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WOSSNAME -- APRIL 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- APRIL 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5) LETTERS FROM OUR READERS
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2003
      WOSSNAME -- APRIL 2003 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)


      To the Editor:

      Does anyone else see the resemblance between
      Kidby's vision of Ponder and Harry Potter?

      The moment I first saw Kidby's Ponder, I had two
      1) Yes, that's exactly what Ponder looks like!
      2) I wonder if the strong resemblance to that pansyarse
      wannabe-wizard Harry Potter is affectionately tongue
      in cheek or meant to be nicely vicious...

      I wondered who had copied whom. Perfect description of
      HP there. I don't understand why he's the hero when
      everyone else saves him from his own > incompetence.

      I seem to recall someone sending in a link, a few months
      ago, to a column suggesting - possibly *not* with tongue in
      cheek, alas - that Harry was a gormless pawn of the
      bloated, autocratic, nepotistic, privileged wizard class...;)

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin


      To the Editor:

      Someone is secretly unleashing the ancient horror of Cthulhu
      on the world of Hello Kitty...

      > http://www.underwhelmed.org/

      > Forget not the protective glasses...
      > Cap'n Hector, finder of unspeakable evil.

      Hah! Cthulhu me arse, that's just Doctor Zoyberg in
      green make-up...

      -- Noisy Cow


      After several postponements, the first official Tree Meet began at
      approximately 1:45pm[1], Saturday, April 5, 2003, at the home of Laurel
      Carney in the family room of DOOM in the boring town of Petaluma,
      California, graced by the presence of a bowl of chocolate covered raisins,
      and a rather splendid bag of Jelly beans, compliments of Holly.

      In attendance were Laurel and Holly, various members of Laurel's
      family wandering in to steal m&m's, the infamously ferocious Joey begging
      for popcorn, and a serious lack of Discworld discussion.

      After chatting for an hour or so about the yummy eye candy in LOTR, our
      desire to move to Australia, the reasons we can't move to Australia, and
      various other topics, we turned on the extended version of LOTR - FOTR and
      proceeded to drool over Legolas and Aragorn[2]. At one point Holly
      commented that how Frodo had been much cuter as a young lad, to which
      Laurel replied that Holly was both crazy and blind.

      At approximately 5pm, Laurel's mother reminded her that she had to be at a
      school fundraiser in less than 10 minutes, so Holly took her cue to leave
      and thus the first Tree Meet ended. With luck, the next one will not be
      planned at Ent speed.
      1 - it would have begun sooner, but Holly got a little lost
      2 - the plan had been to go see LOTR - TTT at the movie theatre, but
      Laurel's mother was fearful of trusting her daughter's life in the hands
      of Holly's driving skills, which was probably a smart move on her part
      (see footnote 1)

      -- A Certain Lobster

      Melbourne, Sunday April 13th from 9.30am


      Bek, Jeff and Matt showed up around 9.15, so we went and played pokies
      leaving Matt standing near the cinema box office :-P

      B and Lora showed up not long after and we all laughed about the box office
      signs saying "Box Office will reopen at 10am, when our movie was at 9.45am.
      Jeff and I went and hassled the guy to sell us all tickets, and just as we
      finished purchasing tickets, Paul showed up (even a few minutes early!!).

      We all enjoyed the movie - my favourite part was the outtakes at the end

      Jeff headed to the car because he didn't want yum cha, then we decided that
      none of us wanted yum cha either. So we dragged Jeff back, and went to the
      food court at crown and ate a wide variety of cheap food.

      Jeff headed home for real this time to watch the motor racing, and we all
      tried to decide what to do. Lora needed to head to st kilda markets to buy
      stuff, so we all went for a wander down there with her. We managed to find
      the right tram and not get lost either!

      So, we wandered through the markets going "ooooh, I want that!!" and waited
      for everyone else to drag us away, which is a very good way of not spending
      money. Unless you ask Lora if you should buy something, then she'll tell
      you yes, every time.

      We stopped by Luna Park to get fairy floss (cotton candy ?), and then headed
      back to the city. We decided to go have a look at Minotaur, but were told
      by the tram people (who were in a car) that the tram line along collins
      street was closed cause of a big peace protest further along. So we thought
      about walking, then decided that Lora would get too paranoid that she'd miss
      the train home, so we stopped at Gloria Jean's for coffee. And sat and
      watched the flash flood :-P

      We eventually left the coffee shop and wandered across to the station. I
      don't think B wants to know what the boys (Paul and Matt) were getting up to
      with Lora under that umbrella!

      Matt and I left Paul, B, and Lora at the vicrail platform, and that was
      another mel meet.

      -- Bek - writing her first mel meet report.


      The ChanMeet began with Bek, Jeff and Matt arriving at Crown Casino at
      dawn, three hours before everyone else. They watched the drunks
      staggering out of the nightclubs and the compulsive gamblers take their
      weekly ten minute break from the slot-machines.

      Eventually Lora and B arrived, a flotilla of dazed-looking young men
      (some of whom were definitely drooling) following Lora, who was dressed
      in a belly-dancer's costume with black leather pants and jacket. After
      B finally managed to beat them off with a stick, Bek made Matt stand in
      line for an hour to buy the movie tickets while the rest of them talked.

      The Jackie Chan movie, "Shanghai Knights", started at 9:45am. At 9:43am,
      Paul came running up to the theatre, chased by a group of very angry
      people. Many of them were covered in green paint. Fortunately Paul was
      able to hide behind a pot-plant until they were gone. Paul denied
      knowing why they were chasing him, although it should be noted that
      after Bek and Lora threw him roughly to the floor and went through his
      pockets they found a receipt from a paint shop.

      There may have been other people there at the Meet, but they weren't
      very important or were invisible so they don't count.

      The movie was either hilariously funny or a complete waste of time,
      depending on whether or not you like Shanghai Knights. But Jeff was
      excited to see that some of the advertisements featured sports cars
      driving really really fast, and Bek had trouble preventing him from
      leaving the cinema then and there to go buy the advertised products.

      (For the record, they were adverts for baby nappies and over-the-counter
      rheumatism medicine.)

      After the movie, they all retired to Lucky Chan's (no relation) for Yum
      Cha. Lora and Jeff sat there quietly, staring with horror at the
      many-tentacled creatures on offer while the others ate.

      After the meal, Matt said something. Everyone was so shocked to hear him
      speak that nobody remembers what he said, but his lips definitely moved
      and sounds came out, so he must have been talking.

      Lora had to go to work then, selling artificial flavours, salt and grease
      (with a touch of chicken as a bulking agent), so she and B left. Not
      long after that, Paul looked at his watch and, realising that the last
      train to Melton for the rest of the month was about to leave, mumbled
      good-bye and ran off.

      That left only Matt, Jeff and Bek. That was when they realised that
      nobody else had paid for lunch, so Bek made Matt pay for the lot and
      then they went to look at comic shops.

      And so another wonderful Melmeet came to an end. Every word I wrote is
      the absolute truth, except for the lies. Only the events have been

      -- Steven D'Aprano

      April 21, 2003 - 11 a.m.

      This morning at 11am we met outside Galaxy in the City.
      There was Cat, Bobby, Sel, Arabel, Timerryn, and Kate P.
      We hung around inside the bookshop for around an hour l
      ooking at books until Conman arrived at 12.

      We then walked to Momma's Kitchen and had pasta for lunch,
      and stayed there talking loudly for two hours. After that we went
      to Kinokuniya bookshop and looked at comics and books for
      another hour and a half, and went home.

      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3

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