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  • Bob B.
    Les, Great to hear from you! Welcome to the list. We have two events coming up, the closest of which is on July 31st. We re meeting at a coffee house in Tempe
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2004

      Great to hear from you! Welcome to the list. We have two events coming up, the closest of which is on July 31st. We're meeting at a coffee house in Tempe to begin a detailed exploration of Mara Leveritt's book 'Devil's Knot'. We're planning 4 meetings (5 if needed) which will span the entire book. If you're interested in participating (we'd LOVE to have you!), please let me know and I can send you all the location and time information (or you can read the message archive and find it that way).

      The second event is on October 1st, where the Phoenix WM3 Support Group (us) will be hosting the opening night of a HUGE dual-gallery Art Benefit show in downtown Phoenix. We have nationally-acclaimed artists as well as many successful local artists contributing pieces for this show, there will be low-dollar merchandise available, signed copies of albums and books from numerous celebrity supporters and there's a big possibility of some surprise guest speakers. Time / Place information is also available on this one, just let me know.

      Also, to everyone who may be reading this, if you're planning on attending the book review next Saturday (July 31), please read through the first five chapters as this will be the basis of our discussion for the evening.

      Les, thank you for joining us, I look forward to working with you.

      Bob Buechler

      Oderus Urungus <leswarner1@...> wrote:
      I just joined the group today. I have ben interested in this case
      for about 3 to 4 years now and have sent numerous contributions and
      books to Damien.

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