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39Re: [WM3az] re: last event

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  • Bob B.
    Sep 11, 2004
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      We had tenatively planned a series of Devil's Knot book workshops to help our supporters learn the in's and out's of the case so they could be properly informed when talking to the public regarding the case.

      Unfortunately we had to cancel them due to lack of interest.

      We've been running the tables at the First Friday events as a regular thing. With the art benefit coming up so very soon, we've been focusing entirely on that. A press release is just around the corner which will fully detail the event. Keep on the lookout for it.

      Re: the WM3 case - nothing new yet. We're all waiting on the DNA results to come back to the legal team and for them to release that information to the public. That will likely happen in the form of their next legal move. We expect that move to take place sometime in the next few months. I wish I had a more precise estimate for you, but the legal team keep understably reclusive.

      Like I said, keep your eyes peeled here for the latest updates on the event and the case.. and OF COURSE, send us any questions about the case!


      xtriggsxt <samantha63@...> wrote:
      Hey, I just got signed up and I see the event has allready passed.
      How was it ? Any new info on the WM3?

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