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West Kingdom Collegium, May 13, Sacramento

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  • Denise Robello
    Greetings and Salutations! Life is all about cycles of change and as we venture into the new season, it s a good time to reflect on what we ve accomplished and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
      Greetings and Salutations!

      Life is all about cycles of change and as we venture into the new
      season, it's a good time to reflect on what we've accomplished and
      what we hope to accomplish. It's a good time to recognize that we are
      not the same individuals that we were last year and those changes
      could be as small as the length of our hair or as big as complete
      lifestyle choices.

      Looking towards the future, I'm very excited and nervous about this
      upcoming Collegium Occidentalis. The exciting part is that we have
      booked a site in Sacramento and this will be the first time Collegium
      has come to Cynagua in 2 years and even longer since it's been in the
      Sacramento area. I visited the site last Thursday (with our lovely
      feast-o-crat, Juana Isabella de Montoya y Ramirez) and it's nice with
      a central grassy area and a sizable hall; the herbal collegium was
      held there last August. The nervous part is that I am not a resident
      of Cynagua nor involved in the Cynaguan art/sciences communities, so
      I'm relying on feedback from people who intend to participate
      regarding what it is that they want to see. As I continue to send
      this message forward to various address lists and yahoo-groups, I
      hope that Cynaguans who may have been reluctant to travel to the
      Mists in the past see this as a wonderful opportunity to participate
      in Collegium and respond with enthusiasm.

      As the platform for the event, we have classes and an A&S Display. Is
      there anything else that would make this event a fun educational
      experience? I am open to your ideas on what you'd like to see at this
      event: Fighting activities? Dancing? Something else? Is there
      something that you've always wanted to do or coordinate for this
      event? I'm open to your thoughts and welcome anyone who wants to help
      participate in making this event fun.

      Juana Isabella will be doing the feast in the evening. I am looking
      for volunteers to serve the feast. And I have 50 feast tickets to
      sell! ($8 for collegium/$18 for collegium and feast)

      If you would like to teach, please e-mail the following:
      Full Mundane Name
      SCA Name
      Class title
      Class Description
      Class Maximum:
      Class Fees (if any)
      Materials Students should bring:
      Your Contact info besides e-mail:

      I am also seeking a volunteer to coordinate the A&S display.

      I look forward to hearing from you. Even if you just want to
      participate and don't know what you want to do, drop me a line. The
      event is a wonderful place to meet all sorts of fun and creative
      people and I will gladly find a role for any volunteers.

      In addition to this, this is my final Collegium event. If you are
      interested in the office of Collegium Occidentalis, please contact

      Yours in Service,
      Ascelin Meere of Ravenslocke, OL, OP
      Collegium Chancellor
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