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411WOSSNAME - FEBRUARY 2008 - PART 2 of 5

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  • Not A Granny
    Feb 26, 2008
      WOSSNAME -- FEBRUARY 2008 -- PART 2 OF 5 (continued)

      ====Part 2 - MORE NEWS AND THE SUCH

      13) 2008 DWCON UPDATES



      The Unseen Theatre Company in association with Insight Presents is
      bringing "Pratchett Pieces Two - The Radio Play" to The Adelaide
      Fringe 2008. Bite-sized Terry Pratchett comedies performed as radio
      plays with live sound FX. Original short stories written by Terry
      Pratchett. Adapted for the stage by Pamela Munt, and then for radio
      by Rod Lewis.

      When: March 5 - 8 and 11 - 15 @ 5.30pm
      Where: Bakehouse Theatre, 255 Angas St Adelaide
      Tickets: Adults: $15; Concessions, Fringe Benefits & Bank SA: $10
      Free Ticket Night for holders of Health Care Cards on Tuesday March
      11. One night only (can only be booked at the Bakehouse Theatre)

      Fringe Tickets:
      Tel: 1300374643
      Website: http://www.adelaidefringe.com.au

      Bakehouse Theatre:
      Tel: 82270505
      Email: book@...

      Unseen Theatre Company: http://www.unseen.com.au


      13) 2008 DWCON UPDATES

      From Esmi:

      The last of the 100, limited edition, pre-Convention T-shirts have
      now been sold. Congratulations to those who managed to obtain one of
      these special collector's items and commiserations to those of you
      who missed out.

      However, all is not lost. We will be bringing you more 2008
      Discworld Convention merchandise soon. So watch this space[1].

      [1] http://www.dwcon.org/


      From Karen:

      Your dynamic hotel team have once again gone above and beyond the
      call of duty. Recently, after securing the penthouse suite for
      Charlie, and more modest accommodation for Bosley they negotiated
      CMOT rates for room upgrades.


      Not content, they subsequently set their sights on a special deal
      for meals at the five star Hilton beyond the full sized Breakfast
      Buffet included in your room price.

      The Hilton has its own restaurants should you wish to splash out a
      la carte (actual number of restaurants open will depend on
      operational decisions at the time). However this wasn't enough for
      the Hotel Team. After a little persuasion they have agreed to lay on
      a special, additional menu for the convention delegates at an
      everyday price. After extensive testing and tasting and loosening of
      corsets by the Hotel Team and their acolytes the team awarded the
      top prize to the Lemon Syllabub. Karen would happily dine on this
      morning, noon and night but since some of you may want alternatives
      she was persuaded to add other options to the menus...

      The special convention Dinner menus each offer a choice of three
      main courses and dessert or cheese for second course at each
      sitting. Tea/Coffee and soft drinks are also at a special price for
      these meals. Each meal includes vegetarian options as standard but
      particular dietary needs can also be catered within this deal if you
      let us know in advance. The Chef's team have been particularly
      supportive in this so don't be afraid to ask! All the meals have
      been tested and approved by the team. The price is being kept down
      by having simpler menus and advanced booking which means quality is
      maintained at the reduced price. The price for Dinner will be 14.50
      per two course meal (half price for children under 16). Lunches are
      available for 5.50 with a range of baguettes, jacket potatoes and
      pizza slices.

      There is a limited number of covers for these meals but you can now
      browse the menus and order meals by filling in the online form. It
      would also be helpful if you could fill in a form if you know you
      definitely won't want meals. You can modify your meal order if your
      plans change by modifying the online form, up until mid July but
      since covers at this price a limited please indicate if you would
      like meals as soon as possible. Please also indicate if you would be
      interested in meals on the Thursday/Monday nights - if there is
      sufficient demand the team will organise something for these nights
      as well.


      Once you have finished you choices you may wish to join the hotel
      team in the gym or the pool where the hotel team will be busily
      working off all those lemon syllabubs...

      As ever this announcement is available with additional
      illustrations, especially of your hotel team here:



      The great hotel rates, especially negotiated for 2008 Discworld
      Convention members, have been very popular. So popular that you have
      been snapping them up - fast!

      As a result, there is now only limited room availability. Triple,
      double and interconnecting twin rooms have been sold out. We do,
      however, still have some single and twin rooms available but you
      may need to act quickly before they disappear too. Check the Hotel
      Booking page for the current room status.




      [Ed. note: the 2009 NADWCON keeps looking better and better!]

      From the Powers That Be at NADWCON:

      Convention Memberships
      First of all, we've had a steady stream of memberships coming in via
      Paypal since they went on sale in late November. We appreciate the
      support you have shown and we're ready to start spreading the word
      beyond the core fan communities. If you're one of those who have
      purchased a membership, you'll soon be receiving an email
      verifying how (and if) you want your name to appear on the
      membership list that will soon be posted on the website.


      Hotel Rooms - Booking Online and by Phone Now Available
      The online booking system of the Tempe Mission Palms is ready to
      handle booking reservations for the convention at

      Once you get to the Reservations page, use the group booking code of
      2TC4Y9. If the box for the group code is not visible, click on the
      "+" next to "Enter Rate Access Code". Please note that the room rate
      of $128.75 shown is the room rate of $119 per night plus the
      Hospitality Fee of $9.75. When you select your choice of dates and
      the total cost of the room is shown, the line indicating an extra
      cost for "Fees" should be ignored since it will be subtracted from
      the total cost of the room. The "Fees" line is something that they
      cannot disable on their site, but it will not be added to your bill
      during the convention. You can also call their reservations line at
      1-800-547-8705 or call them directly at 480-894-1400. If you have a
      question about booking a hotel room, please contact Mike Willmoth,
      our Hotel Liaison, at hotel@....


      Convention Promotions
      Convention Flyers - We've been sending out flyers each week to the
      various science fiction and fantasy conventions happening across the
      country. If you're planning on attending a local convention and
      want to help make sure our flyers get effectively displayed on the
      convention's freebie table, please email us at
      volunteer@.... From experience, I've learned it's better to
      send them to someone who can make sure they get onto the freebie
      table, so your help would be appreciated. We also have PDFs of the
      flyer and some business cards available to download at
      http://www.nadwcon.org if you want to help spread the word at other
      events or bookstores.

      WorldCon Promotion - We're looking into hosting a promotional
      party or event of some sort at this year's WorldCon, Denvention 3,
      August 6-10 in Denver, Colorado. We're looking for people to help
      out with the party and staff our fan table, so please email us at
      volunteer@... if you're planning to attend and you'd be
      interested in getting involved. Details on the convention can be
      found at http://www.denvention3.org

      Badge Ribbons – We'll be doing a series of badge ribbons to
      promote the convention, the first ones of which will be handed out
      at the Gallifrey One Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles this
      weekend by me with Esther Friesner having some to hand out at the
      Boskone convention in Boston. For more details on Gallifrey One,
      visit www.gallifreyone.com

      Boskone is at www.boskone.org .


      Seamstress Guild Party Planning
      Here's the scoop on one of the special events in the works for the
      convention as it appeared in the January 2008 issue of WOSSNAME
      [Ed. note: and is appearing here again!]

      Do you fancy becoming in involved in a Seamstress Party?

      In 2002, the American Seamstress Guild threw a notorious party for
      Terry Pratchett at WorldCon in San Jose. At Terry's request, the
      Seamstress Guild will be throwing another party for Himself at the
      first ever North American Discworld Convention in 2009.

      Anyone who would like to be involved is welcome at:

      The Seamstress Guild will begin working on the event this year.

      For further information, contact Denise Connell via email:


      Signings at the Convention
      As you may know, Terry's health is not quite what it used to be.
      Although he is currently doing very well, he probably shouldn't do
      the sort of multiple marathon signings he has done in the past. We
      still plan to have signings at the convention, but they will be
      limited in nature. These limitations will be determined closer to
      the convention, but shopping trolleys full of books will definitely
      be Right Out. Keep in mind that you'll have opportunities to
      interact with Terry in many ways besides in a signing line.


      Guests and Programming
      With the holidays behind us, we're in the process of arranging for
      some additional guests and beginning to plan more of the convention
      activities and events, so keep watching for updates. Remember, our
      message boards are up and running at http://www.nadwcon.org Please
      join in and let us know what you'd like to see and do at the
      convention. We want your ideas!

      Only 569 days to go until the convention,

      Lee Whiteside
      Chair, North American Discworld Convention 2009



      Maskerade will be performed on stage by Manor Theatre Horsham at
      Billingshurst Village Hall (West Sussex) on Friday 25th and Saturday
      26th April 2008 at 7.30pm nightly. Tickets are priced at £8/£6.

      The Manor company has previously performed Wyrd Sisters, in 2007.

      See http://www.manortheatrehorsham.co.uk for further details.



      The Henley Players are performing 'Wyrd Sisters' at the Kenton
      Theatre in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 1BT, between Tuesday
      25th to Saturday 29th March at 7.45pm with a 3pm Saturday matinee.

      For further details, please see the Kenton Theatre website:




      Rosebud Astral Theatre Society (Mornington Peninsula, south of
      Melbourne) will present a performance of Stephen Briggs' adaptation
      of Mort, directed by Damian Perry, in early March from the 6th until
      the 16th - 8 shows over two weeks from Thursday to Sunday.

      Website: http://www.astral.org.au
      and http://www.astral.org.au/mort/



      "It was a highly enjoyable evening all in all, it was the first time
      I had heard Terry speak at length and he was as brilliant and funny
      as you would expect him to be. I also very much enjoyed being
      amongst such a large gathering of Discworld fans. I don't usually
      attend fan events, more by accident than design, but in future I may
      try to get to some."

      For the full review, go to:


      or http://tinyurl.com/3dlx8q



      We've been told that there was an excellent and extensive in-depth
      Pterry interview in Issue 8 (how appropriate) of Death Ray, the
      science fiction magazine. Unfortunately this may no longer be
      available at newsagents, but Death Ray's website makes it worth
      tracking down:

      "You know how long and in-depth the Death Ray interviews normally
      get, right? Well, this one's a doozy – Terry talks Discworld,
      Dungeons & Dragons, what The Colour of Magic is like as a TV movie,
      and way more, all in his inimitable style. Plus, we pick the best
      eight Pratchett books – and no, they're not all Discworld!"

      Back issues of Death Ray, if still in stock, can be purchased online
      via its publisher, Blackfish, at £4.99 per issue including postage:



      End of Part 2 -- continued on Part 3 of 5.
      If you did not get all five parts, write: interact@...
      Copyright (c) 2008 by Klatchian Foreign Legion