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  • Debra Cobb
    Hi Cera, OK, what I discovered...and I m assuming that you are talking about Henry II of England (1154-1189), was that he lived at a time when his
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 24, 2005
      Hi Cera,

      OK, what I discovered...and I'm assuming that you are talking about Henry II
      of England (1154-1189), was that he lived at a time when his contemporaries
      were Frederich I of Germany, Louis VII of France and Roger II of Sicily.
      Some of the royal garments done to honer the Norman kings in Sicily were
      made in Palermo and later became the garments used by the Holy Roman
      Emperors. Some of these garments can be seen today in Vienna's
      Kunsthistorisches Museum.

      One of these garments was an "alb" created in about 1181 for the Sicilian
      Norman King's coronation.
      This royal tunic worn on the outside was highly decorate with rows of
      pearls, gold metal thread and wonderful silk fabrics. The trim or border at
      each elbow on the sleeve has griffins "addorsed". The griffins also appear
      on the bottom border of the alb. The border on the sleeve and the border at
      the bottom of the alb may have been added later on around 1220. From my
      book, I can barely see a figure on the sleeve "elbow trim" and I can't see
      what's on the bottom. The text talks about the griffins, but the photos
      aren't close up enough for me to see. I would guess that griffins of this
      time period may look somewhat primitive as do the lions...meaning somewhat
      long and skinny without much detail.

      OK, now here's where my memory is lacking...I think the griffins had a
      symbolic meaning in Arab culture, and I believe the Moors occupied Sicily
      right before the Normans. So that much of the embroidery design you will
      see on the Sicilian Norman clothing reflects the Arab culture, and in fact
      you will actually find "Kufic" lettering on some of the garments such as the
      famous robe with the Camel & Lion fighting.

      Hope some of this helps,


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      I am looking for a picture of a 1000 or 11th century King Henry II
      german Griffin. Pls let me know if you find one...
      Thanks Lady Cera..

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