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  • Sorcha
    Here is a list of classes to be held Sept. 19-21 at our Darkwood A&S (at Fort Ord). We are still accepting classes & instructors, so we hope to have more
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      Here is a list of classes to be held Sept. 19-21 at
      our Darkwood A&S (at Fort Ord). We are still
      accepting classes & instructors, so we hope to have
      more classes soon.


      Class Descriptions
      If there is an asterisk (*) after the class title,
      this class has a limit, and requires that you sign up
      for it in advance. Signups will open on Saturday,
      beginning at 8:30am.

      Saturday 9:30am-11:00am
      Class: Fletching- Learn to make your own arrows.
      Teacher: Gareth Lionsmane materials: none Fees: none

      Saturday 11:05-12:35
      Class: Heraldic Embroidery - How it was used then and
      how it can be used now to decorate garb and
      accessories. Will bring embroideried samples to show,
      books to share and lots of ideas, stitches, etc. ;
      Teacher: Isela di Bari; Fee: None Materials: Pencil
      and paper for notesClass Size:

      Class: Making Boffers - Learn how to make a boffer
      longsword. Students will walk away with their
      finished products. Teacher: Hiro of the Elvaan;
      Fee:none ; Class limit: 15

      Class: Piercing- making elegant no-solder period
      jewerly *- How to make period jewelry using only a
      jewelers saw and a drill; Teacher: Sabrina Goldbender;
      Fee: $5.00 Materials: Metal will be provided, bring
      a jewelers saw if you have one. Class Size:

      Class: Combat Archery Basics - Basic instructions in
      combat archery techniques and equipment.Teacher: Sir
      Jon; Fee: none; Class limit: None Materials: If you
      have combat archery gear, please feel free to bring

      Class: To Bow or Not to Bow-Learn about titles and
      customs in the SCA-What do strawberry leaves mean?
      What if there are pearls on a Coronet? What's that
      silver chain mean? Learn when to bow and when not to
      bow! Teacher: Baron Wilhelm; Fee: none; Materials:
      none: Class Limit: none

      Class: Period Camp Cooking -Cheap & Easy-Learn how to
      increase your buying power, save money on groceries &
      get even the fussiest fighter to eat medieval food and
      LIKE IT! Teacher: Caitlin O'Byrne; Fee: None;
      Materials: Discussion only; Class Limit: none

      Class: Forming & Forging wire to Make a Pendant*: You
      will take some copper wire, bend it & pound on it
      (forging) until you create a pendant. Teacher: Tatiana
      Todhunter; Fee: $1.00 ; Class limit: 8 Materials: If
      you have needle nose pliers or a small hammer, bring

      Class: Beginning English Country Dance - Starting with
      a brief introduction to the steps necessary for
      English Country Dance (ECD), learn and dance several
      of Playford's Dances: Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease, Black
      Nag, and Gathering Peascods. Jenny Pluck Pears and
      Picking of Sticks if time permits. No previous dance
      experience required! Teacher: Vyncent atte Wodegate

      Class: Pulled work: Hands on instructions Teacher:
      Thieadora Groves; Fee:$5; Class limit: 5 Materials:
      Bring hoop and scissors

      Class: How to Research and Construct a Norse Name* -
      An introduction to choosing period Norse names and
      documentation to submit for approval. Will discuss
      creation of Patrynomic bynames and nicknames..
      Teacher: Thorbrand Thursasprengir. Fee: $5.00
      Materials: A comfortable chair and pen and paper.
      Class Limit: 15

      Saturday, 12:35pm to 1:05pm: Lunch Break

      Saturday, 1:15pm - 3:15pm (Special time requested)
      Class: Stitches of the Bayuex Tapestry*- Come learn
      the stitches used in the Bayeux Tapestry; stem,
      outline, chain & laid & couched work. Teacher:
      Catherine Lorraine; Fee: $6; Materials: Bring a 6"
      embroidery hoop and a pair of embroidery scissors.
      All other materials will be provided. Class limit: 6

      Class: Introduction to Canvaswork*: Oak leaves from a
      16th c. cushion. Beginner level. Teacher: Sabrina de
      la Bere; Fee: $5; Materials: Bring embroidery scissors
      ; Class Limit: 9 Students

      Saturday, 1:15pm - 2:15pm
      Class: Making Knitted Wire Chains * - We will discuss
      the use of knitted chains in period and then learn how
      to make them. I'll have examples of chains made from
      different materials for people to look at.
      Appropriate materials will be supplied for people to
      learn to make their own chains. There will be a
      handout. Teacher: Eirny Thorvolsdottir; Fee: $2;
      Materials: If you have a pair of needle-nose pliers
      or round nose pliers, bring them. Class limit: 6

      Class: How to Run a Lists - Even wonder why you always
      draw Dukes in the 3rd round? Even wanted to do more
      than watch the tournament? Learn how to run a lists;
      get some hands0on practice & find out what a "bye" is.
      Teacher: Caitlin O'Byrne; Fee: None; Materials:
      Bring note-taking materials. Class Limit: None, all
      are welcome.

      Class: Woodworking: Sharpening plane blades, theory
      and practical *.- This class covers the what, how and
      why of sharpening. It expories the theory of
      sharpening. Followed by some practical work to
      sharpen our skills on. Teacher: Hlaford Hr�fn fram
      Lindune; Fee: None; Materials: Please feel free to
      bring a plane that needs sharpening. Should be free
      of nicks. Class Limit: 12

      Class: Bardic Competitions: Hints and practice for
      entering and performing in a bardic competition. Focus
      on the upcoming Bard of the Oak and Bard of the Mists
      competitions. Teacher: Branwen Cryccthegn Deorcwuda.
      Fee: none. Materials: Whatever you may be working on.
      Class Limit: none

      Class: Viking embroidery from the Mammen grave finds*
      - Much of what we know about Viking-era Norse
      embroidery comes from a single 10th century grave at
      Mammen, Denmark. This class surveys the material,
      with an emphasis on understanding the original finds,
      not just prettied-up reconstructions based on them.
      We will be learning the basic stitch and technique
      used for this work and will discuss issues such as
      transferring patterns, plausible applications on
      clothing, and materials. A "starter kit" with all
      materials for doing a sample piece will be provided.
      In addition to a paper handout, a more extensive color
      version of the handout will be available as a web
      document on CD. Teacher: Tangwystyl verch Morgant
      Glasvryn; Fee: $5 for hands-on students (includes kit
      and paper handout); paper handout only is $1; CD
      handout is $5 including shipping if necessary (limited
      numbers will be available at the class) Materials:
      all materials will be provided Class limit: 5 hands-on
      students, unlimited auditors.

      Class: Medieval Recipes for Potlucks - The purpose of
      this class is to make and enjoy in the many potluck
      meals that we may find at medieval events. I will try
      to give a broad spectrum of recipes from appetizers,
      main dishes, side dishes, and a sweet dish that could
      round out an enjoyable feasting environment. Teacher:
      Euriol of Lothian; Fee: none; Materials: note pad and
      pen. Class limit:

      Class: Cordials - Learn to make simple, easy
      cordials.Teacher: Caterina di Guglielmo; Fee: none;
      Class limit: None Materials:Apron (might get messy),
      and a mug to taste your cordials.

      Saturday, 2:30pm - 4:00pm

      Class: Russian Egg Painting *Learn to decorate eggs
      with wax-resist and multiple-dye method, using
      traditional tools, patterns and dye colors. Each
      student will create a traditional pysanky egg for
      themselves. Teacher: Natasha; Fee:6.00 (price
      includes hollow eggs, kistkas (wax appliers), dyes,
      beeswax, candles ; Class limit: 15 Materials:
      Materials will be supplied

      Class: War Fighting Roundtable: Open to anyone,
      unarmored. Any level of war fighting, not just
      leaders. Teacher: Baron Wilhelm. Fee: None.
      Materials: Be prepared to bring experiences at war.
      Class Limit: None

      Class: The Political Body in the Middle Ages: One
      political metaphor that has been used in the middle
      ages was that of the body. This class offers a look at
      this metaphor. We will then try and apply the metaphor
      to our own SCA political body. Teacher: Branwen
      Cryccthegn Deorcwuda. Fee: optional $1 - 2 for
      handouts Materials: none. Class Limit: none

      Class: 15th Century Italian Dance - After going over
      some of the basic steps in 15th Century Italian Dance,
      the dances Amoroso, Anello, Gelosia, Petit Riense, and
      Rostiboli Gioioso will be taught and danced. No
      experience necessary, and we can brush up on those
      flirting skills! Teacher:: Vyncent atte Wodegate Fee:
      Class limit:

      Class: Making no-solder jewerly*- Condstructing
      elegant medieval style jewelry using only a drill and
      a jeweler's saw. Teacher: Sabrina
      Goldbender. Fee: $6 Materials: Materials will be
      provided. Bring a jeweler's saw if you have one. Class
      Limit: 6 (more if you have a saw.)

      Class: Basic Pole Arm Techniques: Basic overview of
      pike, halberd and various other pole weapon fighting
      techniques and usage. Teacher: Thorbrand
      Thursasprengir. Fee: none Materials: Pole weapon if
      you have one, otherwise we have plenty to share. Class
      Limit: 12

      Class: Female Fighting Techniques: overview of some
      of the similarities and differences to be found
      between male and female fighters. Insight into
      training a female student.. Teacher: Mari Alexander.
      Fee: None. Materials: Class Limit: None

      Saturday, 4:15pm - 5:15pm
      Class: Armouring: Teacher: Baron Erich Helmschmied.
      Fee: none. Materials:. Class Limit: None

      Class: Pell work: Hands on practicum of Pell work
      regime to improve fighting techniques on the field.
      Teacher: Mari Alexander. Fee: None. Materials: bring
      a pell stick (sword or piece of rattan) and a shield
      if you have one. Class Limit: None

      Class: Chain Maille for Beginners: Learn to weave a
      simple 4 in 1 pattern. Teacher: Urd Kortr Lokisson.
      Fee: None Materials: Bring your own pliers if you
      have them. Class Limit: 20 max.

      Class: Basic SCA Warfare Techniques - Basic overview
      of combat, command, structure and basic techniques
      when dealing with an opposing force. Teacher:
      Thorbrand Thursasprengir. Fee: none Materials: Please
      bring any war weapon and shields if possible, but we
      have plenty to share and lend out. Class Limit: 12

      Class: Couched & Laidwork*: Learn the period method of
      couching down 2 metal threads at a time using silk
      thread. Fee includes frame, fabric, needles, threads
      and handout.Teacher: Thieadora Groves Fee: $8
      Materials: Embroidery hoop, scissors and
      magnification if needed.None Class limit: 5

      Class: Pavanes and Almains - Learn some dances from
      Arbeau, Inns of Court, and others, such as Black
      Almain, Madam Sosilia's Almain, Earl of Salisbury
      Pavane, Dutchess Rondallyn's Pavane (An SCA Creation,
      but it's fun anyway!), and the Carolingian Pavane.
      All experience levels welcome! Teacher: Vyncent atte
      Wodegate Fee: none Materials: none Class limit:

      Sunday 11:05am-12:00
      Class: Making Bath Scrubs*: Learn to make bath scrubs
      with household ingredients. Walk away with a jar of
      Bath Scrub that you made in class. Teacher: Baroness
      Liesel frau Helmschmied; Fee: ; Materials: Will be
      furnished ; Class Limit: 10

      Class: Med. Gardening 101 - discussion of period
      plants Teacher: Brigit Fee: none Materials: Plants
      will be available to purchase Class limit:

      Class: SCA 101Teacher: Caterina di Guglielmo; Fee:
      none; Class limit: None Materials:

      Lady Sorcha Fhionn inghean uiRuairc
      Barony of Darkwood-Salinas,CA
      Kingdom of the West

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