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  • Debra Cobb
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 24, 2006
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      > Satine,
      > You asked: Does anyone know of a really good way to use metalic thread so
      > it
      > does'nt Fray so badly???? is there one brand that is better than
      > another???? Would anyone be willing to recomend any really great
      > embroidery Books to help me with my research of embroidery, for
      > History, styles, what they used.. etc???
      > ______________________________________
      > You might wish to try these two sources for goldwork thread. It sounds
      > like you want to use "passing thread". It comes in either "Gilt Thread"
      > or Gold metal thread with a percentage of real gold....usually 2% real
      > gold...and usually 3-4 times the cost of "Gilt thread". Size 7 is fairly
      > thicker than a Size 4. Usually, a #5 or 6 is great for the straight
      > laying & couching method. It really depends on the size of your design.
      > I use #4 for underside couching. A "gilt thread" doesn't tarnish like the
      > real gold and works well for those items where you need to cover large
      > areas but don't want to spend an arm & a leg.
      > Good sources I have discovered are:
      > 1. The Japanese Embroidery Center out of Atlanta, Georgia. They have a
      > great website where you can order their products. For underside couching
      > I use their #4 IG (Imitation Gold). They also sell some great spools
      > (called Komas) for winding your thread around to keep it smooth. They
      > also carry wonderful flat silk for satin stitch and the long & short
      > stitch for later period use.
      > 2. Benton & Johnson (www.BentonandJohnson.com) - out of England. They
      > have all sorts of gold metal thread ranging from "passing" threads to
      > "twists" (used alot in Elizabethan embroidery) to smooth purl, checque,
      > etc. This company has recently been re-organized and is fantastic at
      > shipping so that you now receive your product within 2 to 3 weeks of
      > placing your order.
      > Both of these places also carry your "silk couching threads" to couch down
      > your metal thread.
      > I've also found that the passing threads from these 2 sources do not fray.
      > For reading sources: I would recommend looking in the goldwork section of
      > the books listed on the guild website. If you're trying to do early
      > period goldwork....usually anything dealing with the ecclesiastical
      > (Christie's Medieval Embroidery book; Berryl Dean's Eccleasiastical
      > Embroidery, Hinda Hand's book about church embroideries, etc.). You
      > mentioned the Sicilian cloak you want to do for your husband....you might
      > check out the Treasury books from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.,
      > including the book (Nobiles Officinae) they have on their past exhibit of
      > that cloak & other pieces done during the same time period.
      > Do you happen to live in the West Kingdom?
      > Isela
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