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WOSSNAME --DECEMBER 2003 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME --DECEMBER 2003 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued) ... ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 9) ANOTHER HOGSWATCH CAROL ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2003
      WOSSNAME --DECEMBER 2003 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued)

      I recently suggested we try to fill in the lines
      of the proposed 12 Days of Hogwatch carol,
      but alas time was too short to hear from
      anyone, so I gave it a shot myself:


      On the first day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      A Patrician in a pear tree
      On the second day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Two evil vampires
      On the third day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Three flying witches
      On the fourth day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Four giant elephants
      On the fifth day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Five loaves of Dwarf Bread
      On the sixth day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Six fighting Pictsies
      On the seventh day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Seven Tooth Faeries
      On the eighth day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Eight Spectral Colors
      On the ninth day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Nine stupid Trolls
      On the tenth day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Ten tiny Godlings
      On the eleventh day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Eleven bold Assassins
      On the twelfth day of Hogswatch, my true love gave to me
      Twelve Silver Horders

      That's the best I can do. Feel free to improve any of the
      lines and send them in.

      -- Joe Schaumburger, in a troubadorial mood


      Answer the questions and put the letter indicated into
      the spot shown. Read the letters backwards and
      discover who took over control of Lancre.
      (Note: all spellings are from the 1997 Gollancz edition.)

      Example: Pratchett's first name -- 1st letter:
      ANSWER: Terry
      1. Lancre's standing army (first name, 1st letter)
      2. A soldier of the Count, known to his friends as "Bent Bill" (last name,
      2nd letter)
      3. A priest of the Omnian religion (first name, 8th letter)
      4. The firebird. (1st letter)
      5. The Count's coachman and servant (first name, 2nd letter)
      6. The Count's daughter (first name, 2nd letter)
      7. The maid at Lancre Castle (first name, 1st letter)
      8. The Kelda (last name, 5th letter)
      9. Hodgesaargh 's eagle [second name, 1st letter)
      10. Granny of Esme (last name, 4th letter)

      __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/ = They took control of Lancre
      1*/ 2*/ 3*/4*/ 5*/6*/7*/8*/9*/10/

      Puzzle solution will appear next month.


      1. Runs a pub in Dijabringabeeralong (first name, 6th letter)
      2. Archchancellor who built a privy over a black hole (last name, 2nd letter)
      3. When she sang "Prancing Queen," you could slice bread
      with it (first name, last letter)
      DARLEEN = N
      4. Unseen University's magic and tongueless bell (first name, last letter)
      OLD TOM = D
      5. Kangaroo who Rincewind meets in cave (first name, 4th letter)
      SCRAPPY = A
      6. Inventor of the Graphical Device (last name, 5th letter)
      7. Unseen University's housekeeper (last name, 2nd letter)
      MRS. WHITLOW = H
      8. Rincewind's horse, named after Daggy's dog (2nd letter)
      SNOWY = N
      9. Neilette's name for The Luggage (6th letter)
      TRUNKIE = I
      10. Inspiration for the Peach Nellie (last name, last letter)

      D_/E_/N_/D_/A_/E_/H_/N_/I_/T_/ = Famous legendary sheep stealer
      1*/ 2*/ 3*/4*/ 5*/6*/7*/8*/9*/10/ TIN HEAD NED


      At last Lady Aranluc has managed to send us a
      horoscope direct from the Discworld where she has
      now taken up permanent residence for tax reasons.


      Along with the cold winter winds come the winter ailments.
      This month, the least famous witch this side of the
      Ankh (yours truly) will speak about to you about health
      and especially about how to handle the flu. This is not a
      problem on Discworld, actually, since they have recently
      begun treating it with octarine pills, but since these are
      not available on Roundworld, you may find some of the
      former Discworld treatments to be of help.

      21 March - 20 April
      The Perhaps Gate

      After long and hard investigation, they've finally isolated the
      elemental particle causing colds: the fluon and its anti-particle,
      the aspirinon. The particle-antiparticle clash gets them both
      to disintegrate each other and releases an enormous amount
      of energy equivalent to four nuclear pumpkins, according to the
      High Energy Department at UU. Unfortunately, so far this has
      instantly annihilated 50% of the human population where it
      has been tested, and seems to cause mutations in the rest.
      80% of whom have not proved viable in the subsequent nuclear
      winter. But the survivors will be free of the flu and acclaim you
      as a hero. It's just a bit sad that most of them will be cockroaches...

      21 April - 21 May
      Gahoolie, the Vase of Tulips

      Viruses will attack you, like every other human being, during
      most of the winter. No matter how many pills you take, no matter
      the effort you put into not breathing your neighbor's breath.
      You'll have bogeys hanging from your nose and you cannot avoid
      it. Just one detail will cheer you up in your darkest hour: if you
      manage to keep all those nasal subproducts you are continually
      generating fresh, you'll have a future in the office supply industry.
      Or did you think Post-its worked some other way?

      22 May - 21 June
      The Two Fat Cousins

      Stunned by nose congestion and in a state of idiocy caused by
      fever, you'll enter a trance and wander the streets with blank
      eyes following your holy totem animal in search for your destiny:
      the mental institution. There, they'll spend a fun month trying
      to make you understand that AC is quite different from DC, and
      is not some sort of Mystic Heavenly Chariot that can enable you
      to fly. After your arms and legs heal, you'll attract many new
      friends in the Hospital's dining room: where the colors you
      glow will light up the whole area, and your flu will be gone.
      And if not, no one will ever notice.

      22 June - 22 July
      Wezen, the Two-Headed Kangaroo

      A strange virus is taking over your body, mixing with your DNA and
      causing important, irreversible mutations. Blue hair grows out of
      your skin, your nose is reabsorbing, your teeth are falling out,
      your mouth broadens towards your ears, which disappear into
      vestigial ones, and your eyeballs grow to a level which would
      get you an instant role on Buffy, if it was still on. Your linguistic
      skills will devolve to the ape level. The treatment is simple:
      get fascinated about all eleven dimensions (close-far, up-down,
      left-right, etc.) and spend long hours studying their nature.
      Your stomach will get unable to absorb any food apart from
      pizza, which you'll chew with unleashed fury. You will have
      no flu problem any more and a great future in child education,
      although it may be from inside a cage.

      23 July - 23 August
      The Cow of Heaven

      After studying the constellations for a whole month, searching
      for this sign, I haven't found the least signal about your future.
      So there's no future. You are damned. The only ones who will
      get saved are the usual 50% whose future we never get right, and
      the ones taking orange-flavoured bifidus, this month's sponsor in
      Cori Celesti. The causes of death will be varied, ranging from
      heart-attacks upon receiving the bills for Hogswatch presents to
      avalanches of children happy with those same presents. Oh? No, no,
      wait a minute. Yesss, don't you worry. Let's see... Ah! Not a
      single thing to worry. It's just that the Discworld sun had got
      between my observatory and the constellation, and I couldn't see
      it. Everything's OK. You'll be very happy and won't even get a
      flu, nor will die for any other reason. Honest. Hey, if you die, sue me.

      24 August - 23 September
      Mubbo, the Hyena

      Offler, the mystic crocodile, is in your sign, which means that,
      besides having to go out with a baseball club just in case, you'll
      be free from any common virus. Any microorganism near you will flee
      when seeing that huge animal in your company. There is only one
      virus immune to this spell: the blind reptilian streptococcus. Symptoms
      include vertigo, disorientation, nose congestion and advanced genital
      atrophy. Therefore, if I was you, I'd worry about any strange warts...

      24 September - 23 October
      The Small Boring Group of Faint Stars

      A mystic beverage can help you with your respiratory affection. It
      was developed in early times by the old nomad tribes in Klatch and
      its secret is only known to those who have spent some time there.
      In order to get the necessary ingredients you'll have to pass a
      bravery test: climb up your house frontage until reaching your
      neighbor's balcony and, risking your own life and saneness, rip
      three magical leaves out of his clandestine plant. An infusion with
      these leaves will take away your worries about the flu's symptoms.
      And about nearly everything else, since we're at it. Just don't
      let the police suspect you have any. Otherwise, I predict a
      long, quiet life for you with lots of time for reading.

      24 October - 22 November
      Okjok, the Salesman

      No. It won't. Really. Your idea will not work. OK, today there is
      nothing more successful than reality programs on TV, but your idea
      is even freakier than Joe Millionaire. But who knows, maybe if you
      take a videocam along when you go organic-waste hunting
      you could sell the videotape to someone. Or even sell the
      organic waste. Properly spread around your yard, it will
      give you a lovely green lawn. Just be careful where you walk.

      23 November - 21 December
      The Overworked Orang-Utang

      Flu is just a mental state. To heal up, you need nothing more than
      will and self-suggestion. No medicine, no doctors. That which cannot
      be perceived does not exist. Your goal is to reach nasal nirvana,
      the absence of any bogeous feeling. There are quite a lot of
      techniques to reach it, but you can always resort to material
      help: you can destroy your mucous by inhaling pickle juice,
      but maybe this going too far away. Inhaling glue or industrial solvents
      is far cheaper, and besides you'll get into a nice world of colors and
      lessen postoperative pains. The only drawback of this method
      is the high cell-brain mortality ate, so it should not be tried out
      by students, although it is fine for politicians and radio talkshow people.

      22 December - 20 January
      The Celestial Parsnip

      This technique for beating the flu is based on your
      cosmic sign, the celestial parsnip. Go to your local
      supermarket and buy about 50 pounds of parsnips. It
      may sound expensive, but it's cheaper than going to see
      your doctor. Go on an all-parsnip diet. Eat them at every
      meal. Juice them and drink a quart a day. Make more
      juice and bathe in it. Pour juice on everything you wear,
      especially your undergarments. Sleep in heaps of
      parsnip peelings. This is not guaranteed to cure you, but
      you will make many new friends and lose a lot of old ones.
      Maybe one of your new friends knows a good specialist.
      He's certain to know a good shrink.

      21 January - 18 February
      The Knotted String

      After hastily reading Isaac Asimov's "Innerspace" under the effects
      of alcohol and other, still unidentified, substances, and vaguely
      remembering "Innerspace" (the movie), you've decided that the only
      solution for that flu is to build an atomic mini-submarine and,
      driving it, shrink yourself into a microscopic level and get injected
      into your own blood to fight the viruses in situ, in a stand-alone
      combat. Your logic is perfect, but I think you are missing something

      19 February - 20 March
      The Flying Moose

      Be careful of what you eat. There is a high chance that the natives
      of this sign become victims of a grave alimentary intoxication. It
      spreads by eating in fast food restaurants and has the following
      symptoms: hair-loss plus hirsutism (extreme hair-growing),
      Intermittent regurgitation of hairballs, and growing a tail.
      Day sleepiness and night insomnia. Brisk libido thrills which will
      get the patient to rub against any other human being near them.
      Passion for raw fish and rodent meat. Fascination with
      oscillating objects. Nail hypertrophy and a tendency to scratch
      your environs. Irrational hate towards Quantum Theory and
      Schrödinger's work. If you have these symptoms, rush out and
      consult your doctor or at least your family veterinarian.

      -- Lady Aranluc

      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      Copyright (c) 2003 by Klatchian Foreign Legion

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