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WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2002 -- PART 3 OF 4 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2002 -- PART 3 OF 4 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KFL MEETS AROUND THE WORLD:
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      WOSSNAME -- NOVEMBER 2002 -- PART 3 OF 4 (continued)
      7) MELMEET: Hallowe'enMeet aka Dru's BirthdayMeet

      Date: 3rd November 2002
      Venues: Shark Fin Inn, assorted bookshops, Hania's house
      In attendance: Dru, Steven, Bek, Matt, Hania, plus Lora by SMS again
      (getting worried about that girl)

      Originally this was meant to be Dru's birthday lunch, since she's now
      lived through 50 Hallowe'ens, but it seemed like a good opportunity to
      introduce Hania to Melmeets. Hania is our newest, but possibly most
      experienced, professor of Experimental Corsetry; if there is ever a film
      made about the adventures of Nanny Ogg as a young woman, Hania is a
      shoo-in for the part.

      We started at the famous Shark Fin Inn restaurant with a Yum Cha
      banquet of wizzardly proportions and duration (NB: we keep *meaning* to
      explore Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, but those Kentucky Fried Tentacles in
      Chinatown are just too distracting so far). In between stuffing our faces
      and groping the waiters, we exchanged Discworld stories, dissed Josh
      Kirbymayherestinpeace, praised Paul Kidby, talked about Buffy and Angel (of
      course) and sent rude text messages to the tentacle-fearing Lora.

      Eventually we were thrown out, erm, left the restaurant and most of us
      went for a wander to Minotaur and other shops while Hania raced home to
      evict the various gnolls, gnomes and pictsies from her abode and rouse
      her S/O Doctor Michael from his crypt. Joining them there, we had a fine
      afternoon that included yet another round of Wyrdest Link, possibly won
      by Steven, a bit of a jam session, and Blackadder and Buffy videos.

      Then Dru was treated to a birthday foot spa and massage. And as this is a
      family list, no, you really, really, really don't want to hear about it.
      Really. Trust me on this.

      Finally, pizza was sent for, the kind that Gimlet's would be proud to take
      the blame for, and the happy participants faded into the night.

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin.


      8) ADMEET: Chilli Beer Meet

      Date: 9th November 2002
      Venue: Andrew's abode, Adelaide, South Australia
      In attendance: Looming Andrew and SuperDtM...
      otherwise known as Andrew Hood and Dan Lato
      Time: Just after 2pm.

      And so it came to pass, that after all this time there
      was finally another AdMeet. Being that our numbers are
      so sparse down here in the south central piece of
      XXXX, it was no small achievement in itself.
      So I set off from home about quarter past one headed
      for Andrew's place.

      Only problem was, I left my street directory behind,
      and managed to take a wrong turn...*not* at
      Albequerque...and get myself lost. However, using my
      supreme navigator skills -- okay, it was sheer luck -- I
      managed to get back on the right track and find my

      I was introduced to Andrew's lovely family and we sat
      out the back under the shade on a perfect afternoon
      for shooting the breeze. Not only shooting the breeze,
      but also trying each other's home brew. (Sad to say
      that Andrew's famous chilli beer was unavailable...but
      under his excellent teachings I'm going to try and
      brew my own!) Ahhhhh, it's good to be the king!

      The beer was good and the conversation varied.

      There was the usual discussion on how we got into
      Pratchett, work, a short life story and of course beer
      brewing stories and advice (most of the fine advice
      coming from Andrew!)

      Talked about our fav books...mine Mort...shocking
      short term memory can't remember what Andrew's was.
      (Ed: TOT) Talked about family and Pratchett...my wife
      is a big fan...Andrew has tried to get his daughter into it.

      It would have been quite easy to sit there all
      evening...but I did have to drive and it was getting
      on for tea time. So we bid farewell a little after four, promising
      to plan the next Admeet where there would be a BBQ as
      well as beer. We know how to have a Meet here in SA.
      It was a lovely afternoon and we must do it again soon!

      -- Dan Lato

      9) MELMEET: Dianne-Free DianneMeet

      Date: 13th November 2002
      Venues: The Cafe With No Name, Minotaur, Australia on Collins Mall,
      Steven's office
      In attendance: Bek, Matt, Lora (in person! at last!), Dru, Steven
      Nearly in attendance if she'd been patient: Dianne

      We've been trying to organise a complete-with-Dianne MelMeet since
      before I moved to Fourecks. Usually Dianne can't make it because she's
      sustained credibility-straining but provable injuries or someone near to
      her has done the same. This time there were no crises but she still failed
      to connect.

      There was vague talk of a meet for this date, but by the morning of the
      13th nothing was finalised; then Matt rang Dru and offered free transport,
      so the meet was on. Dianne went to the cafe, well she says she did, at
      the stroke of noon and waited until 12.15, then left. Bek, Matt and Dru
      arrived at 12.15:30 and waited for a while, then ordered lunch. Just as we
      were about to leave, Lora rang breathlessly to ask if we were still Doing
      Lunch. We met at Minotaur (they must be used to us there:'Here comes that
      bunch of tossers who thumb through all the Terry Pratchett and Buffy
      books and hardly ever buy anything, oh well, at least they don't draw in
      the margins'). Lora was finally revealed to Bek and Matt as a real person,
      not just a disembodied set of excuses (as opposed to Dianne who is usually a
      bodied set of excuses!). At Minotaur we discovered that Pterry would be
      signing books there the following week, and that's the main reason this meet
      was important - because it alerted everyone to the fact that there were
      going to be TWO signings on the same street in the same afternoon!

      Our next stop was Australia on Collins, a very upmarket mall where Bek
      went shopping for odds and sods. If you ever come to Fourecks, and have
      no lack of funds, this is a beautiful and friendly place.

      Then it was on to Steven's office where Lora kept trying to press various
      buttons controlling lights, power and probably every Hex in the room, and
      Steven had to forcibly restrain her. He really enjoyed that part.

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin.


      To the Editor:

      I have  subscriptions to both  DWM and WOSSNAME in
      hopes of connecting with someone in the USA. So far,
      just one or two random e-mailers have been spotted in
      DWM, and none in WOSSNAME.   I fear that I may be
      the only Discworld fan in my area of the country,(northeast);
      and knowing that you are the communication hub for a
      few groups, I thought that you might have some knowledge
      as to WHERE THE HECK IS EVERYBODY?!?!?!?!?
      -- Renee Taylor

      Hi Renee,

      The good news is that there are hundreds of
      Pratchett fans in your area. The bad news is
      that I don't know who they are, since many
      are on our mailing list as just e-mail addresses.

      However, I will run your letter in the next issue
      of WOSSNAME and some of them may write

      -- Ed


      To the Editor:

      The thing I love about Pterry is the way he seamlessly combines great
      writing and great storytelling. His dialogue flows, his characters seem
      as real as real can get despite being vehicles for satire,

      -- Dru

      Reply to Dru:

      You reckon? They are smarter than your average bear, but I actually
      think that the longer Pterry goes on, the more binary his characters
      become : Rincewind (and the wizards) become more the reluctant hero
      than the lucky idiot. Vimes is more the hard jawed stereotype NY cop
      than the tortured alcoholic fool with a sense of duty he might have been.
      The underlying murderous ambition of the wizards is gone. The Patrician
      has kept his cynical viewpoint, but has developed a compassion that
      belies the snakepits of earlier novels.

      I'm gonna commit list suicide and suggest that Pterry has lost his edge
      as far as characters go. Plotwise, I was starting to think that, but
      Thief of Time proved me wrong, he excelled his recent efforts in a big
      way. But he has too much affection for his characters now, and unless
      he knows they are the 'baddie' he is too affectionate.

      -- Jase

      Reply to Jase:

      I think you may possibly stand pretty much alone on this, Jase. There's
      no "right" or "wrong" to it, just a certain quality of aloneness :-)
      It's that very quality of affection for his characters that makes the
      sparkle, for me. Much as I loved the earlier novels, I felt that most of
      the characters were very one-dimensional, mere shells for delivery of jokes.
      For example, I detested Carrot at first - found him only useful as a
      plot device - but now that Pterry has been exploring Carrot's
      multilayered personality, I am slowly coming to like the guy (especially
      after 5th Elephant). And I think Vimes did start out as a Dirty Harry
      caricature but has become a very real person, full of deep passions
      and deep contradictions. As for dear Havelock, his occasional showing
      of less than superhuman qualities doesn't make him any less of a hottie

      -- Dru

      Reply to Jase:

      I think he's redeemed himself a lot in this respect
      in Night Watch. Certainly the villains are
      particularly good (most notably Carcer and Swing),
      but the Treacle Mine Rd Night Watch are all very
      well done, as are the young versions of such
      personages as Rosie Palm, the Agony Aunts and
      Cruces. Although Vetinari is given yet another
      sympathetic aspect to his personality, we get
      another insight into his mind with his chosen mode
      of concealment.

      I must say, I loved Night Watch. Dru lent me her copy
      (mostly because her, Steven and Miss Kitty couldnt get
      my fingers lose) and I had read it twice by the time I
      gave it back to Steven the following day.

      -- Paul
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      End of Part 3, says my computer -- continued on Part 4 of 4
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