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WOSSNAME -- JULY 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- JULY 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5) BIG CHANGES AT THE COLLECTOR S GUILD As the world s leading
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2003
      WOSSNAME -- JULY 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)


      As the world's leading supplier of Discworld figurines, The Collectors'
      Guild has built up a great reputation among Discworld fans over the
      years. Elton Murphy, the man in charge there, used to head the
      Clarecraft Discworld Collectors' Guild and has even been known to throw
      a party or three for thousands of Discworld fans over the years!

      The great news is that Elton is now the owner of the company. There's a
      slight change of name - it is now Collectors Gifts and has a new site at

      Elton said, "This is an exciting, yet somewhat scary, time for me.
      Fatherhood was thrust upon me in May and now this.

      "Being in charge doesn't mean radical change. My brief before, under the
      guidance of R and P Baker, was to always put the customer first. Because
      of this, many of our customers are now personal friends of mine!

      "The new website is a great step forward. Not only does it allow us to
      offer a whole range of merchandise, but the inbuilt loyalty scheme and
      product-pairing discounts means that it will offer even more to our
      customers. Over the coming months, we have a lot of development work to
      do and our customers will really benefit.

      "Over the coming months, we will be visiting trade fairs and contacting
      potential new suppliers. In the past, we have welcomed ideas from our
      existing customers and I would like to invite any Discworld fan to let
      us know if they would like to see any other ranges available on our

      Elton can be contacted via the online form on
      http://www.CollectorsGifts.com or by emailing



      To the Editor:

      This is a real quickie....

      Much as it hurts me to see you all spend your money anywhere other than
      Collectors Gifts, I thought that the Discworld auctions currently
      taking place on our old auction site may interest some. And no, they've
      got nothing to do with me!


      We'll have a new competition for you soon and more offers (DW44 Death on
      Binky is currently just 170 pounds!). Details to follow.....


      -- Elton Murphy


      To the Editor:

      Thanks to Drusilla for the review!

      Any info or speculation about how far the Merkin version
      will diverge from the One True British version? Apparently
      The Truth got mangled in transit.

      Are the Canadian versions of pterry's works the same
      as the British versions?

      -- Henry Polard



      Date: 19th July 2003
      Venue: SteVen's Eeevil Fortress Of Avoiding The Neighbours
      (still in Melbourne, but possibly via a dimensional portal)
      Present: Steven, Dru, Bek, Matt, Jeff, Big Mad Adrian
      Special Guest: Ralph 'Wuffles' D'Aprano

      The purpose of this meet was originally to hassle Big Mad
      Adrian, who is an actor and local theatre producer and has
      expressed interest in presenting The Truth in Melbourne next
      year. To that end, Bek obtained a copy of the Stephen Briggs
      stage adaptation -- yay Amazon! -- as an inspirational gift
      for Big Mad Adrian (henceforth known as BMA) and it was
      decided to lure him to the Fortress for a presentation.

      As we were having a lunch meet, we also decided it was
      time at last to hit Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, not least because
      making Nanny's recipes at meets has been the *only* thing
      the much-maligned 'Sinneysiders' (BU'ers from Sydney) held
      over us in the friendly, healthy, open-hearted ~cough cough~
      intercities rivalry. So boo-ya-sux to you, Sydmeeters, now
      you'll have to come up with something *really* impressive
      like getting your wizards' staffs to actually work :P

      When all were present and Ralph was happily burying a
      bone in the garden, we cooked Ponce da Quirm's Genuine
      Howondaland Curry (not to be confused with Mrs Colon's
      Genyooin Klatchian Curry) in two batches -- with nuclear
      homegrown chillies and without, the latter being for the
      wussy eaters among us who shall not be named. Once again,
      Steven's cherished Dwarf Battle Muffin was carried out
      and displayed; the Battle Muffin is now over 14 months
      old and as robust as ever, and as fine a museum piece as
      can be found in Fourecks. Over luncheon, we discussed
      ideas for staging The Truth while Ralph begged unsuccessfully
      under the table. If Ralph can be taught to "bite" on command,
      he's a shoo-in for the part of Wuffles, even though he is a
      middle-aged fat Cocker Spaniel rather than an elderly
      terrier. Ah well, why not, look how much mileage the fat
      middle-aged Roger Moore made out of pretending to be a
      sexy secret agent! When all were sated, the menfolk made
      manful attempts at changing the light bulb in the Fortress
      waterfall, though the final results -- a sickly blue bulb that
      gives it a rather cheesy look, like those paper umbrellas
      served in cocktails at the Mended Drum - were less than

      After a long pause for more conversation and digestive salts,
      out came the "piece o' resistin's": yes, the dreaded Strawberry
      Wobbler! BMA turned pale and distinctly nervous-looking
      at the sight of it, and single entendres abounded as it was
      served, while Dru regaled the table with tales of a "bring a
      banananana" party she'd once thrown, where some of the
      humorous fruit sculptures would have made Gytha herself
      blush. Well, a little...oh, all right, barely at all, but they
      certainly made some of the lunchers blush!

      Eventually BMA swanned off to see a friend in another play,
      and Bek and Jeff headed off, leaving Matt, Steven and Dru
      to the serious business of Scrabble. This time it was decided
      that Discly names would be allowed, but sadly, none
      cropped up until the end stages, where the players suddenly
      got religion -- it's amazing how many points can be scored by
      placing Io or Om in the right positions! Note: never play
      Scrabble with Steven - he cheats. Mind you, he *still* ends
      up losing...

      Another good day. Dru's health permitting, soon there may
      again be public MelMeets!

      Cook's note: these Nanny Ogg recipes can be found on
      p.42 (Howondaland Curry) and p.64 (Strawberry Wobbler)

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin



      Date: Unknown, maybe July 21, 2003
      Venue: Brisbane? Manly?

      Before Dru gets in with a demand, here's the Kathy
      version of the BrisMeet. I caught the 10:00 train into
      the city, and then another out to the bayside
      suburb of Manly. First stop off the train was the loo.
      It was a long trip!

      Waiting at the exit was a young lady clutching a copy
      of Pterry's "Soul Music", so I displayed my copy of
      "The Truth" and we introduced ourselves. Peta had got
      off the same train. After only a couple of minutes, anther
      person with a book approached, this time "Men at Arms".

      None of us had much idea of where anything was, so we
      decided to wander in the general direction of the Bay,
      and see what came along. We weren't sure where we
      were going, but I had a badly printed map I'd downloaded,
      so we managed to find the right area.

      On the way, we discussed what we'd like for lunch and
      settled on kebabs. This suited Peta, as she got her fave
      vegetarian version. We sat for a while and after finishing
      the food (outside table too, was warm enough (just) in the
      sun) and took pictures, as both Jehane and I had cameras.

      Then we just decided to go look for better scenery for more
      pics, and also to find a nice person to take the pics as we
      wanted all three of us in them. We then decided there wasn't
      much point in wandering too much, and settled on a BBQ
      table in the park, where we just talked lots!!

      When the wind got a bit cool and time got a little short for
      me, we headed back toward the station, stopping off on the
      way to warm up a little with hot chocolates all round. Jehane
      saw Peta and I onto the train, and headed back to her abode,
      more talking occurred on the train, although the noise from a
      multitude of schoolchildren tended to make conversation difficult!

      Peta got off at her stop and I continued on to the city and
      back out again to the West. All in all, I'm glad I managed to
      overcome my agoraphobia enough to actually get out and meet
      people! Both Peta and Jehane made me feel welcome, and I
      enjoyed their company very much.

      In a footnote, we did have a bit of a chuckle over the speed and
      ease with which we organised our Meet, and doing so without
      the benefit of a special list to help us!!

      -- Simone K - resident anarchist and BrisMeeter.
      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3

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