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586WOSSNAME -- October 2010 -- Part 2 of 3

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    Oct 28 3:42 PM
      WOSSNAME — October 2010 — Part 2 of 3 (continued)

      ====Part 2 — MORE NEWS, ODDS AND SODS




      The Alzheimer's Research Trust has awarded a substantial grant for
      further study of Posterior Cortical Atrophy:

      "Researchers at University College London want to know more about
      the causes of posterior cortical atrophy (PCA) – a variant of
      Alzheimer's that affects only a few thousand people in the UK,
      including the much-loved Discworld author Sir Terry Pratchett, who
      is also a patron of the Alzheimer's Research Trust... Dr Sebastian
      Crutch, a leading expert on PCA, will compare 50 PCA patients, 50
      Alzheimer's patients and 50 healthy people over a four-year period,
      in an effort to pinpoint the causes of PCA and the way it
      progresses. The study, funded by a £329,947 grant from the
      Alzheimer's Research Trust, will see his team use a range of
      techniques to compare people with PCA at different points in time
      – and they hope their work could lead to new ways of diagnosing
      the disease, as well as helping predict how it will take hold and
      how it might respond to possible treatments.

      "As part of the project, the team will devise a set of visual tests
      to describe more accurately what people with PCA actually see, with
      the aim of developing new tools such as reading aids. Dr Crutch
      said: 'Because the visual problems associated with PCA are caused by
      effects on the brain rather than a problem with the eyes, it is
      difficult for us to simulate exactly what patients see – for
      example, many people say they see "pieces" of the everyday world but
      can't see it as one big picture. Very few studies have looked at the
      nature of the condition in detail, and we hope this project could
      tell us much more about how it works.' ..."





      Hardingstone Players will present their production of Mort this

      When: October 27th — October 30th at
      Venue: Campion School, Bugbrooke, Northampton from
      Time: 7.30pm.
      Tickets: £6 in advance; £7 on the door and £5 for groups of 10 or
      more. Tickets can be booked by calling 07736 517721 or at


      The Brisbane Arts Theatre present Going Postal as their Halloween
      season production.

      When: October 30-November 20, 2010 (including a special Halloween
      Venue: Brisbane Arts Theatre, 210 Petrie Terrace, Brisbane QLD 4000
      Time: 8pm for all performances excepting Sunday 31st October (starts
      at 5pm)
      Tickets: Adults $27, Concession $22, Members $17; opening night $37
      (includes supper and drink), Halloween Performance $40 (includes
      supper and drinks + Halloween party)

      Bookings are essential. Book by ringing 3369 2344 or at:
      Email: bookings@...


      The Everyman Youth Theatre will present their production of Carpe
      Jugulum in Cheltenham next month.

      When: 11th–13th November 2010, with a matinee on the 13th.
      Venue: Everyman Theatre, Regent Street, Cheltenham GL50 1HQ
      Time: 19:45 Thursday and Friday; 14:30 and 20:00 on Saturday.
      Tickets: £7.50 (£6 Concessions). Box office 01242 572537

      For more information, go to:



      The Thalian Theatre Company will be performing Carpe Jugulum next

      When: 10th — 13th November 2010
      Venue: Mirren Studio, Towngate Theatre, Basildon, Essex.
      Time: 8pm start
      Tickets: £10 (£8 concessions)

      For further information, or to book tickets, ring 01268 288114 or
      email thaliantheatregroup@...



      The Braintree Dramatic Society presents their production of Wyrd
      Sisters in November.

      When: Thursday 18th November–20th November 2010
      Venue: The Institute, Bocking End, Braintree, Essex CM7 9AA
      Time: Curtain up 7.45pm each evening
      Tickets: Adults £6.50, Concessions £5.50
      Group Discounts are available

      To book tickets, ring Mary Watson on 07918 181976



      Melanie Munt, co-founder of Adelaide's awesome Unseen Theatre
      company and sister of noted Discworld plays director Pamela Munt,
      has won the Best Actress award at the Western Australian Screen
      Awards. Nice one!

      More info on Unseen's Facebook group page:



      A well-rounded review by Discworld newbie Megan B. Pedersen at Utah
      Theater Bloggers:

      "I like what was done with this production and some of the choices
      that were made... From what I have been able to find out, the
      narrators in this production seemed to be reading the stage
      directions – which was fantastic and a great nod to the playwright
      for having some humorous comments in his stage directions. This was
      brilliantly done and added to the enjoyment of the staged reading.
      The actors were all strong... The lines never felt forced or empty,
      they were done well and I firmly believe the actors owned their
      individual roles. There were standout moments by almost every one
      of them. I felt as if I laughed at the right times and never found
      myself thinking, 'That is an actor up there, not a character I am
      supposed to believe.'..."


      Note: Wyrd Sisters has one more free showing (although donations are
      appreciated) at 7 PM on Friday, October 29 in the Big Cottonwood
      Room at Holladay City Hall (4580 S. 2300 E., Holladay).

      For more information:



      Here be an iconographic record of the Skegness Playgoers' production
      of Wyrd Sisters earlier this month. Looks very much in the spirit
      of the thing, with a particularly well-represented Nanny Ogg:




      NADWCON's own Emily Whitten [A fine and gracious lady, if I do say
      so myself — Ed.] has written a well-argued appeal on the media site
      Reelz Channel:

      "But even if I had never heard of the man, I am confident I'd still
      have enjoyed the latest Discworld TV movie. The third in a series
      produced by The Mob Film Co., Going Postal is a gem of a film - with
      a fun and fast-paced plot and a thread of antagonistic romance
      moving it along; a charming lead actor and excellent supporting
      cast; and a gorgeously, grittily authentic-feeling set, watching the
      film is a bit like eating an entire box of delicious chocolates; but
      with none of the bad aftereffects..."

      In the best Pratchett tradition, there are even footnotes:

      "[2]And at this point I am going to try to forestall any complaints
      from fellow Pratchetteers who are at this very moment exclaiming,
      'But they took my favorite bit(s) out! They changed that plot point!
      The book was so much betterrrrr!!' by saying that yes, I 100% agree
      that a Pratchett novel, with its layered storytelling, its clever
      wordplay, its footnotes on footnotes, and its subtle commentary, is
      irreplaceable; but that doesn't mean that they can't still make a
      damn good adaptation of one of his stories if they try, and I think
      they have done so, within the limitations of the medium, here."





      * Interviews

      Our intrepid Co-Guest Liaison and Convention Advisor – Emily S.
      Whitten, Esq. – snagged interviews with several members of the
      Discworld family. Right now you can find interviews with Stephen
      Briggs and Colin Smythe at the 2010 convention in England, on the
      main page of our website for your listening pleasure with more to

      * I can own Angua's WHAT!?

      Emily was also resourceful (or sneaky) enough to get several charity
      items from Sir Terry and The Mob Film Co. during the convention. Many
      of the items are from the Going Postal movie, this includes props,
      bits of scenery and even the costume of a certain morphologically
      challenged member of the the city watch! It is still early and we
      plan on getting a lot more for the auction, but this is a very
      encouraging start.

      * Our Guest list has grown.

      We are very pleased to report that we can add the always entertaining
      Esther M. Friesner (Some of you may remember her as the lovely woman
      who introduced Sir Terry at the 2009 NADWCon) and author Stephen
      Baxter (Who is currently collaborating with Sir Terry on The Long
      Earth, novels) to our guest list. Look over our official guests list
      on our website for more information.

      * Looking for more to do while you visit Madison?

      Our Travel and Tourism page has been updated to give you an idea
      about some of the sights and activities in and around the Madison
      area. Be it within walking distance of the Concourse Hotel, or up to
      an hour's drive away, you'll find some great suggestions for
      activities that you will enjoy and won't hurt your pocketbook.

      * Faces with the names

      In addition to this, people can now place the faces to the names of
      the committee members. That's right – we've included photos of
      the committee! Also, if you visit the page, you can see that we have
      more people helping to make this monstrosity a reality. Take a good
      look at all our faces so you will know who to blame.

      * And that's cutting me own throat!

      The official NADWCon 2011 Owl-logo t-shirt is now available for
      pre-order in our merchandise section. If you have purchased your
      membership you can order an official NADWCon 2011 T-shirt for pick-up
      at the convention. Why pre-order? Partly because we are offering
      them at a discount if you order beforehand, but it also guarantees
      that you will have one in your size, in case we run out at the con.
      In addition, it helps fund the convention, and helps us gauge the
      popularity of the various mechanise we will be offering. We are also
      hoping that since you are purchasing the convention merchandise so
      many months in advance that you may have a little extra spending
      money in your pocket when our charity auction takes place. You pay
      less, we get important funds and information, and the charities get
      more... Everybody wins!

      * Our Online Registration list

      Looking for friends? Well, you can see who's attending the
      convention if you look under the Registration button. Currently we
      have more than 200 people signed up. Recognize any names? This is
      also an easy way for you to keep tabs on our record keeping. Do you
      see something wrong with your membership? If so please let us know so
      we can fix it.

      * Book your hotel stay early!

      We cannot stress how important this is, so we are going to put it yet
      another newsletter:

      The annual Art Fair on the Square(http://www.mmoca.org/events/artfair)
      will be taking place July 9 and 10 in Madison and will be within
      walking distance of our convention hotel. This is an outdoor art and
      craft show that brings in about a quarter of a million people from all
      over the country. It's a fun event for all ages with food, musical
      performances, and all sorts of things to do. If you happen to be in
      the Madison area, for a convention or something, and have an hour or
      so until the next program, Art Fair on the Square is certainly worth
      checking out. We have an expandable block of rooms at the Concourse
      Hotel reserved just for our convention members, but that is still a
      limited amount of space and with such a popular event taking place
      that weekend you should expect hotels in the area to fill up fast.


      Several weeks ago our vice-char Jon Lemerond sent out a notice
      looking for a volunteer to play Granny Weatherwax for a convention
      program. Jon would like to thank all of you who volunteered for the
      position, but as I am sure we can all agree, there can be only one
      Granny Weatherwax, and boy did we every find her! We want to thank
      the amazing Pam Gower for agreeing to play the part (health and
      circumstances permitting). Some of you may remember Pam as the Granny
      Weatherwax who won the Clarecraft maskerade by staring down audience!
      Thanks again to all those who volunteered for the job, we still have
      plenty to do at the con if you want help in some other way.

      * Are you Moist?

      No, not as in damp. Are you the next Moist von Lipwig? The NADWCon is
      seeking a male volunteer who would like to play Moist Von Lipwig.
      This task requires someone who is comfortable with speaking in front
      of an audience, can speak clearly, has a smidgen of acting and
      improvisational ability, would love to be a charming conman and is
      confident they can stay in character for about an hour. A costume
      can be provided if you need one.

      If you're interested, please contact our volunteer officer at

      * Committee Meeting

      The NADWCon 2011 committee is having a meeting at the Concourse Hotel
      in downtown Madison on Oct 23rd at 2 p.m.. Any local volunteers who
      would like to join us are welcome. We would love to hear any ideas or
      suggestions you have, just contact us first to let us know you are
      coming .

      That's it for this month, we have lots more planned to talk about
      in our next newsletter. and for more information, be sure to keep an
      eye on our:
      Website – www.nadwcon.org
      Facebook -- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120885434611073
      Twitter – http://twitter.com/nadwcon
      Forum – http://nadwcon.9.forumer.com


      The German Discworld Convention 2011 will take place from 30th
      September—3rd October 2011 at Castle Bilstein. Book early to
      receive a free gift!


      The German Discworld Convention now has its own Facebook page! To
      whet your appetite for next year's Convention, they have put up a
      selection of photos from the 2009 convention:



      The first Dutch Discworld Convention will take place in Rotterdam on
      28 and 29 May 2011 at NH Hotel Atlanta, Aert van Nesstraat 4. The
      organisers say "Don't wait too long before registering, because
      capacity is limited. First come first served! Discworld characters
      are very welcome, but roundworlders will not be sent away!"

      Membership rates for the convention (excluding hotel, meals and
      drinks), are:
      Children aged 5 and under: free
      Youngsters aged 6–18: €30
      Adults aged 19–64: €50
      Adults aged 65 and over: €40

      These rates are valid until 1 January 2011, after which prices may
      rise. Day tickets will be available at the door:
      Children aged 5 and under: free
      Youngsters aged 6–18: € 20
      Adults aged 19–64: € 30
      Adults aged 65 and over: € 25


      To register:


      End of Part 2 — continued on Part 3 of 3.
      If you did not get all three parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2010 by Klatchian Foreign Legion