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Request from Her Majesty

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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 18:58:28 -0000 From: kaaren7622 Subject: Re: June Crown Iambic Pentameter becoming shameless plug for
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2004
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      Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 18:58:28 -0000
      From: "kaaren7622" <kaaren7622@...>
      Subject: Re: June Crown Iambic Pentameter > becoming shameless plug
      for largesse

      I must admit that I *love* having the boozewhacker in attendance
      and, in fact, begged that it be released from its sad and lonely
      banishment and brought to Crown for My pleasure. I'm sorry to have
      offended those who crave peace, quiet and the appearance of times
      gone by... But how WONDERFUL that the coarse sound of the grinding
      ice and the hideous roar of the engine inspires the talented Western
      populace to creative pursuits! Because about the only thing I love
      more than a fruity frozen beverage with a colorful umbrella is a
      SONG and I enjoyed that iambic pentameter very much!

      If more of Our populace was driven to madness - I mean INSPIRED to
      creativity - We are thrilled!
      <begin shameless plug here>
      As you all know, Pennsic War is approaching... All seventeen
      Kingdoms will be in attendance and We would like nothing more than
      to offer bags absolutely packed with wonderful handmade gifts from
      Our Western Populace so that We may show off the amazing talents and
      un-ending generosity of the West to the rest of the Known World. So
      please come forward and help fill the Treasure Chest! Your
      generosity will be rewarded with thanks, praise, world-wide
      visibility, and a (drumroll please) Queen's Treasure token! (oooooh,
      <end shameless plug here>

      With Our thanks in advance for your gifts to The Kingdom -

      Your Queen - who doesn't really like rum much, but who, admittedly,
      has been known to drink them just because she enjoys the pomp and
      whimsy of the silly paper umbrellas and plastic monkeys -

      Kaaren * Regina
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