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WOSSNAME -- AUGUST 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- AUGUST 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LETTERS FROM OUR READERS
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2003
      WOSSNAME -- AUGUST 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)


      Hi, Y'all-

      I don't normally go for fanfic--I can't stand the idea of possibly
      running into something horrible that someone has done to a favorite.

      This one sounded too bizarre not to look at. So I looked. It's my
      take that the author's pretty bright and has the Buffy dialogue down
      really well, a notch or two better than her Discworld bits. The
      Discworld bits aren't _bad_ but the Buffy bits are pretty good.

      What about you guys?

      -- Stacie L. Hanes (esmeraldus@...)

      Madame D'Afanguin wanders in from her usual Bugarup University
      haunts to say "well bugger me, it really is rather a decent
      piece, and better than most of the themefic by people who were
      actually *paid* to write. I'd give it at least 4.5 outta

      You can read it at: http://www.user.shentel.net/kkatee/btvs/demons1.html


      To the Editor:

      Hi. Been reading Soul Music again. Have several questions
      but the one I'll ask first is how do Nobs and Colon know that
      Susan is Death and call her Susan Death? Susan doesn't
      even know herself who she is 'related' to until Death of Rats visits.
      And I doubt it is something you can look up in any records office.

      Second question: Is there something meaningfull about the guitar
      having 12 strings instead of the 6 that are on today's guitars?
      What is the signifigance of the chalked on number 1. What myth
      did Pratchett borrow from, if any, for this guitar? Where could I get
      more information on the rituals cultures used when making their
      instruments? Is there an answer to the 'I wonder who the first owner
      was' question? :-))

      -- guitargoddess@...


      To the Editor:

      I am directing Stephen Brigg's adaptation of "MORT"
      in March 2004. I am trying to discover if we are the first
      time the play has been done in Canada. Mr. Briggs
      was unable to remember, so I thought that the next best
      place to look would be with The North American
      Discworld Society. Do you know anyone that might have
      this bit of trivia?

      --Graham A. Yeates
      Director of KWLT's 2004 Amateur production of
      Terry Pratchett's "Mort", as adapted for the stage
      by Stephen Briggs.
      March 11-13 & 18-20, 2004

      To the Editor:

      I live in Canada, and am interested in this play. But I live north of
      Toronto, and if the play is too far from me I won't be able to see it.
      I did a web search for KWLT but couldn't find any info about where (or
      what) it is.
      Please forward this to Graham Yeates for more info, if possible.

      -- John Martin



      Where: Various places around Darwin, Australia
      When: Thursday 7 August, pretty much all day
      Who: Jehane and Mogg (visiting)

      Mogg arrives in Darwin following an Ecksian Outback
      Adventure Bus Tour (TM), and of course finds an
      internet cafe first thing in order to see whether
      Jehane, who had been in Brisbane, had replied to a
      proposal for a DarwinMeet. The answer being in
      affirmative, phone calls are made and a meeting time
      arranged. Plans are to go to the Nothern Territory
      Wildlife Park, the Berry Springs for a swim and finish
      up with take-away curry from the Mindil Beach Market,
      watching the sun go down while sitting on the beach.

      Two days later...
      Mogg, lurking suspiciously without the official
      approved Meet recognition equipment (Pterry books
      having been left at home), receives a plaintive phone
      call "I can't find your hotel!" Directions given
      proved remarkably good considering they were given by
      someone who lives several thousand kilometres from the
      meeting point, and 10 minutes later, Jehane arrives.

      We check each other out for symptoms of being
      axe-murderers, and find each other to look at least
      externally sane.

      We set out for the wildlife park, and Mogg becomes
      slightly embarrassed as it dawns on her that the
      proposed destination proves to be approximately 60km
      out of town. However Jehane is the soul of
      hospitality and quite happily allows Mogg to take
      photos of every living creature encountered plus a
      sign thought suitable for putting on the gates of
      Ankh-Morpork, ride on the rather naff golf-buggy train
      thing, experiment with brolgas (6-foot tall grey birds
      which look a bit like storks, for those who don't
      know) and their ability to peck toes through a chain
      link fence, and moan quietly about the heat. Other
      topics of conversation include road signs, the
      weather, BU list personalities, which city of
      Australia has the nicest river, scary food stories. A
      certain English author and his works were occasionally
      referred to.

      The next stop is Berry Springs, a very nice spot to
      have a swim. The stand-out conversation here is as
      Mogg: "What do you think is making those bubbles, just
      over there? A turtle?"
      Jehane: "Yeah, or maybe a fish. But... this is
      August, isn't it?"
      Mogg: "Yes. Why?"
      Jehane: "August is freshwater crocodile breeding
      Mogg: "I thought freshwater crocodiles were timid and
      stayed away from humans and only came out at night!"
      Jehane: "Yeeeeeees, normally, but...let's just move
      away, shall we?"

      We head back to Darwin, and as Mogg now needs get
      changed before going to the market, Jehane very
      patiently sits and waits and is introduced to a
      succession of backpackers who come to borrow Mogg's
      bathroom (apparently the water was off at the hostel),
      look at photos, present bottles of wine, or just say
      hello and goodbye. Eventually we set off for the
      market with the bottle of wine and an addition to the
      party - Veronique, a Belgian backpacker, who is quite
      stunned that either of us would arrange to meet a
      person we only knew via the Internet. We explain that
      BU List members were only known to murder each other
      in a virtual, high-spirited, all-part-of-the-fun kind
      of manner, and that nobody of importance had ever been
      found bound and gagged in a remote forest as a result
      of a Meet.

      Jehane proves her worth yet again by producing a
      picnic rug, to which all and sundry backpackers in
      Darwin known to Mogg from her previous trip
      immediately gravitate (it may be the bottle of wine
      they are gravitating to). We wander around the market
      and eat various foodstuffs including the famous croc
      satay, while watching a beautiful sunset, and have
      just enough time to appreciate the wonders of nature
      etc. etc. before Jehane has to disappear to a music

      So endeth the inaugural DarwinMeet. A fine time had by
      all, and Jehane may have convinced a native
      Melbournian that occasionally sunny warm weather is
      better than grey skies and rain.

      -- Mogg


      Where: Manly, Brisbane, Australia
      When: Monday 21 July, 2003
      What: Lunch and hot chocolate
      Who: Kathy, Peta and Jehane (visiting from interstate)
      How: Train and foot
      Why: Why not?

      Jehane: I'm going to be in Manly. How about a
      Kate: OK, how about lunch? My train gets there about
      Peta: Sounds good. [1]

      And so, with a minimum of the fuss that usually seems
      to accompany meets down south, a Brismeet was
      organised. Being my first Pterrymeet, and the first
      time I had ever met people I only knew online, I was a
      little nervous. But having travelled nearly 3000km to
      attend my first meet, I wasn't about to let the
      possibility that Kathy and Peta were axe-murderers
      stop me. After all, we'd all promised to leave our
      axes at home... So I grabbed Men At Arms and my
      camera and set off for the train station.

      Arriving at Manly station, I could see two people
      standing on the platform. Spotting the familiar Josh
      Kirby covers about their persons, I waved mine in
      greeting. Introductions were made all round, and we
      set off (courtesy of Kathy's foresight in bringing a
      map) in the general direction of the Esplanade in the
      hope of finding lunch.

      We soon found a kebab place that all were happy to eat
      at, and got ourselves a table outside, munching kebabs
      and listening for interesting conversations through
      Kathy's radio. Sadly, the aliens didn't choose to
      communicate with us that day. Some photos were taken,
      but in the absence of any passersby, we took it in
      turns to take pictures.

      Continuing down to the Esplanade, we walked along the
      foreshore before deciding to seek shelter from the
      winter sun. (Are the Victorians jealous yet?) We
      managed to waylay a passerby to take photos, then sat
      at a picnic table to discuss the list, politics, the
      list, books, the list, life, the list...Pterry may
      have been mentioned at some point.

      The fourth member of our meet chose to make an
      entrance at this point. [see attachment] (Ed:
      Sorry, we don't do attachments). He/she was
      soon joined by companions, in spite of the fact that
      we had no food. Finding ourselves under siege, we
      decided to move along and started heading back to the
      train station.

      Stopping for a coffee, we all proceeded to order hot
      chocolates (thank you Kathy!), and more photos were
      taken. It was then time to return to the train
      station, and the conclusion of another successful

      [1] OK, this wasn't the *exact* conversation...

      -- Jehane
      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3

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