A
      lapel pin in the shape of a black, charity 'ribbon', modelled in gilt metal
      with black and red enamel and bearing the motto: 'Living Not In Vein'. £3.85
      plus 75p P&P (£1.25 EC, £2.50 R0W)

      Ankh-Morpork's first newspaper is the setting for 'The Truth' and we've been
      lucky enough to secure some of Mr Dibbler's promotional key-rings. An
      authentic bit of Dibbler merchandise - except that these are good quality,
      sturdy and serviceable. A brushed stainless steel fob with the legend 'I Buy
      the Ankh-Morpork Times - The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret' embossed and
      in-filled in black enamel. £3.00, plus 75p P&P (£1.25 EC, £2.50 RoW)

      A quality, 'natural' colour, 100% cotton apron, bearing the legend, printed
      in green - 'I Gobbled All I Could for a Dollar at HARGA'S HOUS OF RIBS'.
      Should sell for around £7.00, plus £1.20 P&P (£2 EC, £3, RoW). **NOT

      MENDED DRUM Tea-Towel
      'Natural' coloured 100% cotton tea towel, printed in blue with a view of
      Ankh-Morpork's best-known ale house, drawn by Stephen Briggs and based on
      Bernard Pearson's model. Should sell for around £3.50 (plus 75p P&P (£1.25
      EC, £2.50 RoW). **NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL MID-2000**.

      The book's not out until 2001 but we already have plans for a snazzy
      embroidered NASA-style mission patch (you'll know why when you've read the
      book). This is likely to be a limited edition and will be based on artwork
      specially commissioned from Paul Kidby. THIS WON'T BE AVAILABLE UNTIL 2001,
      we'll tell you more as soon as we have details!

      HOW TO ORDER -
      Just send your order to me with a *sterling* cheque or bank draft payable to
      'S P Briggs' for the full amount, *including post & packing*. Please post
      orders to Stephen Briggs, PO Box 147, Oxford, OX2 8YT."

      STEPHEN BRIGGS (England)


      Each month (well, usually), as well as WOSSNAME going out by e-mail,
      the plain text of the newsletter is embellished with fantastic
      graphics and put up on the Society Web site,


      As well as the full text of WOSSNAME going out by e-mail, there is
      also sent out a much shorter e-mail announcing that the new version
      of WOSSNAME is available on the Web. So, if you'd prefer to receive
      this shorter notification, rather than the whole text of WOSSNAME,
      just let us know!

      The announcement list will also be used by other groups in the
      Klatchian Foreign Legion, such as by the Bugarup University Students'
      Guild for announcing BUNS (see above), so you may want to join that
      list anyway, even if you still want to receive the whole text of
      WOSSNAME by e-mail. To subscribe to the announcement list, just go


      or send an empty e-mail to


      Also on the subject of the Legion, the Klatchian Foreign Legion
      Webring has recently started. A Webring, in case you don't know, is
      a group of Web sites that share a common interest or theme, and have
      links to one another such that by following the link, you travel all
      the way "around the ring", visiting each site in turn. In the case
      of the Legion's Webring, the sites are those of groups like the North
      American Discworld Society, the Guild of Fans and Disciples and the
      Bugarup University Students' Guild, as well as any other Web site
      with an emphasis on regional Pratchett fandom, at anything from the
      local level up to the continental level. To visit the Webring, or to
      add your site to it, just visit


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