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Fwd: Selling German Embroidery book

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  • carol newby
    Forwarded as requested... ... http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1447329658 ... I ... book, ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2001
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      Forwarded as requested...

      --- Jen Funk Segrest <jen@...> wrote:
      > A few months back I bought a Copy of "Das Stickereiwerk"
      > by Marie Schuette and Sigrid M�ller Christensen.
      > Printed in 1963 in Tubingen, Germany, a year later a
      > IDENTICAL (page for page) English Language version was
      > produced in 1964 in NYC re-titled "A Pictorial History of

      > Embroidery". Which is the name most
      > know it by.
      > I already own this copy as well due to a loving Husband's
      > Christmas gift. Most embroiderers I know know of this
      > book, and drool endlessly for it.
      > I find now I do NOT need two copies of the same book, as
      > much as I might like to THINK I do. (shhh, don't tell me
      > am doing this) Someone else will get much more use out of

      > it.
      > I found this German copy for *considerably* less, finding
      > a wicked deal online from a German Bookseller and having
      > it shipped here. It was simply too good a deal to not buy

      > it. I did it so I could make sure they were the same
      > and they are. I spent an ENTIRE evening comparing page by

      > page. They are Identical to the page numbers, the ONLY
      > DIFFERENCE is this one is in GERMAN.
      > It is a collection of Historical Embroideries from
      > Germany, in German, from the 10th- early 20th Centuries.
      > Over 3/4 of this book is IN period. I got it for the
      > dozens of beadwork embroidery shots inside, but it
      > virtually has every stitch covered satin, chain, split,
      > metal, cross... All of it.
      > The English version sells on average for $400-$500. Out
      > of reach for most. It is a goldmine of period embroidery,

      > anyone who has seen it will attest. People plot your
      > murder for this book. The German Versions normally sells
      > much lower, over $200 average, even as High was $300
      > recently. Much more affordable, but still pricey.
      > This edition is even in slightly better condition than my
      > English one, a TINY bit of wear at the corners of the
      > cloth cover, and residue from a library tag at the bottom

      > of the binding. But real wear is almost miniscule. The
      > VERY edges are tinted a bit yellow, an slight VERY light
      > old book smell, but that's it, it's nearly in mint
      > condition. The binding is tight and the pages flawless.
      > Here is more info:
      > Publisher: Verlag Ernst Wasmuth Tubingen, Germany, 1963,
      > 1st edition.
      > Cloth binding, 354 pgs.
      > 464 plates. Plates are clean and bright, most in b/w,
      > Dozens in full color.
      > Most plates cover half to Full page.
      > PRICE:
      > Since most folks do not live on line like me, first come
      > first served is not fair. Some people can only get email
      > at work.
      > I am going to place this up on EBAY starting at what I
      > paid for it $75 after my shipping costs) I will pay
      > shipping for any SCA member who wins it.
      > ===========
      > Jen Funk Segrest
      > very big Design
      > http://www.verybigdesign.com

      Elspeth the Semstress of Dunkeld, OP

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