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16Re: Phoenix Update + NEWS!

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  • anika77
    Feb 28, 2004
      Hi All,

      I'm Amy..and I'm one of the co-owners of downtown Phoenix art gallery
      and bookstore, Perihelion Arts. We are longtime supporters of the
      WM3..and would always make our space available for talks, film
      showings, benefits, anything. My cell number is 602.334.6299..and I'd
      also love to attend one of your meetings.


      --- In WM3az@yahoogroups.com, "Bob B." <megashub@y...> wrote:
      > All,
      > Recently, a last-minute event was thrown together, after we
      discovered that long-time supporters of the WM3 were coming through
      town - The Supersuckers.
      > I (Bob), went solo with my trusty box of swag in one arm, and a
      fist full of flyers and mailing list signups in the other. All in
      all, it was a GREAT night, with some outstanding tunes and an
      enthusiastic crowd. I was very warmly received by both the bands and
      the audience. Hell, I even sold a shirt. Thanks to all those who
      showed their support by signing up for this list!
      > NOW - On to the news:
      > Recently, Lorri Davis - Damien Echols' wife sent an updated email
      out to everyone via wm3.org. Before I repost that letter, I'd like to
      inform you of a local effort we're about to begin. The success of
      which, likely will fall directly to all of you:
      > The opportunity has presented itself to show both "Paradise Lost"
      and "Paradise Lost 2" at Madstone Theaters, for a one-night-only
      event-calibre run. Our plan is to turn this into a huge event, which
      might possibly include personal appearances by Grove Pashley, Burk
      Sauls and Kathy Bakken - the three original founders of the WM3
      Support Group. If you've seen Paradise Lost 2, you got a chance
      to 'meet' them already. Other possibilities include Mara Leveritt -
      author of Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three. If
      we can land these huge supporters of the West Memphis Three to attend
      this event, we'll not only be screening the two films, but we'll also
      present our guests in a special exclusive Q&A session about the case,
      as it stands today, and what that means for everyone who supports
      > To make this happen though, we need your help to raise the
      necessary money. Madstone has graciously presented us with an option
      that, if successful would reimburse us the investment. If we provide
      them an insurance down-payment, and we later bring in enough money in
      box office sales to equal or exceed that amount, we will then be
      reimbursed our down-payment.
      > The exact amount of the down-payment will depend on the day we
      choose to hold the event, and the size of the autotorium that we wish
      to use. For those reasons, I cannot provide exact figures, except to
      say that we need to raise at the very least $400.
      > What we'd very much like to do is: a) raise enough funds to provide
      the down-payment, b) make enough money to get that payment back, and
      finally c) donate that money to the WM3 Legal Defense Fund - where it
      is desperately needed.
      > With that, I now present Lorri Davis:
      > Dear Friends and Supporters:
      > We have reached a critical point in Damien's case, and are looking
      to prepare his appeal for federal court. His case was recently
      dismissed by the Arkansas State Supreme Court, and the federal
      petition (habeas corpus) is due within a few months. There are some
      remaining tasks including additional investigation, that must be
      accomplished in order to complete his appeals in both state (in case
      it is sent back) and federal court - we want to be certain all bases
      have been covered - he only has one shot at this.
      > We have retained new counsel who is an expert at post conviction
      appeal work. Funds are needed to pay legal fees that will ensure a
      complete record for Damien. This is his last chance. More than ever,
      we need your help.
      > Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past. It is because of
      your support we are able to continue this fight for justice. Your
      past donations have enabled us to make strides in investigation for
      all three cases, and will help fund the testing of evidence for DNA.
      You are amazing and we are eternally grateful for your help.
      > Most sincerely,
      > Lorri Davis
      > ---
      > If we can just pull together, we can all make this local Phoenix
      event happen. What's more, we could even make a huge donation to the
      Legal Defense Fund in the process.
      > Even if you, yourself are not able to financially assist this
      effort, we still want to hear from each and every one of you. Please
      take a minute and reply to this email, even if just to say hello.
      > Thank you all for your continued support of the West Memphis Three.
      > Sincerely,
      > Bob Buechler
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