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WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2003 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2003 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 9) THEATER NOTES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo NEW SHOWS Subj: Carpe
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      WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2003 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued)


      Subj: Carpe Jugulum for FOUR NIGHTS ONLY
      at Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston UK

      Boston Playgoers - Carpe Jugulum
      From the novel by Terry Pratchett
      adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

      "The De Magpyrs are the sort of vampires that would
      have Count Dracula spinning in his grave: modern,
      forward-looking and no longer afraid of holy water,
      garlic, religious symbols or, indeed, of anything else.
      This makes them very, very dangerous. Luckily for the
      Discworld, the three Lancre witches are on hand -- and
      the battle is on!"

      The Boston Playgoers will be performing Carpe Jugulum
      to audiences for FOUR NIGHTS ONLY at Blackfriars Arts
      Centre, Spain Lane, Boston, Lincolnshire. PE21 6HP.

      Show begins every night at 7:30pm from Wednesday
      5th November to Saturday 8th November 2003. Ticket
      prices are £6 per person with concessions at £5.

      Blackfriars Arts Centre Box Office: 01205 363108
      Website: http://www.blackfriars.uk.com/



      Mortifying Fun
      Reviewed by Tim Lloyd, The Advertiser

      Unseen Theatre Company
      Bakehouse Theatre
      Oct 15 - Nov 1

      Terry Pratchett's tale of Death's apprentice Mort, and his
      sentimental approach to his job, has been presented in many forms.

      Stephen Briggs's adaptation, though, has an eye strictly for
      Pratchett's funniest lines, while paying patchy attention to
      the plot. Unseen Theatre Company is a good example of young
      people's community theatre having a good night out.

      The production is all over the place but from the front-of-house
      vendors to the cheery door prize presentations and the very
      strange dance number from Les Miserables, there is a winning
      good-heartedness to the whole.

      The audience responded in kind on opening night and the outing
      took on the tone of a family game of charades.

      The huge cast negotiates its way through the gothic, labyrinthine
      plot of Mort without the least affectedness. Danny Sag, as the
      Doorknocker, manages to deliver his lines clearly despite holding the
      knocker in his mouth. Sam James, as Death, is so heavily bemasked in
      a skull mask and emerald eyes that there is genuine concern from the
      audience when he tries to walk through a wall and fails.

      Tim Bates is accomplished as Mort, mixing incompetence and
      sorcerer's apprentice arrogance in equal parts. Other strong
      performances come from Miriam Keane as Death's daughter Ysabell,
      and Erin Stockie as the accidentally undead Princess Keli.

      The full humour of this piece is brought to life by Andrew Dowling
      as Igneous Cutwell – the incompetent wizard enlisted to help Mort
      and Princess Keli – who squeezes every ounce of humour from his lines
      and makes everyone else seem twice as funny to boot.

      A lot of energy has gone into this high-spirited production which
      succeeds at delivering Pratchett at his funniest.

      Misadventures of Death's deputy
      Reviewed by Rod Lewis, The Messenger Press

      Unseen Theatre Company
      Bakehouse Theatre
      Oct 15 - Nov 1

      Death came to Mort - he offered him a job.

      With that outlandish premise, Pamela Munt unfolds Unseen Theatre's
      snappiest production to date, outlining the misadventures of Death's

      Terry Pratchett's fourth Discworld novel is adapted for the stage by
      Stephen Briggs.

      Sam James plays the Grim Reaper with all the dry wit and childlike
      innocence that makes this towering character a favourite among many
      Discworld fans.

      The reverberation on his voice adds a gleefully gruesome touch to his
      perfected delivery.

      In the title role, Tim Bates looks out of his depth, but rightly so
      given the unexpected new occupation of his character.

      Left in charge after Death takes a holiday, Mort creates havoc by
      saving the life of a princess scheduled to die.

      But Fate is not overcome that easily and Erin Stockie is amusing as
      the Princess caught between two worlds.

      It is Andrew Dowling's flippant interpretation of Mage Cutwell that
      really stands out, however. With great stage presence, he earns every
      star on his wizard's hat.

      Munt blends multiple scenes together with minimal fuss and keeps the
      action flowing fast.

      A good selection of songs bridges brief scene changes and Robert
      Andrews is quick off the mark with the ample lighting and sound cues.

      George Leaman's split level set is practical and Anna Scott's scenic
      art is eye catching.

      Unseen Theatre's debut with this play in March 2000 won a City
      Messenger Light Year Award for best costumes.

      Seamstress Sharman Gilchrist presents an equally fine array of
      colourful outfits this time around.

      Despite the quirky plot, Mort is perhaps one of the best introductions
      to Pratchett for the uninitiated and Unseen will leave you dying with

      -- courtesy of Danny Sag


      Answer the questions and put the letter indicated into
      the spot shown.   Read the letters backwards and
      discover who the real inhabitants of Leshp are.
      (Note: all spellings are from the 1997 Gollancz edition.)

      Example: Pratchett's first name -- 1st letter:
      ANSWER: Terry  LETTER = T
      1. The wali of Prince Cadram (last name, last letter)
      2. Nobby's alias in Klatch (first name, last letter)
      3. An exotic tricks and dance group (first name, 2nd letter)
      4. Where the submarine inventor was from (first letter)
      5. Co-discoverer of Leshp from Ankh-Morpork (first name, 1st letter)
      6. Co-discoverer of Leshp from Klatch (first name, 5th letter)
      7. Younger brother of Prince Cadram (third letter)
      8. Alleged assassin who lived in Market Street (first name, 1st letter)
      9. A seller of melons (last name, 4th letter)
      10. Zombie Watchman (first name, 1st letter)
      11. President of the Guild of Armourers (last name,  2nd letter)
      12. Not an Assassin, he just kills people for money (first name, 3rd letter)

      __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/   = Inhabitants of Leshp
      1*/ 2*/ 3*/4*/ 5*/6*/7*/8*/9*/10/11/ 12/

      Puzzle solution will appear next month.


      1. The bogeyman who tried to pick up Susan in a bar (1st letter)
             SCHLIMAZEL = S
      2. Manager of the Hogfather Grotto (first name, 3rd letter)
             VERNON CRUMLEY = R
      3. AKA as Reginald Lilywhite (last letter)
             BANJO = O
      4. Assassin assigned to inhume the Hogfather (last name, first letter)
             MR. TEATIME = T
      5. The Cheerful Fairy (last name, 3rd letter)
             GWENDOLYNE SMITH = I
      6. A down on his luck wizard working for #4 above (last name, 3rd letter)
             MR. SIDENEY =
      7. The Oh God of Hangovers (6th letter)
             BILIOUS = U
      8. The little match girl (first name, 2nd letter)
             SARAH = A
      9. Cart driver with box of glowing magical dust (first name, 1st letter)
             ERNIE = E
      10. Organizer of the Ankh-Morpork wassailers group (last name, 1st letter)
             ANAGLYPTA HUGGS = H
      11. Susan is her governess (first name, 1st letter)
             TWYLA = T

      S_/R_/O_/T_/I_/D_/U_/A_/E_/H_/T_/   = Enemies of the Hogfather
      1*/ 2*/ 3*/4*/ 5*/6*/7*/8*/9*/10/11/        = THE AUDITORS


      To the Editor:

      >4. A doctor and doper of racehorses (first name, 2nd
      >       DOUGHNUT JOHNNY = O     

      It's Doughnut Jimmy, not Johnny.

      Ed Note:  Right.  Sorry about that.

      >M_/E_/L_/O_/G_/G_/N_/I_/K_/ =  Who the Watch was
      >looking for
      >1*/ 2*/ 3*/4*/ 5*/6*/7*/8*/9*/10   =  KING GOLEM

      The watch was not looking for a king golem -- they were
      looking for a poisoner, and while Meshuga was
      involved, he was not the cause, just the means.

      Ed. Note: True, although eventually they were
      looking for him.  Anyone want to debate this?

      --Yasmin, yasmin_mazur@...



      Sorry, gang, but Lady Aranluc, our  wonder-working
      horoscope expert, reports that solar flares have made
      it impossible for her Discworld contacts to get through
      right now.  We have ordered a container of Dibbler's
      Crystal Ball Polishing Paste for her, and hopefully expect
      that the situation will be remedied by our next issue.
      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      Copyright (c) 2003 by Klatchian Foreign Legion

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