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June Crown Display, "Contest", Class and Tentative Schedule

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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    As we reach the end of April, the search for a suitable June Crown site goes forward. Where ever it may be, the Guild will be hosting the A&S pavilion. We
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2001
      As we reach the end of April, the search for a suitable June Crown
      site goes forward. Where ever it may be, the Guild will be hosting
      the A&S pavilion. We also hope to have the Guild pavilion up nearby
      as we have lots of activities planned.


      Bring the best piece of historic style needlework you have ever done
      to display. I know that lots of you have a special piece tucked away,
      this is the time to bring it out to show all. Please don't not bring
      a project, because you are just beginning - we all were just begining
      once and if someone hadn't seen my work and encouraged me, I would
      not have continued doing needlework!

      Bring your current project to display and or work on during the day.
      Having talked to a number of you, I know you have interesting
      projects in the works.

      In fact if enough people bring projects we can have displays in all
      areas of the Guild Apprenticeship Program categories <hint>.

      If you can - we will be posting to the WKNeedle files a "description
      card" which can be downloaded and completed. We will bring some to
      the event, but the more we can have completed ahead of time, the less
      strain there will be at set up. Bring your cards and items to the
      A&S pavilion beginning at 10 am.

      This year (no promises about next year), everyone who brings
      something to the display will receive a special something donated to
      the Guild from one of the top silk thread suppliers.

      Pick-up your display items at 5 pm please and receive your special something.

      Contest (The unannounced Announced Contest)

      We have been given a couple of very nice "gifts/door prizes" from
      another top thread supplier and a couple from Guild members. All
      items brought for the display will automatically be "entered" into
      the "contest". Details of the contest will not be announced except
      to say there are prizes for different levels of ability - so there is
      no excuse for beginners, nor for needlework Laurels to not bring
      something to display.

      Mentor's Corner

      At all Crown events this year we will be holding Mentor's Corner.
      This is an opportunity for anyone to meet one-on-one with an
      experienced needleworker to receive guidance on current projects.
      This is also just a great time and place to relax for a little while
      and stitch on your latest project with other needleworkers. Be sure
      to bring your chair.

      Mentor's Corner will begin after Invocation and continue until the
      Guild Meeting. For June, we will probably have it in the Guild

      Depending, we have an informal stitch-in on Sunday. Look for future


      Guild meeting at 2:30 pm - a brief update on where we are, where we
      are going, upcoming events, and Q&A. Bring a chair.


      Yes plural.

      At approximately 3 pm, after the Guild meeting on Saturday we will
      have a class on Embroidery Stitches -- is it Period and How Was it
      Used? This is not a how to do a stitch, but rather when should you
      use a stitch and what thread was used. Speakers TBA, but if you have
      specific questions, let me know and I will make sure we cover it.

      Sunday Morning - 10 am (tentatively)
      Beginning Blackwork with Gwenyth of Mousehold Heath. While the peers
      have meetings we have needlework. Come learn about blackwork. This
      class is aimed at beginners so no experience is necessary, just the
      willingness to learn. Bring your chair, scissors and $3 for
      materials. Limit 8.

      I look forward to seeing you there. Please, if you haven't
      introduced yourself to me, please do so. I would very much like to
      put names and faces togther.

      In Service,

      Sabrina de la Bere
      Minister, Kingdom of the West Needleworkers Guild

      "So simple, so beautiful, so easy - ask me how."

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