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WOSSNAME -- SEPTEMBER 2002 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued)

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  • JSCHAUM111@aol.com
    WOSSNAME -- SEPTEMBER 2002 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 9) NOT YOUR DISC HOROSCOPE Lady Aranluc, our staff Horoscope
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
      WOSSNAME -- SEPTEMBER 2002 -- PART 3 OF 3 (continued)


      Lady Aranluc, our staff Horoscope editor, writes in a
      very charming and colloquial Spanish, which completely
      stumps my robot translator program. Usually, my good
      friend Manu, head of our KDL Spanish language section,
      and editor of El PuercoespĂ­n (The Hedgehog), translates
      the robot mishmash into excellent and amusing English.
      Alas, this month, I forgot to alert him until yesterday, and
      we will not have his translation in time for this issue.

      Luckily, none of the Discworld zodiac constellations she
      writes about are visible from Roundworld, so I see no
      problems for most of our readers, except perhaps for
      a few visiting Discworld tourists. The missing horoscopes
      will, of course, appear in our next issue.

      For your amusement, here's a sample of the robot


      21 March - 20 April what can be a door (or a cascade, or a tree, or...)

      This month you will have a terrible attack of turn to the nature.
      You will buy yourself some wooden clogs and a goat and you
      will attempt pas - to fight bulls her for the living room of your house
      in your free hours intoning Tyrolese songs climbed to the back of
      the sofa. After the animal makes his things in all the carpets of the
      house and leave a bone falling of the high of the closet you will sell
      to the puñetera goat to a panda of gypsies and you will declare
      yourself enemy of all that smells of grass. Good, of almost everything....


      I am dying to know what a "panda of gypsies" is, too,
      but I guess we will have to wait. However, if anyone
      is bi-lingual and wants to read the horoscopes in
      the original, you can go to Manu's Spanish language
      KFL site at: mundodisco-subscribe@yahoogroups.com



      Answer the questions and put the letter
      indicated into the spot shown. Read the word
      backwards and discover the name of the Land
      of the Pyramids.
      (Note: all spellings are from the 1989 Gollancz edition.)

      Example: Pratchett - 1st letter: ANSWER: Terry LETTER = T

      1. The Royal Embalmer (2nd letter)

      2. Greatest Discworld mathematician (4th letter)

      3. The god who endlessly searches for his toenails (1st letter)

      4. Goddess of soap bubbles (2nd letter)

      5. The cat-headed god (1st letter)

      6. Teppic's girlfriend (6th letter)

      7. Head pyramid builder (5th letter)

      8. The Listener (1st letter)

      9. Cobra-headed god of papyrus (1st letter)

      10. First Minister and High Priest (1st letter)

      __/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/ = The Land of the Pyramids
      1*/ 2*/ 3*/4*/ 5*/6*/7*/8*/9*/10/

      Puzzle solution will appear next month.



      1. The Duke of Felmet's first name (2nd letter)
      LEONAL = E
      2. Ghost who carries his head under his arm (1st letter)
      CHAMPOT = C
      3. Mr. Boggis, Bespoke Thief (4th letter)
      4. Noted dwarf playwright (3rd letter)
      HWEL = E
      5. Magrat's last name (3rd letter)
      GARLICK = R
      6. Granny's nickname (1st letter)
      ESME = E
      7. Manager of the troupe of actors (1st letter)
      VITOLLER = V
      8. Nanny's cat (1st letter)
      GREEBO = G
      9. Adopted son of # 7 above (6th letter)
      TOMJON = N
      10. Black ______, powerful witch from Skund (3rd letter)
      ALISS = I
      11. The theater in Ankh-Morpork (4th letter)
      DYSK = K

      E_/C_/N_/E_/R_/E_/V_/G_/N_/I_/K_/ = The Fool's destiny.
      1*/ 2*/ 3*/4*/ 5* /6*/ 7*/ 8*/ 9*/10*/11/

      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      Copyright (c) 2002 by Klatchian Foreign Legion
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