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Please Read the Below Message from the King and Queen of the West

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  • delangelia
    Greetings to the Kingdom of the West, From Uther and Kara, King and Queen, We wished to follow up on the announcement made in court yesterday at War Collegium
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2012
      "Greetings to the Kingdom of the West, From Uther and Kara, King and Queen,
      We wished to follow up on the announcement made in court yesterday at War Collegium in regards to the legal settlement that the SCA Inc. has recently reached. To find out more information about the lawsuit(s) and settlement, please visit this webpage: http://www.sca.org/BOD/announcements/settlement.html which includes the brief from the BOD in regards to the history and settlement of the lawsuit as well as a "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)" page which addresses many outstanding questions.
      The amount requested from the West Kingdom is $36,233.80 and we have ten days from the time we receive our invoice to get our funds to the Board. (This is for legal reasons – the case will go back to court at the original amount sued for if the settlement is not paid within 45 days, which is approximately March 15.) We do have enough funds in the Kingdom accounts to cover this amount. It will not "break" us, nor will it inhibit our ability to hold events. We plan to help raise the money to replenish the Kingdom coffers through fundraisers and donations, as well as from contributions from our Principalities and local groups. If you have an idea for a fundraiser, please contact our kingdom Seneschal, Master Antonio at seneschal@.... If you would like to make a donation directly, please contact our kingdom Exchequer, Duchess Ellis at exchequer@... so that the West Kingdom can get credit for your contribution (which will reduce the overall West Kingdom levy). Please use "Settlement" in the subject line so that the emails can be filtered easily.
      To raise funds to offset this levy, the West Kingdom's March Crown Tournament at Bolado Park in Tres Pinos, which was going to be our first event with a lower gate fee of $10, will now be a "donation only" event with all proceeds going towards this cause – the normal expenses of the event will be paid by the Kingdom. Additionally, Her Majesty will be sponsoring an Art Auction at Crown, with all proceeds going to the West Kingdom levy. If you have an art project you would like to donate, please contact Her Majesty and bring it to Crown – promissories cheerfully accepted, especially if you can show a finished example! Also at Crown, Helga and her crew have donated a "Saturday BBQ lunch on the eric" so come hungry! His Highness of the Mists is also contemplating a very special raffle – but he can tell you about it himself!
      Finally, We the Crown, along with our Greater Officers will be holding a Curia (officer meeting open to the populace) next Sunday, February 12 from Noon to 2pm. Location has yet to be determined but it will be as central in the kingdom as we can arrange. We especially urge all seneschals and exchequers to attend. The purpose of this meeting is to address questions and concerns from the populace, though please keep in mind that we know little more than what is currently on the SCA.inc website in regards to the lawsuits and settlement. We are working out the details of setting up conferencing so those areas that are more remote can participate. Please look out for further announcements as we will get the information out to you as soon as we have it.
      Again, we want to thank you all for your help and patience during this difficult time. We are confident that the West will come together and stand tall, and we'll do it with style to overcome this difficulty and help support the dream we all love!
      In Service,
      Kara, Regina Occidentalis
      Uther, Rex Occidentalis,
      Antonio, Kingdom Seneschal
      Eilis, Kingdom Exchequer"
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