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Class lists for October Crown and Fall Collegium

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  • Krista Barber
    Greetings, fellow needleworkers! The needlework class schedules for October Crown and Fall Collegium are complete. The following list includes all classes
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2003
      Greetings, fellow needleworkers! The needlework class schedules for
      October Crown and Fall Collegium are complete. The following list includes
      all classes slated to be taught at these events and a brief description of
      each. We hope to see you there!

      In service,
      Aelia Apollina

      Emma: for your Fall Collegium class list collection
      Anahita: for the website
      Christian: for the newsletter
      Thank you for all your hard work!


      Saturday�s 3pm class:

      Class name: Medieval Applique
      Teacher: Christian de Holacombe
      Description: Applique is a quick and very medieval way to produce bold and
      bright colored decorations for tournaments, banners, clothing and
      accessories. Learn how to do medieval-style corded applique and explore some
      shortcuts that make smooth, crisp appliques easy.
      Materials to bring: Scissors and an embroidery hoop -- a large circle or
      8x10" rectangle is a good size for this project
      Class limit: None
      Fee: $5 for a West Kingdom "demi-sun" pouch kit

      Sunday�s 10am class:

      Class name: Middle Eastern Buttonhole Stitch Variations
      Teacher: Jaida al-Rakshanda
      Description: Come and learn just how versatile this ancient basic stitch
      really is!
      Materials to bring: Thread, scissors, 6" hoop is optional
      Class limit: 6
      Fee: $2


      Saturday�s classes (in no particular order):

      Class name: Setting Fabric in a Wooden Frame
      Teacher: Duchess Letitia de Scotia
      Description: One of the best ways to get very even tension on fabric for
      embroidery is to lash all four sides of the fabric into a wooden frame.�
      This class will show students how to lash and tighten the fabric down so
      that the tension is even and tight AND stays that way.� Instructor will
      provide all fabric, string and needles.
      Materials to bring: Students must bring 4 - 10 inch stretcher bars.� These
      are available at Michael's.� They come in two to a package and are called
      Uni-Stretch frames.� If you have problems obtaining the stretcher bars,
      please contact the instructor.
      Class limit: 8
      Fee: None, as students will be providing their own stretcher bars

      Class name: Needle-Lace Edgings
      Teacher: Aldith Angharad St. George
      Description: Learn two forms of 16th century needle-lace edgings, using
      buttonhole stitch, picots, and needleweaving.� These edgings were used for
      all kinds of linens, including shirts, chemises, handkerchiefs and veils.��
      A kit will be provided including linen fabric, thread and needle.
      Materials to bring: Scissors
      Class limit: 6, but auditors are welcome
      Fee: $2

      Class name: Medieval Quilting
      Teacher: Christian de Holacombe
      Description: Medieval quilting is a one-color art, created with fine
      stitches on solid colored fabric. The technique is simple and elegant and
      the materials inexpensive. Learn the stitches on a small piece of corded and
      stuffed quilting, and take home patterns from the 1300s Guicciardini quilts,
      made in Sicily.
      Materials to bring: Scissors, hoop and thimble -- even if you don't use one
      otherwise, you'll need it for this!
      Class limit: None
      Fee: $5

      Class name: Trim Design and Choice: Easy Embroidery for the Impatient
      Teacher: Mistress Hilary of Serendip
      Description: Design concepts for fast neck and wrist trim, plus the three
      simple stitches needed to execute your own designs so they look like period
      Materials to bring: Not essential, but a small embroidery frame with needle
      and thread would be useful.
      Class limit: 15
      Fee: $1 covers 3-page handout plus stiff paper, needle, and yarn to practice

      Class name: Three Basic Stitches
      Teacher: Caiterina nic Sheamus
      Description: In this class, we will learn three basic stitches used in
      period (stem or outline, chain, satin), as well as how to thread a needle,
      strip thread and yarn for use, dress the ground cloth into a hoop for
      working, and start and end new threads. Kits will include fabric, thread,
      yarn, and needles to make a small sweete bag.
      Materials to bring: Please bring a small (6") embroidery hoop if you have
      one, and scissors. Loaner hoops will be available.
      Class limit: No more than 4, including auditors
      Fee: $1 donation requested, but not required

      Sunday�s class:

      Class name: Introduction to Reticella
      Teacher: Sabrina de la Bere
      Description: Reticella is a withdrawn thread from fabric with needleweaving
      form of needlework that is also a form of lace making. We will start with
      fabric as is appropriate for our time period although we will discuss using
      a cordonnet thread basis. We will look at period pattern books and work on a
      small sample piece suitable for a pin cushion, needle book, or tin cover.
      Materials to bring: 5" hoop, fine embroidery scissors, straight pins,
      lighting and magnification if you need it for fine work. If you have a lace
      pillow bring it or some other firm, pin-able support like the padding the
      fighters use in their helmets.
      Class limit: 10
      Fee: $10 maximum for materials and handout
      NOTE: This class will last for as many periods as will be held on Sunday.

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