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Special Award to Terry Pratchett -- be there or be square

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  • JSCHAUM111@aol.com
    A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO ALL KFL MEMBERS ATTENDING THE WORLDCON from Anna M.C., Klatchian Foreign Legion Special Events Coordinator
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2004

      from Anna M.C., Klatchian Foreign Legion Special Events Coordinator


      If any of you Legionnaires** plan to attend Noreascon on Thursday, September
      2nd, this is your golden opportunity to help us present an unusual award to
      Terry Pratchett.

      On behalf of Joe Schaumburger and the KFL, and in the guise of Susan Death, I
      will be naming our favorite author an honorary Commandant of the Klatchian
      Foreign Legion in honor of his many years of meritorious civilian service. This
      will occur by means of a brief ceremonial presentation of a weird hat -- a
      reproduction French Foreign Legion kepi with a goldtone KFL logo. And, since
      man does not live by hats alone, I'll probably throw in some homemade cookies
      (courtesy of my husband, not me -- I can't cook worth squat). Joining me as
      co-presenter will be intrepid KFL-er Sheila, a.k.a. Nudger Malik, dead
      Legionnaire. Although the Worldcon's schedule is still in flux, this historic event
      will most likely take place at Terry Pratchett's Thursday evening signing
      session. Displaying his usual way with words, he has informed me that he "shall look
      forward to the event with keen trepidation!"

      We'd love to have as many Legionnaires as possible contribute ideas and
      participate in the ceremony. The Noreascon SIG (Special Interest Group) committee
      has very kindly arranged meeting space for KFL members at 3pm on Thursday
      afternoon in room Liberty C at the Sheraton, so we can get our act together in
      advance. Even if you can't attend the award ceremony, come to the meeting and
      mingle with fellow fans. As a break from our standard fare of All the Sand You
      Can Eat, I might be persuaded to scrounge up some light refreshments (although
      a menu of Klatchian hots, Klatchian sweets, and Klatchian coffee would be a
      good way to ensure that none of us make it to the award presentation, due to
      premature death).

      So if this sounds like a good time to you, or if you have a clever idea or
      anything else to contribute to the ceremony, please email me at
      annamc@.... Although we're famed for forgetfulness, we'd love for the KFL to make
      this "Beau Jest" a ceremony to remember. Let's justify that trepidation, shall
      we? ; )

      See you at Noreascon,

      Anna M.C.
      Klatchian Foreign Legion Special Events Coordinator
      Convention News Editor
      Meet-Up Coordinator
      And Any Other Random Titles or Honorifics Joe and I Can Possibly Dream Up to
      Make Me Sound Much More Important Than I Really Am

      ** FYI -- anyone reading this is a Legionnaire by default. You signed away
      your life to the Klatchian Foreign Legion the instant you signed up for
      WOSSNAME. Bet you didn't read the fine print authored by our legion of high-priced
      vampire lawyers, did you?

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