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WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LETTERS FROM OUR READERS
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2003
      WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)


      > On Sat, 4 Oct 2003 02:07 am, Fiona Wynn wrote:
      > > I liked it, but not as much as some of his other books.  Probably
      > > because of the lack of old characters.
      > Oh I don't know, Sgt Jackrum was pretty old.

      Hahahahaha. *ahem*

      > I felt that the Ankh-Morpork characters just weren't needed in the
      > story. Why were they there? I felt that it was almost as if PTerry was
      > saying "Huh, look at this, I can write a book where the Watch has a
      > minor part, aren't I clever?"
      > I felt that it distracted from the message and structure of the story. In
      > my opinion, it would have been a much better book if the A-M watchmen
      > weren't in it.

      I agree -- what did Vimes actually do?

      -- Steven D'Aprano, Fiona,



      To the Editor:

      Lagniappe for the "Soul Music" answer in the previous edition:

      12-string electric guitars aren't rare so much as not in great demand.
      It's not that they require special technique -- you still place your
      fingers on the strings on the proper frets, and pick or strum with the
      alternate hand -- but that the chiming tones aren't always appropriate.
      They're better for simple picking or rhythmic ringing than the wailing
      histrionics most music with rocks in seems to beg for; you can't
      blues-bend a doubled string as easily as you can your good old six.

      12-strings line up the three bottom (lower) strings in octave harmonies
      (in other words, the E, A and D strings are matched with an E, A and D
      an octave higher) and the three higher strings (G, B and E - of course
      we're talking standard tuning here, because why confuse it further?)
      are simply doubled on a note of the same register.

      The sound -- high and sweet -- produced can be heard prominently on
      recordings by The Byrds (Roger McGuinn greatly advanced the use of
      12-string electric in rock 'n' roll), early Tom Petty and early REM

      Check out "Eight Miles High," "Pretty Persuasion," "Don't Come
      Around Here No More."

      --Mark Hughes Cobb, bogustrumper@...


      To the Editor:

      Thanks to 'Tamar' but this answer:
      "They've been on duty in a sometimes-death-defying
      career (also they've been soldiers) so they have developed
      an ability to perceive things that are Real."
      Doesn't do it for me. If they are so smart then they can
      sit in the Watch house and solve crimes. Whatever. I
      guess it is just something Pratchett's editor didn't question.

      The study of music and culture is ethnomusicology, but
      they are so specialized that it is hard to get anything on
      guitars. The only thing I got thus far is about Mongolia and
      their horse head guitar that has three strings and is made
      from horse hide and hair. I was wanting something more
      specific on the rituals like the one mentioned in Soul Music
      about the guy in the shower with a shammy on his head :-)

      -- guitargoddess@...


      To the Editor:

      Here's the entirety of the Casting The Discworld thread as
      taken from my own BU files. Make of it what you will :P

      Having now seen League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I'd
      also add Peta Wilson as a candidate for Angua, and Shane
      West as a possible Carrot...


      A couple of nights ago, Dru and I were discussing who we would cast as
      Discworld characters if someone made a movie of it. Now I know we've
      done this before, but that was a couple of years ago and I thought it
      would be time for an update.

      The rules are, the actors must be alive, and capable of playing the role
      now. For example, the natural choice to play Vimes might have been
      Clint Eastwood twenty years ago, but not now, so Eastwood is out. And
      the kid who plays Harry Potter will be a natural for Ponder Stibbons in
      about ten years, but not now.

      After much to-ing and fro-ing, this is the list Dru and I came up with.

      === The Wizards ===

      Ridcully - Brian Blessed
      The Burser - Harry Dean Stanton, or Dean Stockwell
      The Dean - Robbie Coltrane
      Rincewind - Eric Idle
      Ponder Stibbons - Nicholas Brendon (Xander from "Buffy")
      The Senior Wrangler - Hugh Laurie
      Recent Runes - Ian McKeller

      === The Witches ===

      Granny - Sian Phillips ("I, Claudius", "Dune")
      Nanny Ogg - Judy Dench, or Julie Walters
      Magrat - Gwynth Paltrow

      === The Night Watch ===

      Sam Vimes - Hugh Jackman
      Carrot - Brendan Fraser
      Angua - Cameron Diaz
      Nobby - Harry Dean Stanton, or Steve Buscemi
      Sgt Colon - Warren Clarke
      Cheri - Allison Hannigan
      Reg Shoe - Dwight Schultz, Rowan Atkinson, or Adrian Edmundson
      Detritus - Sylvestor Stalone, or Arnold Schwarzenegger
      Constable Visit - Adrian Edmundson (Vyvyan from "The Young Ones"), or
      Tim McInnerny (Lord Percy and Captain Darling from "Blackadder")

      === People of Ankh-Morpork ===

      Vetinari - Patrick Stewart (obviously with hair)
      Sham Harga - Dennis Franz
      Dibbler - Hugh Laurie, or Rowan Atkinson
      Lord Rust - Stephen Fry
      Lady Sybill - Dawn French
      Mrs Whitlow - Patricia Routledge (Mrs Bucket from "Keeping Up
      Mrs Palm - Sharon Stone
      Wee Mad Arthur - Billy Connolly
      The voice of Gaspode - Warren Mitchell

      === People of Uberwald ===

      Wolf - Dolph Lungren
      Otto - Dwight Schultz (Murdock from "The A-Team"), or Jeremy Irons
      Lady Margolotta - Diana Rigg
      Igor - Tony Robinson

      === Beings from Death's Domain ===

      The voice of Death - John Cleese, James Earl Jones
      Susan - Drew Barrymore
      Mort - Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley from "Harry Potter")
      Albert - Warren Mitchell

      === Barbarians ===

      Cohen - Clint Eastwood
      Truckle the Uncivil - Billy Connolly
      Mad Hamish - Robert Carlyle ("The Full Monty")
      Ronald Savloy ("Teach") - John Cleese
      Herrena the Henna Haired - Lucy Lawless
      Hrun the Barbarian - Kevin Sorbo, or Arnold Schwarzenegger
      Conina - Sarah Michelle Geller

      === People of Lancre ===

      King Verence - Alexis Denisof (Wesley from "Angel"
      Shaun Ogg - Sean Astin (Sam from "Lord of the Rings")

      === People of Agatea ===

      Twoflower - Sammo Hung
      Pretty Butterfly - Lucy Lu

      === Miscellaneous characters ===

      Buddy Imp y Celyn - Johnny Depp
      Lu Tze - Jackie Chan
      The Queen of the Elves - Cate Blanchett (who else could it be?)
      * * * There are a number of characters that I can visualise, but I
      can't think of the name of the actor. Can anyone come up with
      suggestions for any of these characters?

      Lord Hong
      71 Hour Ahmed
      Agnes Nitt
      Jason Ogg

      -- Steven D'Aprano
      >> Agnes Nitt
      > Ricki Lake?

      Someone said she's not fat enough, and several people pointed
      out that she's too old. Given the tricks that SFX and makeup
      can play in clicks these days, I'd say fatness is less of a
      problem than age (which also disqualifies Magda S). So yes,
      probably a newcomer.

      Any thoughts about the de Magpyr family? And Angua's
      parents. I would say Francesca Annis for Serafine, and
      possibly Depardieu for the Baron. Possibly Timothy Dalton
      or Jeremy Irons for the Count, one of the Scott Thomases
      (I forget which is which) for the Countess, but as for Vlad
      and Lacci, I don't know who the leading lights of onscreen
      Teenage Snobby are. Oh, wait - Kirsten Cu^H^H^HDunst
      as Lacci. Who's Vlad?

      BTW I was the first at the Fortress (by a tail-hair, or in our
      case, possibly a pinfeather) to suggest Cameron Diaz as
      Angua. That's because while I don't find her particularly
      pretty, she does have a good line in sensuality. It's almost
      a shame she's become a sex symbol, since she's actually a fairly
      decent actor.

      -- Dru


      > and possibly Depardieu for the Baron.

      Oh yes! That is a hit, sirah!

      I can just see him stalking into the room, giving everyone a Look, and
      throwing himself onto a pile of furs.

      -- Steven D'Aprano


      One thing I noticed on the list was that Billy Connelly was set to play
      a couple of roles. Unfortunately, he may be a little busy, since he's
      the only person I can think of to play the entire race of Nac Mac Feegle
      (with possible exception of the keldas, although I reckon Magda could
      do a fairly bad Scottish accent as one of them in a pinch).

      -- ConMan


      71 Hour Ahmed: don't know his name, but he's both George McFly
      from Back to the Future and the creepy thin man from Charlie's

      Incidentally, Jeffery Combs would also make a good Fool.

      -- Lora Craft


      I went Google Image-ing on Jeffrey Combs. Fool, me arse!
      That man is Mr Teatime to the life!

      -- Dru


      On 2003.07.11 05:13 G T Fortune wrote:
      > Steven:
      > > Lady Sybil - Dawn French
      > Too fat, too short, too flighty  - although, I hasten to add, I *do*
      > think she's a fine comedic actress.
      > Lady Sybil is a large (*not* fat) lady of rather angular features
      > (though not unattractive) and with a commanding presence of
      > which she herself is mainly unaware.
      > If she was a man (or if she lived in a different society) she would be
      > seen as a 'natural leader'.
      > For the part of Lady Sybil I see Geraldine James fitting the bill
      > perfectly.
      > Geraldine played the part of the formidable Lady Maud in the excellent
      > BBC production, 'Blott On The Landscape' and showed that she has
      > just the right appearance and presence to portray the fine qualities
      > of Lady Sybil.

      Ooh, good call! I disputed the choice - Steven's - of Dawn French
      for exactly the reasons you've given.

      Hmm, Prunella Scales (the *other* Sybil) has
      the right personality and features IMO, and she does a fine line
      in imposingness/instinctive command, but AFAIK she is
      actually quite small. Though again, think of the hobbit/human
      SFX in LotR! I have seen her in a number of other productions
      and she also is good at doing uppercrust absentmindedness - I
      can just see her with a dragon on each shoulder, mucking out
      the pens...hmm, if her hubby (Timothy West) is still alive, he
      would make a fine addition to the UU faculty...
      > Steven:
      > > Nobby - Harry Dean Stanton, or Steve Buscemi
      > Never heard of either of these fellas  -  what about Tony Robinson for
      > this Baldrick-like part?

      Never_heard_of_HDS_or_SB???!!! ~nearly faints~ GIYF Takahe!
      Both are top character actors with a list of credits as long as a very
      long thing, so I won't even start, apart from mentioning Repo Man
      and the odd Tarantino production...yes, Baldrick is one of Life's
      natural Nobbys though.


      Dianne said:
      > As far as I'm concerned the only person to play Vetinari is Alan
      > Rican. I've had lots of discussion with Tricia about this. After
      > seeing him in Harry Potter and also as the Sheriff of Nottingham in
      > which ever version of Robin Hood it was. I feel he would make an
      > excellent Vetinari.

      An excellent choice!

      And he might even be a good choice to play Vetinari as well.

      -- Steven D'Aprano
      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3

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