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  • Sabrina de la Bere
    Sept 21 - Mists Fall Coronet Italian Hemstitching with Mistress Aldith - 3pm at the A&S pavilion. Limit 6 students. Auditors welcome. Cost $3 Sept 28-29 -
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2002
      Sept 21 - Mists Fall Coronet
      Italian Hemstitching with Mistress Aldith - 3pm at the A&S pavilion.
      Limit 6 students. Auditors welcome. Cost $3

      Sept 28-29 - Darkwood A&S - date change
      Lots of classes at Fort Ord including:
      Blackwork: Period Double Running Band and Lecture by Linn Skinner
      Voided Work with Sabrina de la Bere
      Decorative Tunic Collar with Catherine Lorraine
      Beadwork: Flat Bead Embroidery with Alys Peacocke
      India's Shisha Mirror Embroidery with Alys Peacocke
      Viking Laidwork Couching with Katherine ni Cheallaigh of Skye

      [for more information go to their website www.warriorprincess.com or
      check the Page]

      Sept 29 - Special Silk Shading Class with Linn Skinner
      (a couple seats remain available - contact me offline if you are intested)

      Oct. 19 - Collegium (Folsom)
      1. 3 Basic Stitches Suitable for Clothing Embellishment with
      Cyneburh of Cantwaraburg. This is a beginners class to familiarize
      students with 3 stitches that can be used on clothing. Very suitable
      for early period clothing and can be done with floss or wool yarn.
      Bring hoop and scissors. Limit 8. Cost 3.

      2. Brick Stitch Pouch with Caiterina nic Sheamus. Learn brick
      stitch and how to work the Westphalian patterns as researched by
      Master Richard of Wymarc. Kit is suitable for making into a small
      pouch. Technique is easy to learn. Bring hoop and scissors. Limit
      6. Cost $4

      3. Single Thread Couching with Aldith Angard St. George. This
      class is a basic technique which is used in a number of
      different types and periods of embroidery. While an easy technique
      to learn it takes practice to master. This technique is also a
      prerequisite to a Guild class in Or Nue to be given in Spring 2003.
      Bring hoop and scissors. Limit 6 (Auditors okay). Cost $3.

      4. Elizabethan Color and Shading with Francesca von Hesse.
      Students will learn period color and aesthetic in Elizabethan
      needlework, including shading principles. Slides and pictures will
      be used to illustrate commonly found patterns. Students will start a
      sampler using simple stitches with silk threads. $2.00 fee, handout
      and kit included. Students will need to bring hoop of their size
      choice and scissors. Limit 8 students.

      5. Detached Buttonhole and Other Raised Stitches with Mairghread
      nighean Eanruig. This class is geared toward the intermediate
      student who is interested in doing primarily raised work as seen in
      Elizabethan Embroidery. Bring hoop and scissors. Limit 8. Cost $3

      Feb. 22, 2003 - Collegium (site and class line up in development --
      if you want to see a needlework class taught, let us know)

      March 15, 2003 (tentative date) - Or Nue
      Mistress Aldith has finally consented to give a class in that
      wonderful technique of silk and gold - Or Nue. The technique will be
      taught using a motif from the Fleece Vestments. This will be an all
      day class in a private home.

      While the cost for this class is only $10, there is a prerequisite
      for taking the class. Applicants for the class will need to show
      that they can do single thread couching. Those wishing to learn the
      technique should take the class at Fall Collegium.

      Applicants for the class should send a notice of interest and
      statement of ability to take the class to the Guild Minister along
      with a check made out for $10 to Carolyn Eaton. The deadline is

      In Service,

      Sabrina de la Bere
      Minister, Kingdom of the West Needleworkers Guild
      Website: http://www.bayrose.org/wkneedle/
      Email List & Files: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WKneedle/

      "So simple, so beautiful, so easy - ask me how."

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