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WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo KFL MEETS AROUND THE WORLD:
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      WOSSNAME -- OCTOBER 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

      4) MELMEET REPORT #1 - MattMeet

      Date : 28th September 2002

      Venue : Lucky Chan's Tentacle Emporium :-) and other parts of downtown
      Melbourne, Australia

      Attending : Paul the Libwolf, Matt, Bek, SteVen, Dru, Tricia

      Failing to Attend Due to The Usual Disasters : Dianne

      Failing to Attend Due to The Plague : Lora

      Well, here it is, yet another report on yet another Melmeet, and what a good
      time to point out to the New South Welsh that they're falling so far
      behind that the entire state of NSW is drifting into an alternate

      It being nearly Matt's 21st birthday, we decided to have Yum Cha again. For
      those of you unfamiliar with this wondrous experience, it's an Auriental
      'brunch' consisting of an almost endless succession of Agateans wheeling
      out little carts of "small foods" of various sorts - tentacles, little
      envelopes of translucent steamed pastry containing assorted Named Meats,
      sweet and savoury buns, seaweeds and such - you choose whatever you
      want and share around the table. Either you love Yum Cha or hate it (Jase
      coming up with excuses not to attend when Yum Cha is involved ).

      First there was the matter of meeting. Tricia is one of our newbies, so we
      didn't know what she looked like except that she was going to be wearing a
      black Marilyn Manson t-shirt. Paul spent quite a lot of time running around
      Spencer Street station asking women in black t-shirts if they wanted to have
      lunch with him. Luckily, he wasn't arrested or beaten up and one of
      the women turned out to be Tricia. Eventually we all met at Lucky Chan's
      which is on the banks of the Yarra River which runs through the centre of
      Melbourne. It's a lovely spot for fine weather dining. Unfortunately it was
      cold windy and throwing down rain. Oh well.

      Over lunch we traded various stories and viewed each other's tattoos. Matt
      was toasted, and SteVen gave him a tin of sardines ( he'd already eaten the
      tin of herring ) and also kindly proved that, in Matt's case, there *is*
      such thing as a free lunch. Tricia eyed the platters of tentacles
      suspiciously and prodded other dishes until she found Named Meat.

      Then it was off for a walk, or a stagger in my case - chronic illness, NOT
      alcohol! - along the soggy banks of the Yarra. We tried to get into the
      Crown Casino to watch the suckers, but they decided at the entrance that we
      weren't the right sort. Obviously we didn't look stupid enough... onwards
      for a round of window-shopping and a raid on a CD shop, then across the
      river to where the important shops are : COMICS!!!!!! We spent a long time
      fondling the exhibits, and left a trail of drool near the Angel display ( no
      names mentioned, but it wasn't me ).

      Some of the party left early to beat the post-Grand Final rush ( Aussie
      Rules Football ). Matt, SteVen and I carried on, and shopped, and wandered
      and then had a very long coffee break, sitting outside as the rain had
      stopped, and watching all the fascinating multicultural passersby. On the
      way to the train, SteVen bought the entire contents of a sushi bar. We said
      goodbye to Matt and retired to the Fortress to build up our strength for the
      upcoming BoffinMeet in October.

      Oh, yeah, did I mention that we also talked about some Brit fantasy author?

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin


      5) MELMEET REPORT #2: BoffinMeet


      Date: 19th-22nd October 2002

      Venues: Fasta Pasta (Noble Park), Bek's house, Pancake>Parlour
      (Bourke St), Hania's house, Trios (Melbourne Central mall) and
      various bits of downtown Melbourne, Australia

      Attending (various): Jerm (boffin pumpkin), SteVen,Dru, Libwolf,
      Bek, Matt (werecat), Hania (part time Ogg), Jase, and Lora (by
      SMS only)

      Originally planned as a one-day meet on the 20th to celebrate
      NewSouthWelshman Jerm's rare presence in Mel's Bourne, the festivities
      started early and just sort of forgot to stop.

      First up was a surprise message from Jerm : 'The pumpkin has landed and he
      is bored, bored, bored.' It was late in the day to send out a massed call
      to arms, so SteVen and Dru joined Jerm and Bek and Bek's DB Jeff for fast
      Italian (even though Dru already has one of those) and then retired to
      Bek's where we raided bookshelves, watched really naff horror movies and
      did a brisk trade in pirate S7 Buffy episodes. It was Jerm's first time
      meeting Dru, and he's been a bit pale ever since, though everyone got along
      well. We also discovered that Jerm is a secret rally driver. Do NOT put
      that man at the head of a convoy!

      Bek was also outed as a jolly good closet embroiderer and displayed some of
      her collection of embroidered closets.

      In a dazzling display of declawed multiculturalism, we moved from pasta to
      pancakes at high noon. It was Hania's first Melmeet, and she is a young
      lady who truly lives by the Code Of Ogg! Lunch was a bawdy, rowdy, cheerful
      affair full of mountains of food, rude jokes, discussions of Pterry and
      more rude jokes.

      Lora was confined to her Chambers with a severe case of exams (and with B
      who had a severe case of plague), so we kept sending her text messages
      yumming over each new delicacy and generally making her life miserable (to
      judge from her replies).

      Hania had the Blackadder theme stuck in her head all morning and
      had just announced that she'd suppressed it when SteVen brought
      out the video he'd made for Dianne. It was Blackadder, of course!
      So off we went singing the Blackadder theme to the accompaniment of
      arrrgghhhhs. Next was a tour of several bookshops and a long session at
      Minotaur, the Mecca of comix and sci fi delights. After a while our eyes
      lit on a copy of The Wyrdest Link and we started playing it in the middle
      of the bookshop; of course, they are blessedly inured to this sort of
      behaviour, especially since one of us bought a copy.

      After a few hours Wolf and Matt ran out of energy - not running on
      Duracell obviously - and Jerm, Hania SteVen and Dru had a long
      coffee break, did some more wandering and, as night descended, raided
      a KFC (as Lora frantically texted "Don't eat the potatoes and gravy, I work
      at KFC and I know what goes into them!!!") and continued our Wyrdest Link
      session into the later hours. Jerm hit the invisible buzzer so often that
      we decided to get him a life for Hogswatch :P

      You'd think by now Jerm would have had enough of us, but no.
      After a restful Monday we met downtown to do it all over again.
      This time Jase joined in for lunch, then Jerm and Dru went window shopping,
      stopping in the sadly soon-to-cease-trading Slow Glass Books. Nearby there
      was a suspiciously magical antique bookshop with an antique proprietor who
      looked like a close personal friend of Ronald 'Teach' Saveloy and the Duck
      Man. Surrounded by wonderful ancient maps and wildlife paintings, Jerm was
      powerless to resist the pull of his credit card. Ah, the smell of genteelly
      mouldering books is an aroma to gladden the homesick European nose!
      Time seemed to stand still in there, too. Your humble reporter would not be
      surprised if - going back to the same spot - the shop not only
      wasn't there, but *never had been* !!!

      The last stop was at a garden centre, where Jerm bought menacing
      Herbs and a pair of clay pots that looked like something Nanny would
      have brought back from her grand journey to Genua; then on to SteVen's
      office which was also invaded by SteVen's younger brother, who is tall,
      handsome, baldand psychotic and who gave jerm a lift to the train so he
      wouldn't have to imitate the lifting power of the average grandmother.
      All in all it was a delightful few days, and we hope Jerm hasn't been
      frightened away from Mel's Bourne forever.

      Beat that, Sinneysiders! Hah!

      p.s. They ate the P&G. Well, some people did. Not this little black

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin


      This section is not limited to Australia, although we run
      a lot of their stuff since they are a very active group.
      We'd particularly like to run material about other DW
      meets, especially from the US, Canada, and Europe.

      If your group is holding these meets, please send details
      to Joe Schaumburger, editor, WOSSNAME at:
      jschaum111@... and we will be very happy to
      run your writeups.



      To the Editor:

      I've been listening to one of the discworld tapes my mother
      had: it's Guards, Guards. The Dragon wrecked the palace
      but in the next book the Patrician's palace is back to the
      way it was, or seemed to be. So did the Wizards do
      some magic stuff and remake it, or was it rebuilt and I
      missed it somewhere? I just wondered.

      -- Dianne

      To the Editor:

      The Dragon hollowed out a large amount of the center, but the shell, the
      dungeon, and enough of the rest was left so that the Patrician could use
      secret passages. Ankh-Morpork routinely rebuilds after fires and floods.
      I think he Palace was probably routinely rebuilt (maybe with a few more
      secret passages) and nobody paid much attention to the fact, so it wasn't
      mentioned in the text.



      To the Editor:

      I was wondering if you could answer a small question I have about
      discworld, in PYRAMIDS, pg 10 bout the mid of the page, it says
      Teppic, Pteppic, or whatever, has a pair of 'Tlingas' in his boots.
      I would just like to know what Tlingas are -- other than a sort
      of weapon.

      -- Emma

      Sorry, all I can find about tlingas is the quote you mentioned:
      "A couple of long-bladed throwing tlingas were slipped into
      their sheaths inside his boots." p. 9 Gollancz edition.
      The closest I can come otherwise is "tlingit" -- a group of
      Alaskan Indians, whom I doubt could be slipped into anyone's

      I will ask Terry.

      The Editor



      To the Editor:

      Just a short note today to let you know that the new Clarecraft Bruta
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      -- Elton

      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3
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