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Re: [WKneedle] 12th Night display

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  • Conny Fitzsimmons (Catherine Lorraine)
    me too on the day tripping, and helping sitting at the table. Catherine Lorraine
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 23, 2012
      me too on the day tripping, and helping sitting at the table.
      Catherine Lorraine

      On 10/22/2012 10:49 AM, faye wrote:
      > I'll be day tripping 12th Night, but will be happy to spend time at the display table.
      > Jocelyn
      > ________________________________
      > From: delangelia <delangelia@...>
      > To: WKneedle@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, October 22, 2012 8:16 AM
      > Subject: [WKneedle] October Guild Meeting Minutes
      > (I want to offer my heartfelt apologies for not being able to get to the meeting. Due to the perfect storm of everything going wrong, my daughter and I were unable to make it all the way to site and had to turn around and go home. While I did manage to get through briefly to one person about my not making it, I wasn't able to get the second message with meeting notes through to site. I am VERY sorry!! Thank you to Jocelyn, Catherine Lorraine and Isela for making sure that things ran smoothly anyway )
      > Minutes as follows;
      > 1) Sabrina - Rose pouch Report – Sabrina will continue for one more year and hopes to give a class on the making of Rose pouches at a future event. Catherine Lorraine has offered to take over the Rose Pouch Project after Sabrina. We currently have pouches lined up through Beltane 2015.
      > Rose Pouch Listing
      > Here is the listing going forward
      > 2013 - 12th Night (Oct Crown), Zenobia
      > Siobhan MacElgin
      > 2013 - Beltane (March Crown)
      > Lisa Masoni
      > 2013 - Purgatorio (June Crown)
      > Jocelyn of Rowenwood
      > 2014 - 12th Night (Oct Crown)
      > Catherine Lorraine
      > 2014 - Beltane (March Crown)
      > Margery Garret
      > 2014 - Purgatorio (June Crown)
      > Anna Bomar – received
      > 2015 - 12th Night (Oct Crown)
      > Katherine de Langelei
      > 2015 - Beltane (March Crown)
      > Vashti
      > 2015 - Purgatorio (June Crown)
      > Petronilla Alexander (needs to email Sabrina)
      > 2) Sorcha - Royal napkin project is current and volunteers are scheduled. The Mists as well are all scheduled into next year. Catherine Lorraine has volunteered to take of the Royal Napkin Project in June 2013.
      > 3) West An Tir Cloak 2014 – Project has been assigned. Isela and I (Katherine) will be doing it as a joint project – meant to announce that at the meeting, but kudo's to Sorcha and Petronilla for Volunteering! You guys rock!
      > 4) 2012 Largess project and display at 12th night. Sweet bags have been turned into me: 3 from Vashti, 1 from Jocelyn. Catherine Lorraine has finished 1 for a total of 5 done! Yay. We talked about the project itself and didn't really cover the display side. Tables cost $5.00 each and since there will be a Laurel Display tables are expected to go quickly and room may be an issue.
      > We still need to get this display organized…
      > - Who can be available for set up and help watch over the table?
      > - How long do we leave the table up?
      > - Do we want to include anything else in the display?
      > 5) Project – Replacement Royal Throne Cushions. Again, I meant to announce this at the meeting, but my second message didn't get through to site: Sabrina and Ellen of the Western Wind have already begun work on the project. Kudo's to Felicia and Iuliatta for volunteering!!! The following is a report from Ellen:
      > Cushion Report from Ellen
      > • Sabrina gave me the wool carpet patterns, and some of the canvas I need, (need to pick up more canvas and see if I can match some of the reds).
      > • Theia has given me the dimensions of the cushions. (14 X 17 X 2 1/2 inches).
      > • I have copied the pattern of the carpets and am scaling them down (with some simplifications). I am planning on having a foam core with a muslin cover/insert and the needlework on a separate cushion cover to facilitate cleaning when needed.
      > • There are a few people on my list to help, but I still need to get the patterns made so they can decide if they want to take some of it on or not.
      > • I hope to have them finished by Beltane of next year.
      > 6) New Broider Program – No items were brought for show and tell, but people are working on them.
      > 8) Service Award recommendations – people were asked to email Guild Minister with suggestions.
      > Non-Agenda items discussed:
      > 1. People were told by CL of the FB Largess Group for those interested in giving of their time, not only to the West Kingdom.
      > 2. Vashti has some extra embroidery books she'd like to donate to the guild. It was discussed that she could also post on the Yahoo Groups to sell the books.
      > No further business, the Guild Meeting Closed.
      > Katherine de Langelei
      > West Kingdom Needleworker's Guild Minister
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