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13WM3 Merchandise Notice

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  • Bob B.
    Jan 11, 2004

      We'd like to announce a limited stock of WM3 merchandise available for purchase locally!

      All transactions take place directly with us, as these items are not available in stores.

      We Have:
      - Large and XL sizes of the black WM3 shirts - both long and short sleeves.
      Local Price: $20 for short sleeve, $23 for long.

      - POW Bracelets (VERY limited stock) in both Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel.
      Sterling Silver with black engraving: $65
      Stainless Steel with clear etching: $30

      - Dog Tags (also VERY limited).

      - WM3 Bumperstickers

      If you'd like to see images of these items, you can visit wm3.org's online store by clicking here:

      Please let us know if you'd like to order any of these items from us by sending a private email to:


      Bob & Patrice

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