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Fwd: HNW - Shameless PR and Useful Info

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  • Chris Laning
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2001
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      >From: "Linn Skinner" <skinner02@...>
      >To: <H-Needlework@...>
      >Subject: HNW - Shameless PR and Useful Info
      >Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 00:28:33 -0800
      >Under Useful Info:
      >GripIt Plus now have slate frames available. They used one of my RSN frames
      >as a protype and now have a 12" and a 24" version available ($65/79). No
      >they don't have any fancy twiddles about them but they are sturdy and
      >workmanlike. My students in Atlanta beta tested the two 12" prototypes and
      >they passed with flying colors. Disclaimer - I have no pecuniary interest
      >or advantage in this product. I'm just thrilled that I can now buy good
      >slate frames in the US at a decent price. www.gripitplus.com They aren't
      >on the site yet, but they are available for order.
      >Shamless PR:
      >I just bound the first 5 copies of our facsimile edition of Quentel's 1527
      >modelbuch (using Hiersemann's 1882 reprint from plates made at the Liepzig
      >Kunstmuseum) It will be up on our site this weekend. 90 plates, high
      >resolution, color, digitized images printed on linen paper and spiral
      >bound. I have included all the plates although we only have early
      >(50's/60's)photostats of a small portion of the plates. Included is a short
      >bit of text on Quentel, the book and a smidge of printing history. ($40 +
      >postage) Blame some SCA folks for this facsimile - it's because of their
      >begging that I wound up with this huge project.
      >Linn Skinner
      >Skinner Sisters
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