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March Crown Agenda

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  • Katherine de Langelei
    Greetings unto the WK Needlework s Guild March Crown  is upon us!  We will meet at the usual 2 PM on or near the Eric on Saturday.  Please watch for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2011
      Greetings unto the WK Needlework's Guild

      March Crown  is upon us!  We will meet at the usual 2 PM on or near the Eric on Saturday.  Please watch for the Guild banner.

      Please Note: due to the impending arrival of a grandbaby and the possibility of Grandpa needed to dash out of the event at any moment, I may have just the green striped bell wedge pavillion we used a year ago October Crown: if grandbaby arrives early then we'll have the full monster pavillion set up we had last March and June.  Stay tuned!
      Please also Note:  We will be having a STASH SWAP at the end of our meeting.  Please bring anything related to embroidery from your stash that you can part with and we'll admire and swap :-)  I plan to make a post on the West list and invite the general public to join us (with stash bits of course) because when it comes to stash swaps, the more the yummier :-)


      1) Rose Pouch Update – Sabrina de la Bere
      2) Royal Napkin Project Update: year of probation is up. Do we continue or not? Will be voted on in meeting – Sorcha Fhionn inghean uí Ruairc
      3) West/An Tir Cloak Project Update – Jocelyn of Rowenwood
      4) Book Cover Project Update – Katherine de Langelei
      5) Stitch for the Cure Project Update – Isela di Bari
      6) Guild Kits: Keep, update or drop? discussion and vote at meeting – Katherine de Langelei
      7) June Crown Meeting and Display:  How do people feel about moving the June Crown meeting to the previous weekend at A&S?  This would allow those who can't get to meetings due to the time conflict with the tourney an opportunity to join us and we would still have our display and presentation of the books largess to their Majesties at Crown.  Discussion and vote at meeting  – Katherine de Langelei
      8) STASH SWAP!!! - All

      Looking forward to seeing you all at Crown!


      Katherine de Langelei
      West Kingdom Needleworker's Guild Minister
      West Kingdom Gold Key
      Principality of the Mists Gold Key (Unless you'd like the job???)
      Still Mother of Teenager
      "Have garb, will travel" 

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