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WOSSNAME -- SEPTEMBER 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)

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    WOSSNAME -- SEPTEMBER 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued) ... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MORE REPORTS: 4) DANMEET REPORT Date : 7th September 2002
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2002
      WOSSNAME -- SEPTEMBER 2002 -- PART 2 OF 3 (continued)




      Date : 7th September 2002

      Location : Fourecks :-) ( near Albury, New South Wales )

      Attending : SuperDan, the D'Afanguins, Libwolf

      SuperDan having announced that he would be in the Wagga Wagga area
      and would like to meet some Mel's Bourners, we agreed to met him halfway
      - we took the bigger half. With SteVen at the helm, we set course for the
      Ecks-famous Ettamogah Pub. This is an official tourist trap ; for a bit of
      background, here's a link ( note spelling ) :


      As we barrelled down the Hume Highway at semilegal speeds, the conversation
      went like this :

      'Look! Sheeps!'

      'Look! Cattles!'

      'Ooh, alpacas! And emus!'

      'Hey, that was a squashed possum!'

      'Ooh, sheeps and their young!'

      'Cattles and their children!'

      'An alpaca and its - no, wait, that's a Shetland pony...'

      ...and so on. ( Let the record show that we did not indulge in the crime of
      sheep-worrying, which contrary to public opinion is not perpetrated only
      by dogs : the human version is rolling down the car windows when passing
      sheep, and shouting, ''Rosemary! Garlic! MINT SAUCE!!!'' ).

      Eventually we came to the townlet of Glen Rowan, famous as the site of
      Ned Kelly's Last Stand. There is a 6m tall statue of a man wearing buckets
      on his head and body - that commemorates the spot where he was shot, I
      assume - and a tawdry tourist shop and not a lot else. Very exciting.

      Then on to the Ettamogah pub itself. Not a tourist in sight, but SuperDan
      was easy to recognise as he was the only one wearing a Spider-Man cossie
      ( don't ask ), so we made our introductions and retired up the spiral
      staircase to the restaurant floor, where we dined outside in a force 8 gale,
      just like the Ewings of Dallas. Over lunch we discussed several on-topic
      subjects, one of which was continued by Paul in his report to BU ; then it
      was downstairs again to check out the souvenir shop - out of sympathy for
      the bored staff, of course. We wandered out into the spring sunshine minus
      a Penguin, who stayed behind looking for gifts. A few minutes later we
      heard a horrified squawk : 'Arrgghhh!!! SEVEN DOLLARS for a plastic
      stubbie holder!!! Noooo!!!', and he exited in a cloud of feathers, just as a
      coach pulled up and disgorged the entire population of an Auriental village,
      complete with cameras, and we hid in the underbrush.

      Eventually SuperDan intimated that he had to turn into a pumpkin. We
      waited in fascination, but Jerm failed to materialise, so we said our
      goodbyes and parted fiends.

      This reporter will draw a veil over SteVen's comments about the quality of
      the land, air and sunshine in NSW, for the sake of avoiding a nuclear
      incident. It can, however, be told that we stopped on the way back for
      coffee at a MuckyDonald's, and lived to tell the tale. No lawsuits will be
      forthcoming :-)

      And so back toward Melbourne :

      'Look! A truck tyre casing!'

      'Ooh, a speed trap!'

      'Hey, is that Venus rising or a plane with its headlights on?'

      'Ooh, look, sheeps sleeping...'

      Yours truthfully,

      -- Drusilla D'Afanguin



      To the Editor:

      I've been listening to one of the discworld tapes my mother
      had: it's Guards, Guards. The Dragon wrecked the palace
      but in the next book the Patrician's palace is back to the
      way it was, or seemed to be. So did the Wizards do
      some magic stuff and remake it, or was it rebuilt and I
      missed it somewhere? I just wondered.

      -- Dianne



      To the Editor:

      >stoneauk wrote:
      > > > 1) How did you start reading pratchett? >
      > > I was working nights in an elderly person's home and
      > > someone had left a copy of TCOM behind.
      >>I was hooked straight away.
      >ewwww Anne, that's a bit ghoulish!
      >Jase - Director of Acronyms and Soapbox Monitor

      Ahahahahahohoheehheehahhh Jase!

      She *may* have meant that a visitor left it behind :-)

      I'll have you know Anne is a fellow vampire, not a ghoul.
      Nonetheless, do beware of her meat pies - they actually
      have Quorn in them.

      -- Noisy Cow

      (Ed: Don't ask me what all this means. I just print it.)



      To the Editor:

      > > Maiyuran Arumugam <diburaa_san@h... wrote

      > >On topic, what's the next invention you reckon PTerry's
      > >going to introduce to the Disc in his books - one which
      > > has a big impact on the Disc? Previous include the Gonne
      > >and the clacks towers (sp?). It needn't be a physical invention
      > >either (frex -- a mild example: the new lack-of-assassinations-
      > >style-bureaucracy in UU, or female wizards).

      Airborne police? Maybe a female assassin turning
      up as well?

      > > I don't know - how does the airborne police idea
      > > work?

      I dunno... get a watchman up high, uses semaphore to
      let the watch on the ground know where the perp has
      got to? Traffic cops?

      Nicking Leonard's design for a helicopter?

      -- Dru



      To the Editor:

      > 1) How did you start reading Pratchett? If anyone...
      <snip Libwolf's empty threats>

      I know I've answered this one before. . .
      the turtle on the cover of Small Gods attracted me to read the blurb on
      the back - sounded interesting, thought I'd try it. Coincidentally, I'd
      bought Flying Sourcerers at the same time and read Turntables of the Night
      before even cracking the cover of SG, and decided I really liked Death

      > 2) What has reading Discworld done for you?

      Lessee, started my world travel stints with my mom, frittered away months'
      worth of time chatting and replying to you lot, decreased the size of my
      bedroom due to the necessity of buying more book cases.

      Neve Regina - custode manichetta antincendio

      If you did not get all 3 parts, write: jschaum111@...
      End of Part 2, says my computer -- continued on Part 3 of 3
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