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Re: [WKneedle] Embroiderer's Guild of America

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  • Aelfie
    Hi I m a member of the EGA. In fact, I m the newsletter editor for my chapter in fact. I keep thinking of joining ANG, but I ve not gotten around to it yet.
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 24, 2004

      I'm a member of the EGA. In fact, I'm the newsletter
      editor for my chapter in fact. I keep thinking of
      joining ANG, but I've not gotten around to it yet.

      Sabrina's description of the Correspondence courses is
      really good. I've taken one correspondence course on
      Hardanger and really enjoyed it. The instruction book
      was well written, the illustrations were well done and
      I only had to ask a more experienced stitcher once for
      help (Am I doing this right or am I crazy?) (I should
      also mention it was an intermediate hardanger class
      and it was my third project)

      Correspondence courses can be done in groups, or
      individually. Usually each chapter picks one to do a
      year. (our chapter chose to do a class on peyote
      stitch beading) Regions also chose one class to take.
      I'm not taking the chapter's course this year, but I
      am taking the regions (Oksana's Sampler) and am
      looking forward to it. So far I've found the classes
      to be reasonable (I think each were around $40.00)

      My chapter tends to be kinda individualistic on
      working on classes. If you have questions you ask
      someone else for help. Rather than saying "Okay, we
      are going to meet on the 3rd friday of the month in
      the afternoon to work on this project" Some chapters
      do tho. It depends on the group dynamic

      The other education opportunitites that the EGA
      chapters can give are the workshops. Chapters hold
      workshops occasionally (usually at least once a year),
      they bring in a national teacher for a day or two and
      s/he teaches a project, technique. My chapter is doing
      one in february with Amy Mitten on her "Missing
      Persons file 1018" Its supposed to be a murder mystery
      sampler. I'm really looking forward to it.

      I hope that answers some questions! Feel free to ask


      BTW I'm really jealous of Eowyn 'cause she got to go
      to ANG in Reno. I had planned on going, but I ended up
      having a family party I couldn't get out of in stead.

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