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Re: [WM3az] DNA

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  • Bob B.
    Right now there isn t any real news about the DNA testing other than the fact that it s largely been completed and that the legal teams have been battling it
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 17, 2006
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      Right now there isn't any real "news" about the DNA testing other than the fact that it's largely been completed and that the legal teams have been battling it out over what results will be included in the upcoming appeal motions and what will not be. Most of the time the deliberation is over the strength or accuracy of a particular result and how damaging the vaguaries of those results would be to either the offense or the defense.

      In other words, if a result is too vague or it doesn't really prove anything conclusively it would serve to either damage or confuse the issue. So the defense team go through the results, one by one, and decide whether or not it should be included in the appeal. This process is what's been ongoing now for a while. When they intend to file their appeal is still up in the air, but I've heard very vague rumors of a possible fall 2006 move, but everything in the legal system is subject to change until it actually happens, so don't hold your breath.

      Rest assured, however, that everyone (including Damien) remains fully confident in the Rhiordan legal team and they are doing everything in an effort to provide the most effective and flawless appeal possible.

      On other news, recently Mara Leveritt (author of Devil's Knot) recently conspired with Jason Baldwin to start a PR campaign to prove Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wrong when he stated recently that he believed very few people within Arkansas really cared about this case anymore, and that most of the attention it still gets is from out-of-staters. They recently collected postal mail from over 550 people, over half of which came from Arkansas residents, demanding justice for the WM3. It's made some renewed waves in the news and online recently, so let's hope the pressure that generates is enough for Huckabee to at least make a new statement.

      More to follow.


      akurttila <akurttila@...> wrote: Does anyone have any idea where the current DNA testing stands? Where
      are they doing the testing? I feel like it's been years since I heard
      anything new about the case.

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