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  • Joseph Schaumburger
    Hallo, I m writing to you because you expressed an interest in the upcoming KFL meetup and Terry Pratchett award presentation at Noreascon in Boston. There
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2004

      I'm writing to you because you expressed an interest in the upcoming
      KFL meetup and Terry Pratchett award presentation at Noreascon in

      There have been two big changes: the meetup will be at 5pm, and the
      award presentation will be after the 7pm Terry on Trial event.

      When Noreascon's final schedule was released this week, I realized
      that our KFL meetup would be at the same time as one of Terry
      Pratchett's panels. I hate to cancel, since I know the Noreascon
      scheduling folks went out of their way to provide us with meeting
      space on Thursday as requested.

      However, I somehow doubt that, given a choice between eating
      cheap potato chips while chatting with fans, and hearing Terry speak
      about elf glamour in person, anybody's going to say "The hell with
      Terry! I want potato chips!" I know I'd opt for the Terry panel --
      even if there were *quality* potato chips involved. As a result, I'm
      rescheduling the Thursday KFL gathering to a 5pm dinner meeting.

      We'll go ahead and gather outside Liberty C in the Sheraton, our
      original scheduled meeting spot, and figure out a nearby location to
      eat. The 5pm time doesn't conflict with any known Terry activities,
      and will serve the additional purpose of obtaining better nourishment
      than cheap potato chips.

      The first 10 folks to show up will receive a KFL button bearing the
      Obliviscor logo and the inspirational motto, "Join the Klatchian
      Foreign Legion, meet interesting people, and get killed by them."
      You will also have the chance to offer input into that night's
      award presentation -- which brings me to change number two.

      The award presentation was originally supposed to kick off Terry's
      signing that night, but that signing had to be cancelled, I think due
      to schedule conflicts. However, Noreascon administration has very
      kindly agreed to allow us to do our thing immediately after the end
      of the 7pm Terry on Trial event. This will probably work out even
      better than the signing, so all's well that ends well. It should
      only take about three and a half minutes, so be sure to devote the
      time to watching Shelia and me make complete and utter fools of
      ourselves in front of Terry Pratchett -- and maybe help with the

      If you would like to see a copy of the planned award script and offer
      any input or editing suggestions ahead of time (keeping in mind we're
      doing our best to keep this short and sweet, and keeping in mind that
      neither Sheila nor I can act our way out of a paper bag), please
      email me at annamc@....

      We owe a big thanks to the Noreascon committee, particularly Mary Kay
      Kare and Priscilla Olson, for helping us make this a reality. I hope
      we'll see all of you at the dinner meeting and the award presentation.


      Anna M.C.
      KFL Special Events Uncoordinated Coordinator for Noreascon
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